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  • Tell us about the Change Leaders Conference and how you used your platform, Chatter, for that? (SE to start)Senior Leader (400)Traditionally closed doorsSetting strategy for next year/ focus areasPreparation for cascade to ALL employees (face to face)Many people unaware this happens – just see cascade Last year – different objectives – first time ever – wanted to open up to all managers (16,000)Build interest in the eventEnable managers to feel included (400 due to size) plus Senior Managers not able to attendPositive feeling of snr communicationIntroduce focus elements for 2014 ahead of cascades – not new information at cascade so more engaging and meaningful New social tool Chatter – our way of bringing into enterprise is to roll-out with a purpose – So this event gave a purpose to raise awareness of tool with managers and to give them accounts, and use Chatter (for a reason) – Some had experience previously, but not on this scale… (Marketing, Finance and Comms etc…)
  • You did not open up the event to your entire population. You limited it to 16,000. What was the thinking behind this? (SE to start)This was the number of managers in the business If we opened to all employees potentially 95,000 - Big difference…This was a pilot to pave way for future and 16,000 is still significant number…Hypothesised about what to expect – but didn’t know how it would be receivedWanted to ensure we were able to manage and respond as flexibly as required – small team, resource commitments etc…What were the advantages of using Chatter for this event? Were there any results you were able to achieve that you would not have achieved if the event had been only face-to-face? (DI to start)Near real-time reportingAble to connect across time-zones – catching up in own time
  • Can you give us examples of the kind of conversations that went on? (DI to start)Formal and informal planned content (David to expand)Formal outputs from the event (presentations/PDF etc…)Informal outputs, vox-pops, video, voting, imagery, quotes etc… (Still plannable!)People uploaded own content – primarily imageryBeat us to it on some content outputs – learning to use these people next time! OR we have someone in the room live reporting… (Do we need to prepare this next time?) Beating us to it – means success of social! Chatting when awards announced – but we managed to publish winner summary in time…Posts were mainly formal in style – both through content team and delegates, comments were emotive (like, great, well done etc…)Several photos uploaded by delegates – true power of social is when one delegate was told off by others for posting nonsense photos of no value! He stopped…! Interesting not us intervening – it’s self governing… A lot of likes (easy and passive interaction)Thinking about comments/posts - Next time be more strategic and think about the conversations we want to seed… ie, what do we want to start a dialogue around, and who (leader involvement) and how should that begin… When we see wordcloud of responses – growth, opportunity etc… [show word cloud] (remember we couldn’t put a whole video up of CEO – only highlights due to competitive restraints and user experience to a certain extent – webcast!)
  • How did the event help you to promote adoption of enterprise social networking within Unilever? (SE to start)Going back to Unilever’s strategy of giving people a purpose to use new technology – and not just expecting it to happen…! Two perspectives on driving adoption 1) Leaders adoption, 2) managers adoptionTwo chatter groups – 1) Delegates and 2) bitesizeCLC for all managers (includes delegates)Great exposure for leaders – very tactical – go to this room, that room etc…All leaders given iPads and training on how to use at eventComplexity that they had two groups though…The leaders were part of the whole onboarding exerciseActually CEO didn’t post – but did when arrived in our Kingston office later that week – his first post… (and only)For managers, build up creating awareness and interest of something not normally privy too…Giving them formal leadership information through unusual ways? Chatter is accessible through mobile whereas our corporate channels aren’t at present – so reach also helped
  • How did you measure success? (SE to start)With difficulty!Chatter analytics – not as versatile as anticipated – hopefully we can influence this for futureSentiment through word analysisPolls on the forumCurrently there is a questionnaire asking employees about the wider CLC cascade, and includes feedback on bitesizeCLCBUT – against our objectives, we think we’ve done a pretty good job… and have achieved all that we set out too… Overall – we’re happy48% engagement (passive and interactive)4% high engagement (interactive)Was it good? It was a pilot and this gives us key information to benchmark against… 
  • Are you planning to use this format for other similar events in the future? (DI to start)Yes, definitelyAlready adopted in global communications, Supply Chain etc… webcast – replaced global leadership events and incorporated wider reach to rest of function…ETS webchat still happening months afterwards…The other day, talking about our next internal communications campaign – and Chatter is at the front of the conversation… (Chatter strategy for the campaign)  
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