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Pass bi vpc_azure_reporting_session_march_8_2012

  1. 1. Trusted Worldwide Expertise BI In The Cloud With SQL Azure Reporting Services Simran Jindal SolidQ, Sweden @simranjindal
  2. 2. Who am I?• Simran Jindal• Business Intelligence Consultant at SolidQ Sweden• MCTS/MCITP SQL Server 2005/2008• Worked with SQL Server since SQL 7.0, primarily as a DEVELOPER• Microsoft BI stack since 2006• Worked across a wide spectrum of verticals, such as Education, Retail, Finance, Public sector, Non- Governmental Welfare Organizations and Real Estate.
  3. 3. Agenda• Brief Windows Azure Platform Overview• Brief Azure Portal Overview• Brief SQL Azure Overview• SQL Azure Reporting • Overview • Scenarios • Features• Demo • Operational Reports • Embedded Reports • Remote managementSQL Azure Reporting Limitations
  4. 4. WHY CLOUD?
  5. 5. Windows Azure – Design Tenets
  6. 6. Global Datacenter footprintSan Antonio, TXChicago, ILDublin, IrelandAmsterdamSingaporeHong Kong
  7. 7. DEMO
  8. 8. What is SQL Azure? • Is a relational database service in the cloud • can serve both local and cloud based applications. • no individual databases and machines. • SQL Azure databases is distributed across many nodes. So no patching and no maintenance. • You only pay for the databases consumed, something like your electricity bill • Provisioning, management and synchronization of data between on-premise and SQL Azure databases is seamless.
  9. 9. DEMO
  10. 10. Windows Azure Platform General Purpose Programing Languages Windows Azure Platform Compute Management Storage CDN
  11. 11. What is SQL Azure Reporting?
  12. 12. Key Benefits• Rich Reporting Experience• Manageability• Familiar Development Tools• Scalability and High Availability• Cost Effectiveness• Server provisioning in just a few clicks
  13. 13. SQL Azure Reporting ScenariosOperational Embedded Reports Reports Windows SQL Azure Azure Reporting Application BI SQL RDL File Developer Azure Studio Database
  14. 14. DEMO
  15. 15. SQL Azure Reporting Limitations• No support for subscriptions and scheduling functions• Creating reports from Report Builder 1.0, Report Builder 2.0, and Report Builder 3.0 is not supported.• No Report Manager.• No support custom assemblies and custom extensions• Only SQL Azure as a data source is supported• Reporting Services Configuration manager is not available.• SharePoint integrated mode is not supported. Only native mode is supported.• Links to external images is not supported.
  16. 16. Reference LinksWindows Azurehttps://www.windowsazure.comGet Started with Azure Reporting Preview Server Database Product Samples log bugs please visit Considerations useful links for SQL Azure Reporting and Limitations of SQL Azure Preview
  17. 17. Trusted Worldwide Expertise Thank you!