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Top 5 Scariest Social Media Moments


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In the spirit of Halloween, we wanted to share some of the worst digital PR pitfalls in our Top 5 Scariest Social Media Moments!

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Top 5 Scariest Social Media Moments

  1. 1. Top 5 Scariest Social Media Moments
  2. 2. Top 5 Scariest Social Media Moments 99% of the time, being a Community Manager is awesome. But, in the spirit of Halloween, we wanted to shed some light on the other 1%. These 5 social media mishaps are both cringe-worthy and terrifying. 2 © 2013 Simply Measured, Inc
  3. 3. No. 1: The Terrifying Typo Don’t freak out, we’ve all been there. Hopefully your typo wasn’t this bad, but even if you’ve royally screwed up… We’re all human. Own up to it, correct it and move on. 3 © 2013 Simply Measured, Inc
  4. 4. No. 2: Very, Very, Very Angry Customers Although, it’s very unlikely that someone will spend money to bad mouth your brand, angry customers are terrifying! Mend the situation quickly and put out the fire before it gets nasty. 4 © 2013 Simply Measured, Inc
  5. 5. No. 3: Sharing the Wrong Link gets a little crazy, your inbox floods with emails from your coworkers, you go to doublecheck, and then… sheer terror sets in. Next time, take notes from Lonely Planet and quickly right your wrong! 5 © 2013 Simply Measured, Inc
  6. 6. No. 4: Tweeting from the Wrong Account We’re going to assume that “confiscating the keys” = you’re fired. Before you tweet, be absolutely positive you’re on your personal account. If this happens to your brand, channel Red Cross’ great crisis management. 6 © 2013 Simply Measured, Inc
  7. 7. No. 5: Bearing the Brunt of Backlash Community Managers are on the front lines. When something goes wrong, you’re going to hear about it. Nothing is scarier than when your brand screws up and you log into Facebook and see this… 7 © 2013 Simply Measured, Inc
  8. 8. 8 © 2013 Simply Measured, Inc
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