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Bud Light Platinum Case Study


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How Bud Light Platinum used Simply Measured to Power A Successful Product Launch

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Bud Light Platinum Case Study

  1. 1. Fueled By MetricsWhy Bud Light Platinum Chose Simply Measured’s Analytics Tools to Perform The First Truly Social Beer 1Anheuser-Busch and their agency Translationlaunched the new premium brand Bud Light Platinumwith a plan to leverage social analytics for Facebook,Twitter and YouTube. They chose Simply Measuredfor their industry-leading cross-channelmeasurement, on-demand reporting withexceptional depth, and scalable enterprise platform.When Bud light Platinumlaunched, their marketing andpromotional teams were facedwith questions they’d never hadto answer before: How do youleverage social media in a marketthat’s seen unmatched successwith their traditional print, TVand display campaigns?The new brand and their agency,Translation, turned to Simply Measured toanswer this question. After landing on asocially-driven campaign idea, they needed tofigure out how to leverage Twitter, Facebookand Youtube promotion in a way that allowedthem to adapt and grow throughout thecampaign.Tracking Twitter and Tweaking TacticsBud Light Platinum’s launch was broken up intotwo phases on Twitter and Facebook. OnTwitter, the strategy centered around onespecific hashtag: #MakeItPlatinum“Our charge was to launch Bud Light Platinumin such a way that will connect the brand toculture.”For the Twitter campaign, BLP and Translationdecided against using a brand handle topromote their message to the masses. Instead,they leveraged their Super Bowl ads to includethe hashtag. They also built buzz around thelaunch by paying “influencers” to use the tag inhigh profile tweets thatalso included the term#paid. This examplefrom actor Tristan Wildsis one of 18 tweets thatreached over 3.8 millionpeople during PhaseOne of the launch.By using Simply Measured’s reports, Translationwas able to identify that the tweets containingtext between the #MakeItPlatinum and #Paidtags received higher engagement.They were able to leverage this data in PhaseTwo, where their 21 influencer tweets wereretweeted 680+ times and reached over 10million people. The hashtag was used 21,092times in Phase Two, which was a 1417% changeover Phase One.The Simply Measured insight they were able togain and utilize from their Phase One reporthelped propel the brand throughout Phase Twoand grow engagement at a rate no other SuperBowl hashtag was able to achieve.Without a central account, the hashtagcontinued to see engagement that Translationand Bud Light Platinum have been able to learnfrom.This insight and understanding of their Twitteraudience and target demographic gained fromthe reports helped them make the decision to
  2. 2. Fueled By MetricsWhy Bud Light Platinum Chose Simply Measured’s Analytics Tools to Perform The First Truly Social Beer 2add a dedicated brand handle. In November,they added @BLPlatinum, and they continue touse Simply Measured reports to track and learnfrom both the hashtag traffic and account.Finding Success on FacebookBud Light Platinum went a different way onFacebook, opting for a branded page thatcreated and promoted content.The Facebook page began posting content inNovember of 2010, and developed a quick fanbase by recognizing that the engagement, reachand virality metrics of their photo content weremuch stronger than their normal posts, or evenvideo content.While they didn’t focus on an influencerprogram with their Facebook strategy, they didleverage their Super Bowl ad featuring the song“Levels” by Avicii. The artist posted the video tohis own Facebook page on the morning of theSuper Bowl (including the non-trackable#MakeItPlatinum hashtag for brand continuity)and quickly built interest. The post has beenshared almost 700 times.Bud Light Platinum posted both Super Bowlspots from their page as well, but after lookingat the engagement metrics, they were able tosee the benefit to photo content.Leveraging this data-driven insight, the brandcreated a Bud Light Platinum “meme” templatethat allowed for text to be added to a photo togain that desired virality.This same insight helped the brand choosewhich campaigns to promote and invest inbased on previous successes.The metric-driven campaign alterations thatBud Light Platinum was able to make based ontheir regular use of Simply Measured’sreporting tools, as well as the competitivecomparison helped drive over 4,000 new fans aday during the two months after the SuperBowl.To date, their Fan Page has over 442,000 fans,and they continue to monitor engagement todevelop and enrich their campaigns usingSimply Measured.To learn how Simply Measured can bring yourbrand the same actionable reporting seen byBud Light Platinum request a comprehensive 15Day Trial today.