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Question Document Reviewer

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Qde reviewer

  1. 1. SERIES OF QUESTIONSTOPIC I:Topic I Know/discuss the relevance and role of questioned documentexaminers in crime detectionQ1 :Q1 A document examiner with a good collection of typewriting samples canoften date a typewritten document by the difference in type. This is due tothe fact that typewriters change in design every year the presence ofdiffering n and m designs between 1936 and 1940 the presence of differingm and w designs between 1936 and 1940 typewriters changed between1936 and 1940 answerQ2:Q2 They claim to be capable of interpreting the character or personality ofthe writer by supposed traits left behind in the written line. a. forensicdocument examiners b. graphologists c. grapho -analysts d. both b and canswerQ3 :Q3 A handwriting identification expert follows the same procedure as thatof a criminalistic examiner in conducting questioned document examination.a. true b. false c. maybe true d. maybe false answerQ4 :Q4 Qualified individuals spend up to _____ years in formal training beforethey are permitted to offer testimony in their forensic discipline. a. 10 yearsb. 5 years c. 2 years d. 15 years answerQ5 :Q5 One of the following is not part of the duty of a questioned documentexaminer. Prepare photographic exhibits and other visual aids for courtpresentations and other training purposes Conduct research in newmethodologies and techniques in the examination of questioned documentsTo deduce the character of the writer Prepare reports, correspondence andother required paperwork answerQ6 :Q6 One of the main objectives in conducting questioned documentexamination is Identify accurately who the guilty party is Determine if adocument is forged or not Determine authenticity of a document determinethe kind of materials used in executing the document answer
  2. 2. Q7 :Q7 These forensic examiners apply scientific principles and methodologiesto the examination and analysis of evidence. They may perform physical orchemical analyses on documents.. a. forensic document examiners b.graphologists c. grapho -analysts d. both b and c answerQ8 :Q8 This class of QDE utilizes more equipment and training usually is limitedto determining what equipment to use on a particular case and how to usethese equipment a. criminalistic examination b. criminalistic identification c.handwriting examination d. handwriting identification answerQ9:Q9 Due to lack of university degree programs in forensic documentexamination, Forensic Document Examiners must acquire their skills,competency, and experience through a degree in a related bachelor programpolice officer training courses on-the-job, apprentice-type training byaccepted masters of the trade post-graduate studies on related fieldsanswerQ10 :Q10 One of the most difficult determinations which theattorney/investigator must make in the selection of an expert, is thatexperts track record for correct opinions. This is due to the fact that he isnot impartial in the correctness of his opinions opposing experts seldomgive totally accurate evaluations of their competitors experts are oftenprone to bribery by parties in order to alter their exam results both a and banswerQ11 :Q11 It is an international professional association dealing with questioneddocuments. American Academy of Forensic Sciences The SouthernAssociation of Forensic Scientists International Association for IdentificationAll of the above answerQ12:Q12 Most crime laboratories require that new Questioned DocumentExaminer candidates possess a. post-graduate degree b. master’s thesis c.baccalaureate degree d. doctoral dissertation answerQ13:Q13 Courts often encounter situations where graphologists conductdocument analysis of their own, leaning upon past experience, such as it is,with handwriting analysis as a qualification for an unrelated examination. a.true b. false c. maybe true d. maybe false answerQ14:
  3. 3. Q14 The Questioned Document Examiner Trainee generally bases hisexpertise from formal schooling in accredited universities and colleges. a.true b. false c. maybe true d. maybe false answerQ15:Q15 Questioned Document Examiners and graphologists both studyhandwriting samples to deduce the character of the writers. a. true b. falsec. maybe true d. maybe false answerTOPIC II:Topic II Know/apply the scientific methods of identifying and examiningquestionable documents that includes typewriting, computerized documentsand other modern forms printingQ16:Q16 One of them is not a point to consider in preparing typewritingstandards Use the same wordings as in the questioned document if possibleDictate the text of the standard document to avoid memory recall Employdifferent degrees and speed of typing Utilize the same or similar quality ofpaper answerQ17:Q17 The following are techniques utilized in typewriting identification,except a. measure the typeface b. verify the size and design c. check forindentations d. look for typeface defects answerQ18:Q18 Documents maybe folded if it is too large. a. true b. false c. maybe trueor false d. neither true nor false answerQ19:Q19 Questioned Documents should be examined by the investigatorimmediately after he recovers them. a. true b. false c. maybe true or false d.neither true nor false answerQ20:Q20 It is an effective method of detecting erasures because it can showshadows on the surface of the paper caused by disturbed paper fibers. lighting b. oblique lighting c. transmitted lighting d. x-ray lightinganswerQ21:Q21 Obliterations may be detected using this method using infraredphotography so that the original writing lying beneath is revealed removethe obliterating material chemically or by some other means leaving theoriginal writing untouched studying the impression from the original writing
  4. 4. or typewriting that has not been destroyed by the obliterating action all ofthe above answerQ22:Q22 In documents examination, it refers to the forger having troublematching the paper, ink, or writing instrument to the exact date it wassupposed to have been written. a. anachronism b. photography c. inkcoagulation d. time distortion answerQ23:Q23 An essential phase of handwriting identification that involves therecognition of properties and/or characteristics of the handwriting throughobservation, measurement, etc.. a. analysis b. comparison c. evaluation d.all of the above answerQ24:Q24 The combination of these handwriting characteristics become the basisof identifying a set of handwritings and trace them to their owners. a.individual and class characteristics b. private and public characteristics c.physical and mental characteristics d. technical and material characteristicsanswerQ25:Q25 It is the identifying of similarities and dissimilarities, determination oflikelihood of occurrence, and weighing down of the significance of eachfactor. Analysis Comparison Evaluation d. All of the above answerQ26:Q26 The determination of the fraudulent nature of a simple forgery becomesvery elementary once the suspected forger is arrested the genuine signatureof the person is obtained the carbon paper used is discovered the writinginstrument used is recovered answerQ27:Q27 Presence of carbon instead of ink is a telltale indication of this kind offorgery. a. simple forgery b. simulation with model c. spurious signatures d.traced forgery answerQ28:Q28 It is a method of comparison in the microscope where the images oftwo specimen writings can be seen all at once one over the other. a. side byside comparison b. juxtaposition c. superimposition d. single imagecomparison answerQ29:Q29 This typewriter defect is brought about by clogged typefaces, poorcondition or worn-out or torn ribbon. a. transitory typeface defect b.
  5. 5. permanent typeface defect c. vertical malalignment d. tilted/twistedcharacters answerQ30:Q30 Two typewriting characteristics can be considered the result of onetypewriter if there are glaring differences on all type characteristics thereare evident defects on the typefaces there are traces of carbon on eachtypewritten document all type characteristics are identical on bothdocuments answerQ31:Q31 This class of QDE has more difficult procedures and requires long studyand experience. a. criminalistic examination b. criminalistic identification c.handwriting examination d. handwriting identification answerQ32:Q32 All of the following are positions used in examining documents underthe forensic comparison microscope, except a . inverted position b.juxtaposition c. side by side position d. superimposition answerQ33:Q33 . It is easy to detect a traced forgery of any form because it alwayslooks a. original b. graceful c. robotic d. free flowing answerQ34:Q34 One question that needs to be answered in the examination oftypewritten and computerized documents is whether two or moredocuments are identical and were typed on the same machine? What kind ofpaper was used in the execution of the document? Whether two kinds ofpen was used on the same document? Whether the signature is authentic ornot? answerQ35:Q35 The best special lighting that can be used in detecting obliterated orchemically erased writings is a. ultra-violet b. x-ray c. infrared d. sunlightanswerQ36:Q36 . It is very helpful particularly in presenting the facts of the documentexamination to a court or any investigative body or agency. a.chromatography b. photography c. cartography d. polygraphy answerQ37:Q37 This process of UV photography consist of illuminating the subject withan ultraviolet lamp or any light source emitting UV radiations, whileexcluding all visible light in exposing energy. a. Fluorescent Method b.Incandescent Method c. Reflected Method d. Refracted Method answer
  6. 6. Q38:Q38 It is the branch of photography dealing with reproduction of copies ofdocuments at a greatly reduced scale on small film sizes, often used incertain commercial records system. a. Macrophotography b.Microphotography c. Photomicrography d. Photomacrography answerQ39:Q39 It is a standard of comparison taken from files reflecting a person’sdaily routine activities. a. procured standard b. requested standard c.collected standard d. both a & c answerQ40:Q40 It is imperative that the examiner dictate the contents of the writing heintends the subject to write because Dictation will help the subject focusmore on his writing and will protect him from outside distractions Dictationwill establish closer contact between the examiner and the subject that willimprove cooperation between them. Copying the material will allow a guiltysubject to recall how he executed the previous writings particularly theforged ones. Copying gives more stress to the writer as he will have to lookat the notes while writing, thereby throwing him out of focus. answerQ41:Q41 Usually by the time the investigator has received a questioneddocument as evidence, it may have already been handled and mishandled byseveral people who had prior custody to it. The investigator should not addany additional contamination of his own. He should place the documentunder a protective cover as soon as possible send the document to the crimelab via mail let the prior handler of the document be responsible in takingcare of it put the document inside a duffle bag answerQ42:Q42 It is a general principle that applies to the number of comparisonstandards that an examiner should be able to obtain. a. better late thannever b. more is better than less c. first come, first served d. kill or be killedanswerQ43:Q43 It refers to the operating habit of the typist which is also a significantfactor in determining typewritten documents. a. Typist hand b. operator’shabits c. touch of the operator d. habits of the operator answerQ44:Q44 It is the objective of the periodic interruption of dictations whenobtaining requested standards. a. disrupt the writer b. destroy theconcentration c. break the momentum d. preserve the ink answer
  7. 7. Q45:Q45 As much as possible, the subject should be made comfortable whenwriting. This will prevent him from escaping from the custody of theexaminer and the police getting too exhausted from the lengthy writingexercise distorting his writings, thereby unwittingly hiding his individualwriting characteristics making any alibi of discomfort when his distortedwriting is discovered and questioned answerQ46:Q46 The best types of standard samples are those made by the a. witness b.police officer c. suspect d. victim answerQ47:Q47 These are standards given or made at the request of an investigator forthe sole purpose of making a comparative examination with the questionedwriting.. a. procured standard requested standard c. collected standard d.both a & c answerQ48:Q48 Collected standards must be those executed with datescontemporaneous with, or close to the date of the one questioned whereinthe courts usually accept ___ years before or after the questioned writing.a. 5 b. 10 c. 15 d. 20 answerQ49:Q49 They are used by the document examiner as the basis for hisidentification or non-identification of the documents. a. standards ofcomparison c. fraudulent document b. writing tool marks d. genuinedocument answerQ50:Q50 An obvious, necessary change in a document often is not an evidence offraud, but of genuineness is not an evidence of genuiness , but of fraudneither an evidence of fraud nor genuiness either an evidence of fraud orgenuiness answerQ51:Q51 Overwriting with a ball pen may not appear to be abnormal, but someevidence of erasing probably will remain. This can generally be detected bya. transmitted lighting b. direct lighting c. oblique lighting d. special lightinganswerQ52:Q52 It refers to the forger having trouble matching the paper, ink, or writinginstrument to the exact date it was supposed to have been written. a.anachronism b. aromatism c. anarchism d. none of the above answer
  8. 8. Q53:Q53 A rare, though not unheard of, alteration of a document can beachieved by skillful cutting away of some portions and then inserting newmaterial to fill the gap. a. interlineations b. cutting c. addition d. substitutionanswerQ54:Q54 The following are signs that may indicate addition, except a. paper fiberdisturbances b. lack of uniformity of ink c. crowding d. uneven marginsanswerQ55:Q55 Insertion of an extra writing on a document after its originalpreparation. a. interlineations b. cutting c. addition d. substitution answerTOPIC III:Topic III Analyze/familiarize with the different instruments used indocument examinationQ56:Q56 A set of tools that can enlarge articles and writings for easierexamination a. basic measuring tools b. Magnification c. Light Sources d.Photographic Equipment answerQ57:Q57 Light source from behind a document; this is best provided by a lightbox that contains a fluorescent-type light bulb. a. x-ray b. transmitted lightc. infrared d. ultraviolet answerQ58:Q58 A microscope that helps determine whether fingerprints are underneaththe ink in a piece of paper, or on top of it. a. electron microscope b. forensiccomparison microscope c. stereoscopic microscope d. compound microscopeanswerQ59:Q59 An electromagnetic wave of very short wavelength (between ultravioletand gamma rays), able to pass through many materials opaque to light andare used to see through internal writings. a. x-ray b. transmitted light c.infrared d. ultraviolet answerQ60:Q60 Is a piece of equipment commonly used to reveal indented impressionson paper which may go unnoticed. It is a non-destructive technique (it doesnot damage the evidence in question) thus allowing further tests to be
  9. 9. carried out. a. Meiji Trinocular Stereo-Microscope b. FX8B Forensic OpticalComparator c. Electro-Static Detection Apparatus d Foster & Freeman VSC 4answerQ61:Q61 It is a type of microscope where two documents can be viewed side-by-side and the images positioned so that they appear to overlay each other. a.electron microscope b. forensic comparison microscope c. stereoscopicmicroscope d. compound microscope answerQ62:Q62 These are used for fine measurements and various glass alignmentplates allow comparison and measurement of angles, height, width, andspacing of handwriting. a. basic measuring tools b. Magnification c. LightSources d. Photographic Equipment answerQ63:Q63 A photographic court exhibit designed to be held and examined by theindividual juror or a pair of jurors, or the judge. a. hand exhibit b. blown-upexhibit c. cut-out exhibit d. photographic exhibit answerQ64:Q64 A magnifier eyepiece containing an engraved measurement scale whichallows to precisely measure what is viewed under the microscope a.Comparison Microscope b. electron microscope c. Handheld magnifiers d.Reticle answerQ65:Q65 Most examinations are done at this rate of magnification. a. 10x – 50xc. 400x – 800x b. 100x – 200x d. 700x – 1000x answerQ66:Q66 A type of microscope used for examination of documents where thetrinocular attachment enables photographs to be taken of whatever isviewed through the microscope a . Meiji Trinocular Stereo-Microscope b.FX8B Forensic Optical Comparator c. Electro-Static Detection Apparatus dFoster & Freeman VSC 4 answerQ67:Q67 Refer to the fine markings which are often seen to cover the surface ofthe paper when examined by transmitted light. a. wire mark b. watermark c.mesh mark d. line mark answerQ68:Q68 The designs or lettering impressed into the paper while it is beingmade, either by means of projecting wire on the mould, or designed into thedandy roll a . wire mark b. watermark c. mesh mark d. line mark answer
  10. 10. Q69:Q69 A type of paper with parallel wire marks a. wove paper b. special paperc. classified paper d. laid paper answerQ70:Q70 This security mark is essentially a three dimensional drawing orphotograph a. Color Shifting Ink b. Security Thread c. Holograms d. Micro-printing answerQ71:Q71 A thin ribbon of plastic or metal may not seem like much, but when it’sembedded or woven through currency it can be a huge deterrence tocounterfeiting a. Color Shifting Ink b. Security Thread c. Holograms d. Micro-printing answerQ72:Q72 An advance technology feature added to help software detect thepresence of a banknote in a digital image. Such software can then block theuser from reproducing banknotes to prevent counterfeiting using colorphotocopiers . a. Stellar Constellation b. Big Dipper c. Small Dipper d.EURion Constellation answerQ73:Q73 The designs or lettering impressed into the paper while it is beingmade, either by means of projecting wire on the mould, or designed into thedandy roll a. wire mark b. watermark c. mesh mark d. line mark answerQ74:Q74 A digital watermark used by color laser printers to add hidden encodedinformation to printouts a. Printer steganography b. Omron rings c. Codedanti-piracy d. Eurion constellation answerQ75:Q75 A distinct mark on Philippine peso bills composed of a wide glisteninggold vertical stripe with the numerical value printed in series common onthe improved versions of 100-, 500-, and 1000-peso bills a. Security Fibersb. Iridescent Band c. Portrait d. Windowed Security Thread answerTOPIC IV:Topic IV Explain the fact of forgeries, counterfeiting and falsification ofdocuments including those involves public interestQ76:Q76 To be able to forge successfully, one must be able to do the following,except: Detect the significant characteristics of writing of another Read and
  11. 11. predict the state of mind of another Have the muscular skill necessary toproduce the writing skill of another Eliminate his own writing characteristicsanswerQ77:Q77 In committing simple forgery, the forger who is confronted with theabsence of a genuine specimen will merely Have a photocopy of the otherperson’s signature Use a carbon paper to trace the other person’s signatureSign the other person’s name in his own handwriting Copy the genuinesignature with all its general characteristics answerQ78:Q78 The detection of a simple forgery becomes very elementary onceStandards of the genuine signature are obtained Sophisticated signaturedetecting devices are put in place The forger confesses to the act The forgeris caught in the act of committing the simple forgery answerQ79:Q79 Signature tracing is considered as the poorest form of forgery becauseof the fact that it is done in a very simple manner it contains the basicelements of writing it is accomplished in a manner foreign to the writingprocess it uses materials that are easily detected answerQ80:Q80 Traced forgery is resorted to by a forger who has basic knowledge ofthe original appearance of the signature sought to be forged has the rightskill to adopt the handwriting habits of the author whose signature issought to be forged lacks the skill required in a free-hand imitation all of theabove answerQ81:Q81 The original document is placed over the false one in the same manneras with carbon process. Instead of carbon however, the tracing is done withconsiderable pressure so that the indentation on the original document willtransmit to the false one under it and is later traced using a pen or pencil a.carbon process b. indentation process c. carbon outline method d.transmitted light process answerQ82:Q82 It is an indication of forgery a. non-continuous strokes b. freedom ofwriting c. flying start d. vanishing finish answerQ83:Q83 The so-called “blind writing machine” was invented in 1868 by threeAmerican inventors. It was called as such because of its design. In order tosee what had been written, it was necessary to peep behind the platen Inorder to see what had been written, the platen is detached It is a machine
  12. 12. used primarily by blind people In order to see what had been written, it wasnecessary to lift the platen answerQ84:Q84 Horizontal mal-alignment is an alignment defect where The characterprints to the right or left of its proper position A character printing above orbelow its proper position The typeface prints heavier on one side that theother Characters lean to the right or left of their correct slant answerQ85:Q85 A tilting or twisting happens When a character prints a doubleimpression with the lighter one slightly offset to the left or right Whencharacters lean to the right or left of their correct slant When dirtyimpressions clog typefaces, or ribbons wear out When characters printabove or below its proper position answerQ86:Q86 It is a kind of typewriter where ten characters can occupy an inch ofpaper space. a. mica b. lica c. bica d. pica answerQ87:Q87 Broken typefaces, worn-off series, cuts on shanks, and deformedtypeface characters are examples of a. permanent defects b. transitorydefects c. vertical malalignment d. horizontal malalignment answerQ88:Q88 They compose one of the mechanical classes of documents a.handwritings b. typewritings c. letter writings d. computer encodingsanswerQ89:Q89 A piece of paper money that constitute a central bank’s promissorynote. a. traveler’s check b. bank note c. passport d. identification cardanswerQ90:Q90 It is a document about which some issue has been raised or is underscrutiny. a. questioned document b. executed document c. disputeddocument d. suspected document answerQ91:Q91 A document that is written entirely in the handwriting of the author. a.hologram b. stationery c. telegraph d. holograph answerQ92:Q92 a photographic exhibit made up of words and letters cut fromphotographs of different documents and arranged side by side. Often
  13. 13. referred to as juxtaposition photographs. a. hand exhibit b. photographicexhibit c. blown-up exhibit d. cut-out exhibit answerQ93:Q93 A reproduction of a document made on paper by any office orcommercial system. a. Photostat b. Photocopy Xerox d. Photograph answerQ94:Q94 Although it is a trade name, its success in photo-printing has resultedto many people referring it incorrectly to all present-day photocopying. a.Photostat b. Photocopy c. Xerox d. photograph answerQ95:Q95 It is a commercial reproduction in which a negative copy, while writingon a black background, is made directly on photosensitive paper, but hasbecome obsolete and has been replaced by various dry photocopyingmethods. a. Photostat b. Photocopy c. Xerox d. Photograph answerQ96:Q96 They are the heaviest and most durable type of papers. a. groundwoodpapers b. newsprints c. paperboards d. absorbent papers answerQ97:Q97 A pen that has four basic parts, namely: barrel, point, feed bar, and cap.a. quill pen b. steel pen nibs c. ballpen d. none of the above answerQ98:Q98 This is the very first kind of ink used in executing documents. a. irongall b. carbon c. sympathetic ink d. stamp pad ink answerQ99:Q99 Are condensed and compact set of authentic specimens which, ifadequate and proper, should contain a true cross-section of the materialfrom a known source. a. standards of comparison b. class characteristics c.handwriting characteristics d. signatures answerQ100:Q100 An error committed by the forger in which he has trouble matchingthe paper, ink, or writing instrument to the exact date it was supposed tohave been written a. insertion b. anachronism c. aberration d. subtractionanswer GOOD LUCK! 