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  • Walk in stateMikes on MarcSilviaLarraine SolomonAudrey ScarffNorman JardineJulie GueganMarc onstageFade walk-inHe introduces Larraine SolomonAudrey Scarff
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  • Case study from IP & Science – Qs to Larraine SolomonTell me about your role and business area.Playhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibfrzjb_fB0
  • Qs to Larraine SolomonTell me about your journey with The Hub.QYou’ve obviously been successful using social media – how does the Hub fit into you your broader communication strategy?
  • Q. Tell me more about how you have used social media to respond to the outcomes of the employee engagement survey.You said, We did.[Marc to end with audience participation questions.]Now it’s your turn.   Table discussion 1.  Q.You’ve heard the Thomson Reuters story so far.  Drawing on your own experiences within your organisations, what challenges do you think they might have faced along the way?  (Facilitated conversation)Table discussion 2 (optional topic).  Q. What do you think are key enablers to help you succeed with a social intranet? (Facilitated conversation)Any other questions for Audrey and Larraine?
  • Phoebe and Serena on handheldsMarc thanks Larraine and AudreyAll leave stageSilvia Cambie on stage introduces Norman and JukieSTING
  • Walk-up sting
  • You are faced with a challenging scenario at the EC: you are dealing with a reduction of staff, but at the same time your responsibilities are getting bigger, Member States are becoming more demanding…. You have introduced a number of digital channels… Yammer, Jive… How are they helping you to deal with these challenges?You have 12,000 registered on Yammer. That’s about half of your total staff. One of the most common blockers of internal social media adoption is middle management? Has that been your experience as well? How are you dealing with them?The EC has a multiplicity of tools… Yammer, Jive, eCV… Is that creating any confusion?I had the great pleasure of attending your Digital Competence Day in Brussels last week? Tell us about that.You are working on building a strong culture in the EC and trying to break silos. You want staff to develop a sense of belonging that goes beyond their department (DG). How are internal digital channels helping with that?You work in 24 official languages. This multilingual factor is one of your strengths. But isn’t it at the same time an enormous challenge? How do you post on Yammer in 24 languages? Community managers are the life and blood of a social organization. You have been promoting the role of community managers in the EC. Tell us about this initiative.
  • Video tp go here (arrives on the day from Julie – please get into the show)
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  • Marc announce coffee breakMikesMarcSilviaChris ThompsonJean-Luc Abelin
  •  Tell us about Archant – what do you do and how big are you?Journalists are by definition a jaded, skeptical bunch. How did you manage to convince your colleagues to share information on your internal platform?You told us that the more you see people working socially, the more you see email becoming used as an ‘official’ channel. What do you mean by that? When I interviewed you in 2012 you mentioned that the impact of using Connect has been a flattening of the organization. How does the picture look like 4 years down the line? You also said that Connect has been good for moral. Community-wide messages about new advertising deals have spurred competition among your sales teams. What has been the impact of these developments on business? What are the challenges that come from a network becoming more mature?When you try to measure what’s good about your social platform, you don’t worry too much about costs. How is that?
  • Phoebe and Serena on handhelds Silvia and Chris leave stage
  • Marc introduces Jean-Luc Abelin
  • #SMiLELondon Archant

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    13. 13. #SMiLELondon Q&A Larraine Solomon Director of Internal Communications for IP & Science Audrey Scarff Editor in Chief of The Hub @AudreyScarff
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    15. 15. #SMiLELondon Norman Jardine Head of Communication Unit DG HR European Commission Julie Guegan Communications Expert DG HR European Commission @normanjardine @gueg1
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    18. 18. #SMiLELondon Q&A Norman Jardine Head of Communication Unit DG HR European Commission Julie Guegan Communications Expert DG HR European Commission @normanjardine @gueg1
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