Julie Bellham and Keith Porter - 'In the real world'


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Since having their world turned upside down by Steve Crescenzo in 2006, Julie Bellham and Keith Porter have been busy revamping communications in several multinational organisations.
In this presentation they’ll be sharing some of their successes, explaining why and how they did it, and giving you the hints and tips you need to do the same in your organisation. Find out how Julie ditched the channels that weren’t working in Standard Chartered and introduced standardisation. See how Keith revamped several print and online channels at British Airways, paving the way for more change.
But, they’ll also be sharing some of their failures - the blog that didn’t work; the excuses that kept on coming; the countries that wouldn’t conform. Julie and Keith will be candid about why things didn’t work out, giving you the ammo you need to avoid making the same mistakes.
It’s an open and honest look behind the scenes in the real world of Internal Communications.

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Julie Bellham and Keith Porter - 'In the real world'

  1. 1. Internal Communication in the real world Julie Bellham & Keith Porter Group Head of Internal Communication Standard Chartered Bank
  2. 2. • Change• Successes• Failures• Challenges• What we’ve learnt
  3. 3. “The new RMS tool is a web based interface forRequesters and Approvers, and offers new functionality to improve the end-to-end request handling processwhile providing increased levels of automation, improved performance and a stable platform for growth. Automated selection of the appropriate approvers foreach request based on PeopleSoft and approval matrix data will be a key benefit.”
  4. 4. “The new Request Management System tool will be easier to use”
  5. 5. Lessons learnt:• We can do this!• We need to measure• Time consuming• Need clearer links to company strategy
  6. 6. What I did:• Found the good people• Editorial meeting• Offered support
  7. 7. Editorial Meeting Percentage of people who gave a crap about my meeting Percentage of people who didnt give a crap about my meeting
  8. 8. Lessons learnt:• Find the diamonds• Don’t fret• Keep high standards• Be realistic
  9. 9. Lessons learnt:• Take risks• Fight for what you believe will make a difference• Sell the pay-off
  10. 10. • Increase management interactivity• Make the dept more open and approachable acrossmany sites• Give staff a direct line to managersLessons Learnt:• Pay attention to what’s happening in the company• Do your research
  11. 11. “Meh.”
  12. 12. • Start small and get the basics right• Build your credibility, develop relationships• It’s okay to mess up. Give stuff a try• Measurement + your expertise and experience = good• Some people just won’t get it• Taking chances can open the door for more creativity• Communicators need to be braver
  13. 13. Get in touch:• Keith Porter – keith.porter@sc.com@keithporter27• Julie Bellham – juliebellham@gmail.comBoth on LinkedIn