[Webinar] Introduction to Twitter Ads: How to Plan and Build a Successful Campaign


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  • Hello everyone, before we go into the “meat” of the webinar and discuss Twitter Ads, we wanted to give some context for those of you who are still not sure about the business use case of social ads. Here’s some history and reasons for why you should consider Twitter Ads.
  • Ads on social media started as early as November 2007 with Facebook Launching Facebook Ads, the first generation of its ad platform. In July 2008, LinkedIn also introduce itsDirectAds product. Twitter followed in April 2010 with the first iteration of Promoted Products, the umbrella name for Twitter’s ad products, which we will cover in more details shortly. Recently, other social networks introduced ads, including Instagram and Google+.
  • Social media audience is active and on Twitter only, there are over 500 million tweets per day. With 241 million active users, Twitter represents about ¼ of the total social shares. Twitter Ads give you the opportunity to tap into this audience quickly before you build your own follower base that is necessary to engage with them organically.
  • So let’s talk a little bit about building an organic audience versus paying for it and why it’s smart to start paying for it now. I’m going to use a real estate metaphor to explain my logic. Consider your Twitter followers, your organic audience, as your home. This is the place you worked really hard to build and after building it from the ground up, it’s now yours. Like any home, in order to keep it from falling apart, you need to invest in maintaining it, clean it every once in a while, fill the pantry with high quality food as well as the occasional snacks. But overall, it’s yours and you can always work on expanding it and growing it into the castle you want to own.But building a house takes time and a lot of work. You need to start from the foundations, framing, windows, doors, and if you’re lucky you will have a house done in 6-8 months. Similarly, when you start on Twitter, you don’t have a house yet. And in most cases you can’t just buy one.
  • So while you’re building your house, you need to rent out a place to stay. It’s a rental and you can rent the biggest house you can afford. You can move to a different rental whenever you want, and in most cases, you just need to make sure you don’t damage the property, but the upkeep isn’t on you. The problem is, that once you stop paying, it’s no longer yours. So you need to make sure that while you rent, you also build.
  • Twitter ads allows you to do exactly that, in a way, it allows you lease the real estate – as you pay for placement, you make progress on owning it later. Given the nature of Twitter ads, promoting your content on Twitter gives you the exposure to the organic audience the same way that posting organic content will. In a sense, you are leasing the real estate with the added benefit of making progress on building your own organic audience. Actually, Twitter gives advertisers more option and visibility than it gives organic users through its hyper-targeting capabilities.
  • Social Media networks have clear, explicit information about their users they can use to allow advertisers to target users based on both profile and behavior data. Unlike other advertising solutions, and to that matter, unlike any other marketing tactic, social ads give you both implicit and explicit data about users’ profile and behavior that allow you to target exactly the audience you want to target. You can get as personal and specific in your ad copy and creative as time and resources allow you. Want to serve ads about fashionable Seahwaks running shoes to women in the metropolitan area of Seattle? No problem, the hyper targeting options in the Twitter Ad platform will allow you to do exactly that. Oh, and it only gets better.
  • It works.In the last year, Twitter audience grew by 30% and Twitter Ads now serve thousands of advertisers who see great return on their investment, including some of the biggest brands in the world.Jimmy will now give you some more information on big the platform is and how you can utilize for your business. Jimmy…
  • JIMMYLet’s cover off on a few numbers to show you the scale and impact of Twitter as a global, fast growing interest platform.To date, we have over 241M monthly active users generating over 500M Tweets per day and in over 35+ languages. And a significant number of these users (76% to be exact) access Twitter on their mobile device.Finally, we currently have thousands of advertisers using Twitter Ads to reach more potential customers interested in their business.
  • JIMMYYour customers aren’t just on Twitter, but they also take actions that provide significant value to your business including:• Sales: 72% of followers are more likely to make a future purchase• Reach: 70% of followers retweet because they like a business’s content• Word of mouth: 30% lift in recommendations after following/interactingEngaging with your followers and fostering strong relationships on Twitter will ultimately help to drive your business’s growth.
  • JIMMYBefore we jump into Twitter Ads, let’s start off by covering off on a few pro tips to ensure you’re attracting people to your business and writing Tweets that translate into business results.
  • JIMMYFirst, make the most of your 140 characters by simplifying your Tweets to drive an action from your followers. Let’s put the building blocks together of a clear direct response Tweet:Start with a compelling offer and if you’re not sure what it should, ask followers for their input. Next, include a time sensitive call-to-action like “purchase within the next 7 days” Then include a link to your website - preferably to the product or service of your particular offer.  Finally, avoid hashtags and @mentions that may distract people from clicking on your link.
  • JIMMYFor our second tip, we know that many people follow businesses on Twitter to get updates on sales or upcoming promotions.  Give your followers what they want while driving word of mouth for your business with a Flock to Unlock promotion.  Essentially, followers help spread your offer through Tweets and Retweets. Here’s how it works:Get input: Find an incentive followers will love by asking for their suggestions.Promote early: Tweet about when the campaign will launch and follow up with frequent countdowns.Tweet clear instructions on how to earn the incentive. For example, you could say: “Receive 10% off a product today if this offer is retweeted X number of times”Give followers a well-deserved reward when they reach the set number of Retweets.Follow up after the promotion to engage new followers.TheFlock to Unlock promotion is also great in reinforcing loyalty among your follower base.
  • JIMMYAnother way to make the most of 140 characters while incorporating rich media experiences is with our Cards.  There are a variety of Cards including product, video player, app and even one for lead generation. Product cards let you feature a photo and brief description of your merchandise within your Tweets while a lead generation card allows people to express interest in your business by clicking on your Tweet to submit their contact information.  Twitter Cards will require a few meta tags to be added to your website but it’s all fairly easy to do. Use the link on our slide to get more information on how you can start incorporating Cards into your business’s Tweets.
  • JIMMYFinally, one of our latest features allows you to engage with your followers while traveling or on-the-go by scheduling Tweets ahead of time.  This is a free feature to use but you will have to set-up a Twitter Ads account to get started. You may have also seen that we’ve made it easier to share and edit photos on Twitter.  Now you can crop and rotate photos on Twitter which show up as previews in Timelines.  If you want your entire photo to show up in Timeline previews, use a horizontal image with a 2:1 aspect ratio.
  • JIMMYNow that we’ve given you tips and ideas for your Twitter strategy, let’s discuss a great way to amplify your presence even further.  With Twitter Ads, you can choose between Promoted Accounts, Promoted Tweets or use both at the same time.
  • JIMMYAs I mentioned in the beginning, Twitter Ads has two primary products – promoted Tweets and promoted accounts. Currently, Twitter Ads is only available to businesses in the U.S., UK, Ireland and Canada. We are working on expanding to additional countries soon.Promoted Accounts allow you to quickly build your follower base of relevant users who can be your brand advocates, existing customers or potential customers. When you promote your account, it’ll start showing up in the “Who to Follow” section for those people you choose to target. In addition, we enabled on mobile devices the ability to promote your account within user timelines where you can give people a reason why to follow your business.Promoted Tweets are just like regular Tweets, except they go beyond your follower base to reach more people on Twitter that are likely to be interested in your business.  They appear in user timelines and search results and are a great way to drive exposure for your offers and sales.Depending on your campaign goal, you may use either of these products or both in combination to drive business results. Next, Uri is going to cover off on Simply Measured’s campaign framework.
  • Thanks Jimmy, atthis point, I would like to offer a framework for planning and executing any marketing campaign. This framework also allows you to drive for continuance improvement and excellence and can be applied to any discipline, not just marketing and social media. In the next few slides, we will try to follow this framework as we introduce the concepts and practices of building a Twitter Ad campaign.In short, every campaign starts with objective setting and goals. Those set the context for the campaign and will determine the plan and all the details that will go into the plan including budget, tactics, timing and event platform., Next, you need to move into planning. If you don’t spend 20-30% of your time on planning, you are not setting yourself up for success. From planning, you move into execution, the “Do” in the framework. And lastly, every campaign should end with time for reflection. This is where your organization will benefit the most because it will allow you to identify the successes and failures in your campaign as well as the opportunities for improvement. The incremental improvements, can only come if you dedicate time and resources to this stage.And now, to building a Twitter Ad Campaign.
  • Our first step is to set objective and goals. As I just mentioned, the goals will determine the details of your campaign, the targeting, the copy, the budget, the creative and the tactics you will use to achieve your goals. There are several ways to come up with goals:Random, intuitive number. Just pick a number that seems reasonable. Say, I want to get 500 retweets by the end of the month.Improve a baseline. If you know your baseline, you can decide to improve your baseline by a certain percentage. For example, I have 10,000 followers and would like to get to 100,000 by the end of the quarter.Based on an external business goal. Your company is running a full integrated campaign about a new product line and you are tasked with driving a certain number of online purchases. For example, by the end of the quarter, generate $10,000 in new online purchases from Twitter.Based on external references. You set your goals to beat a competitor, to achieve an industry benchmark or to immolate an influencer. For example, your biggest competitor has an average of 1,200 total engagement per month and you would like to beat that, so you set you r goal to achieve an average of 2,000 total engagements per month.Simply Measured can help you with goal setting using our competitor analysis reports that you can see on the screen. This report will provide you the ability to track and analyze up to 10 different accounts that you can compare and set your own benchmarks for. Once you have your goals set, it’s time to plan your campaign.
  • JIMMYSo once you have outline your objectives, you should identify your target audience.Twitter Ads gives you the ability to target millions of users based on several factors to reach your ideal audience. Let’s explore how to pinpoint the customers likely to be interested in your business. Target by interest - People turn to Twitter to connect to their interests. Choose from over 350 interest categories to reach customers most likely to engage with you.Target by @username - Find customers with similar interests to your existing followers or influencers within your industry.Target by geography -Make sure the right people see your Promoted Tweets. Reach your local community with city targeting or target a global audience with country targeting.Target by device -Reach your target audience, whether they are at home on their laptops or on the go with their mobile device. Releasing an iPhone app? Target iOS users! Or have a discount for customers who are on the go? Add Android and Blackberry targeting as well.Target by gender - Have a product or a service more suited for guys, or maybe for gals? Reach either or both with gender targeting. We also have in our advanced UI additional targeting by KWiT which lets you target by conversations and keywords.  A great place to start if you already use AdWords is to import your AdWords list into Twitter. A tip we give new advertisers is start by growing a bit more broad and then refine from there to narrow in on the ideal audience.
  • One way you can make sure you are targeting the right audience is to use Simply Measured to answer all of these questions. We offer a set of out-of-the-box reports that will help you focus on the specific audience you want to target as well as just make the campaign building faster and easier.You can see the different questions you will have to answer when you set the targeting in Twitter Ads and the corresponding Simply Measured reports that can help you answer those. My recommendation is to run the reports and then export them to excel. Our reports are built in excel so when you export them you will get the full excel file including the entire dataset. This way you can just copy and paste the data your interested in directly to the Twitter Ads platform.Once you’re done with the targeting section, it’s time for you to decide on the content you want to promote. Jimmy…
  • JIMMYAfter you identify your audience, start creating customer for each specific campaign. Testing is important so remember to have multiple Tweets ready to go in case one doesn’t perform the way you think it might.  If you are creating different pieces of content, like a blog, newsletter, or regular emails, think about Twitter as another distribution channel. The piece of advice we like to give is think about what is your content hub and as you are creating information there, how can you disseminate or promote it on Twitter. Some examples we have seen is if you are a realtor who sends out a list of listings weekly, why not Tweet a link to the top ones you want to feature. If you just posted something on our blog, let people know. We do this at @TwitterSmallBiz all the time. If you have a large report or important webinar coming up, use a little bit of advertising to increase the reach of your content. With Twitter advertising, you can promote a Tweet to the top of someone’s feed, or when people search for certain keywords, just like when using a PPC tool like Google AdWords.This is a great way to get your content shown to the write target audience who are likely to be interested in the topic you are promoting.  You can use our analytics to help you determine your best content, but Simply Measured also has great tools for you to use – Uri….
  • There are several ways to approach researching content using Simply Measured. Our Twitter Account report gives you some of these answers out of the box by highlighting the best type of tweet and most engaging tweet in the time period you’re analyzing. We also highlight the content types that perform the best in driving engagement. Using our Twitter Account Report you can also see your top tweets sorted by engagement compared to the account average. But if you’d like to dive deeper, or sort the list by a different metrics, all of our reports can be exported back to their original excel version so you can geek out on the full dataset.Now you’re all set up to kick off your new campaign, but you have one more step to complete. Jimmy…
  • JIMMYTo finish your campaign, let’s cover off on bids and budgeting.  First, set a daily or overall campaign budget, there’s no minimum budget so you decide what to spend here and we’ll stop showing your ads once your budget has been reached.
  • JIMMYSecond, our pricing system is based on bidding within an auction — you set the maximum amount you’re willing to spend per follow or engagement like a click, retweet, favorite, etc. It’s important to keep in mind that the auction will take both your bid and ad quality into account.  Therefore, test numerous versions of copy to see what works best.Finally, when you win an auction, you pay only slightly more than the next highest bidder for an engagement. An engagement can be a click, Retweet, favorite, reply, etc.
  • JIMMYFinally, we know it’s important to have measurable results so our analytics dashboards provide a comprehensive look at the performance of your campaigns.For instance, you can see how every single Tweet performs with mentions, follows, reach and more. Then look for insights, trends and opportunities to optimize.  Use the Followers dashboard to learn more about your audience. Keep track of the growth of your follower base and get valuable insights about their interests, geography and engagement.
  • Let’s go back to our framework for running an ad campaign. We’ve set objective and goals, planned and then executed the campaign, now it’s time to measure our results. Twitter analytics does a great job in showing you the immediate results of each ad and Simply Measured reports can give you more information on the overall impact of any Twitter activity in your account on the overall health and engagement you were able to generate with your audience. For example, the megaphone image on your screen opens our Twitter Account Report and provides you with an overview of the ripple effect your tweets had on your audience.But data is just part of the equation when it’s time to reflect on the success or shortcoming of your campaigns
  • What the data allows you to do is to identify the areas you need to analyze even further. Start by asking some of these questions: Did you achieve your objective? Did you hit all your goals? Did you execute your entire plan?You can follow with more specific questions that will allow you to uncover more insight, for example: Did you have the right objective? Did you put together the right plan to hit your goals? Where you able to execute to the plan or did you have unforeseen challenges?Answering these questions, and the other questions that might come up when you focus your data analysis on these stages, will help you modify and improve your next campaign. Next time, you will set more realistic goals, plan better and execute more efficiently. Remember, the results of your first ad campaign, if you use them smartly, will set you up better for your next campaigns.
  • Now that we covered the full process of planning and building an ad campaign, I’d like to introduce you to DaniePote. Danie is our marketing manager responsible for all of our paid media engagement including Twitter Ads. Danie will share with you 4 tips on how to optimize your Twitter ads. Danie, take it away…
  • This is pretty basic, but if you needed any validation that including links increases engagement, our study of how top brand marketers use Twitter found that Tweets containing at least one link drive 98% of brands’ average engagement.If you want to turn your Twitter engagement into traffic for your site, leads for your sales team and/or sales (if B2C), you’ll want to add links in your Tweets with clear calls to action. Let users know what you want them to do with the link, i.e., “Click to read more” or “Download the full study” or “Enter discount code at checkout”. Seems silly, but being explicit in your directions and CTAs will increase your chances that they’ll click your link.We’ve also found great success in beginning Tweets that include links / CTAs with a question to rope in our audience and entice them to click through.
  • Add at least 4-6 Tweets to each campaign. No need to over-think it, Twitter will test all of the Tweets and then automatically show the version that works best.
  • Our study found that Tweets by top brands that include pic.twitter.com links average 210 engagements per Tweet – by far the most engaging link type in Tweets.Since Twitter updated its platform to auto-expand photos in timelines, advertisers can now pretty much use Promoted Tweets as banner ads. Just like any other display ad, you want to include clear, concise copy that offers your value prop, as well as a big, clear call to action.The downside with including an image is that you have fewer characters to play with for your Tweet copy. With practice, you’ll soon be a pro in writing shorter copy!
  • For our own campaigns, we’ve seen huge increases in engagement (and conversion) rate when we use images in Promoted Tweets. Here’s one example from a campaign with 4 Tweets that ran over the same time period – 2 with images, 2 without. Not a perfect A/B test because we used different copy in each, but with further testing on different campaigns, we were able to validate the improved engagement rates when using images.
  • Here’s a Mashable article that mentioned Twitter and got over 3 thousand sahres. We targeted the headline of the article as a keyword in a Promoted Tweet campaign that was driving to a landing page to download a corresponding study on Twitter. We essentially targeting a group of people who recently expressed some level of interest in an article extremely relevant to our brand, and serving them more, incredibly relevant content. You can get as broad or as specific with the headlines you target as you want.
  • Now that you’ve learned how to set up a campaign, we would like to thank you for attending this webinar by offering your business a free $50 Twitter Ads credit to eligible new advertisers.  To register for the offer, go to our profile @TwitterSmallBiz and click on the Tweet regarding the offer to submit your contact information to us. You’ll then receive an email in the next few days regarding your eligibility and how to redeem the credit.  
  • [Webinar] Introduction to Twitter Ads: How to Plan and Build a Successful Campaign

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    15. 15. Before We Start: A Few Pro Tips +
    16. 16. A few important elements + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc
    17. 17. Flock to unlock Incentivize followers to spread your message by retweeting (i.e. sharing) your Tweet to unlock exclusive content. Read more: https://business.twitter.com/tactics/flock-unlock © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc
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    20. 20. Amplify Your Presence With Twitter Ads +
    21. 21. Overview Promoted Accounts + Promoted Tweets #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc
    22. 22. A framework for campaign management Set Objective & Goals + Plan Do #SMwebinar Measure & Analyze © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc
    23. 23. Step 1: Define campaign objectives Compare up to 10 Twitter accounts in this report. Type in cells below to change. Competitive Leaderboard Engagement Followers Potential Impressions Brand Tweets + All Account Avg. Lowest Account Leading Account How does the leader compare? 121 9 261 1,205 total engagement @accorhotels @hiltononline Leader tweets less often than average. Content is mostly normal tweets and links. 121 5,597 341K total followers @accorhotels 170K @MarriottIntl 121 3,179 12.0M 22.4M total impressions @accorhotels @MarriottIntl 121 0 364 @accorhotels @hyattconcierge 1,056 total tweets #SMwebinar Leader has 129K (318%) more followers than the next best brand @StarwoodBuzz. Leader has 54% share of impressions and gets an average of 72K impressions per tweet. Leader sends about 12 tweets per day and gets an average of 0 interactions per tweet. © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc
    24. 24. Step 2: Identify your target audience + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc
    25. 25. Answer all your ad campaign questions with Simply Measured Questions Answers Best time to Tweet?............................................ Twitter Account Report What Keywords to target?................................. Conversation Driver Analysis What Interests/Topics to target?....................... Twitter Follower Report What Followers to target?................................. Twitter Audience Analysis What Influencers to target?............................... Influencers & Advocates Report What Locations to focus on?.............................. Twitter Account Report What Devices to add/limit?................................ Twitter Account Report + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc
    26. 26. Step 3: Create content + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc
    27. 27. Research your best hits with Simply Measured 1. 2. What type of Tweets (retweets, @replies or normal Tweets) drive the most engagement? What type of Tweet content (photos, videos, links or normal Tweets) drive higher engagement? + 3. What type of engagement (replies, retweets, mentions and favorites) you can expect to see? 4. Get examples of Tweets that drove strong engagement 5. Keyword frequency in your Tweets #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc
    28. 28. Step 4: Bids & budgeting Read more: https://business.twitter.com/products/pricing © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc
    29. 29. Step 4: Bids & budgeting + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc
    30. 30. Step 5: Reflect and measure + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc
    31. 31. Measure with Simply Measured + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc
    32. 32. Use data to analyze your process Set Objective & Goals Was the goal: Attainable? Reasonable? Challenging? Appropriate? Set Objective & Goals + Plan Was the plan: Right? Realistic? Do Measure & Analyze Where there gaps in: Execution? Knowledge? Fundamentals? Plan #SMwebinar Do Measure & Analyze © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc
    33. 33. 4 Tips to Optimize Your Twitter Ads +
    34. 34. 1. Use links with calls-to-action Tweets containing at least one link drive 98% of top brands’ average engagement. Source: How Top Brand Marketers Use Twitter; Simply Measured, 2014 + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc
    35. 35. 2. More Tweets are better + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc
    36. 36. 3. Use images A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when you’re limited to 140 characters. + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc
    37. 37. This campaign saw a 2.44% increase in engagement rate between Tweets with images and Tweets without – which is pretty significant for PTs + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc
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