Instagram Brand Adoption Study - November 2012 - By Simply Measured


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A quarterly study of the Interbrand 100 Using Instagram

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Instagram Brand Adoption Study - November 2012 - By Simply Measured

  1. 1. Top Brands See the Big Picture with InstagramA Study of the Interbrand Top 100 Brands on InstagramHere’s something you should already know by now: Instagram is not going away.The modest photo-sharing app started 2012 with 15 million users. Nine months later, they’ve cracked100 million and continue to grow. With engagement inspired by content sharing through their newparent company Facebook, Instagram has graduated from “a fun new social network” to an integralcomponent for marketing in the social space.This study looks at the growth of Instagram and the adoption of the social network by the top 100brands in the world. The data and analysis come from Simply Measured’s industry-leading social mediaanalytics & reporting platform, that helps marketers report on Instagram engagement in context withcompetitors and broader social channels.Instagram Adoption Growth Outpaces Other NetworksWhile Facebook and Twitter both still hover near 100% adoption rates, these other growing socialnetworks are gaining popularity and recognition among the top 100 brands. Pinterest has grown by 24%and Google+ has seen only a 5% increase in adoption, while Instagram leads the pack with a 35%increase amongst top brands. Since they’re still the least used of the five networks, this could be easy tooverlook, but that would be a mistake. Instagram’s ability to attract top brands as a mobile-onlyplatform serves as a reminder of the network’s power, as well as a willingness among brands to adaptand move into new spaces.Since August, over a million users have followed at least one of the brands on the Interbrand list. As thelines between casual social content and visual marketing continue to blur, this number is sure to keepgrowing. The 14 brands that have joined the mobile network over the last three months recognize thepotential reach created by this 1
  2. 2. Top Brands See the Big Picture with InstagramA Study of the Interbrand Top 100 Brands on InstagramBrand Usage is Heating UpOf the brands with Instagram accounts, more and more are actively engaging fans. In August, only 26%of these brands were posting at least one photo per week. Today 34% are doing so. This focus onactively developing a richer experience has driven an increase in strong brand accounts. In August, only17% of accounts had 10,000+ fans. Today 20% have hit this milestone. Accounts with 20,000+ havegrown by 29% as well.Leading Brands Continue to Separate from the PackAlthough more and more brands are gaining their slice of the market, it will be hard to catch theInstagram leaders. The same eight brands with 100,000+ followers sit at the top of the list, and thoseeight brands control 92% of the 2
  3. 3. Top Brands See the Big Picture with InstagramA Study of the Interbrand Top 100 Brands on InstagramThe most active category on Instagram is apparel, and this translates directly into number of fans: Nike,Burberry, Gucci and Adidas are in the top 10 brands, with Armani and GAP close behind. As is the caseacross all social networks, the B2C brands are more active with their audience, and generally have morecompelling content to share.Favorite Filters: The Most Engaging and Most UsedLo-Fi remains the favorite filter among brands, seeing 16% of the filter usage, but Hefe has seen a higherengagement per use. While only 5% of the total photos have used the Hefe filter, those photos areaveraging 4,515 interactions each. While Hefe’s engagement rate is the highest, each filter serves adifferent purpose, and engagement is strong throughout the suite.Shared Resources: Facebook Interaction Drives 3
  4. 4. Top Brands See the Big Picture with InstagramA Study of the Interbrand Top 100 Brands on InstagramThere have been over 800 more photos posted by top brands this quarter, and although slightly lower,engagement per photo hasn’t seen a significant shift. On Facebook however, interaction has grown andbrands have seen an average of 210 interactions per photo. This is mainly due to Facebook’s newadditions to Instagram, allowing photos that users “like” on Instagram to appear in their Facebook feedas well. While not every user is aware of the setting (or willing to adopt it), the ones who have aremaking a clear impact on their favorite brand’s presence.Brand Highlight: Nike Just Does It on InstagramNike has a history of aggressive marketing. Why would Instagram be any different?The athletic apparel brand has 527,300followers on Instagram, ranking 3rd amongst the Interbrand 100,and totaled just over 2 million interactions in the last 3 months. Like the rest of the list, they’ve seen ahuge jump in their Facebook engagement, with over 612 likes per photo.The notable thing about Nike – other than the fact that they’reone of the largest, most recognizable brands in the world – isthat they’re not afraid to switch their content up throughoutthe network and appeal to vastly different segments of theiraudience.Marketing to shoe lovers, marathon runners and football fansmeans that you’re not going to engage everyone with everyphoto, but Nike is willing to commit; they’ll spend two weeksusing Instagram exclusively to promote their Nike Women’sMarathon, and then switch it up with a flashy pair of high 4
  5. 5. Top Brands See the Big Picture with InstagramA Study of the Interbrand Top 100 Brands on Instagramfor the sneaker heads.This tactic works wonders for the behemoth brand, who sees over four interactions for each followerthey have.ConclusionNine months ago, Instagram was a 15 million user blip on the social screen. Today, that blip on over 100million screens in the mobile world with 54% of top brands taking part. Large brands are finding newand innovative ways to grow and engage audiences, and users are making their presence known. WhileFacebook has greatly impacted the Instagram space, the network continues to feed on its ownmomentum as well.Simply Measured’s Instagram analytics helps brand measure and analyze Instagram data as part of acomplete suite of social media analytics and reporting. These tools help brands and agencies measurethe dent they’re making in the Instagram space, including total engagement, shares, likes andcomments, and Instagram’s impact on their broader digital footprint. To see how Simply Measured canhelp you develop your Instagram account, try our Free Instagram User 5