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Labuan trust company


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With the establishment of a Labuan Trust company, you can enjoy no tax scheme for the assets and the income earned by the trust and you can easily enjoy the high proportion of earnings with tax scheme. For more information, call it 006-03-21613430.

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Labuan trust company

  1. 1. The term ‘Offshore Company’ is well understandable as a descriptive trade in a foreign economy. Get it establish in a most hassle free manner along with the detailed analysis from skilled representatives at Flexibility and secrecy is what maintained here with due diligence.
  2. 2. A trust is a relationship between a person called the trustee and another called the beneficiary. This relationship exists when a person called settler entrusts the trustee with assets whereby the assets are to be kept for the benefit of the beneficiary Labuan Trust Company
  3. 3. What assets can be held by a Labuan trust? 1. Shares in both listed and unlisted companies. 2. Real estate. 3. Work of art. 4. Investment portfolios. 5. Real and intellectual property. 6. Bank deposits. 7. Life assurance policies issued on the life of the Settlor.
  4. 4. The Advantages of Labuan Trusts 1. Wealth protection. 2. Tailored to specific family requirements. 3. Recognized in all common law jurisdictions. 4. Increasing recognition in important civil law jurisdictions. 5. An important tool in international income, capital gains and estate tax planning. 6. Used by corporations for employee benefit plans, retirement and stock option schemes, insurance plans and special financing arrangements.
  5. 5. Labuan Trust Solutions for Individuals A trust provides many useful solutions to individuals, some of which are: 1. Preserving their wealth against uncertainty, political, economic or family. 2. Transferring wealth to their heirs in a tax-efficient manner. They want to plan their estate to maximize the benefits of their wealth for family members and others. 3. Transferring wealth to their heirs in accordance with their wishes and not in accordance with the laws of the country where they live. 4. Consolidate the ownership of assets owned throughout the world in one location. 5. Centralizing reporting of business and assets. 6. Minimizing or eliminating estate taxes arising on the death of the Settlor.
  6. 6. Level 2, Lot 19, Lazenda Commercial Centre Phase 3, 87007, Labuan F.T. Malaysia +6 087 421 644 uan-trust/
  7. 7. Level 2, Lot 19, Lazenda Commercial Centre Phase 3, 87007, Labuan F.T. Malaysia +6 087 421 644 uan-trust/