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Museums Webinar

  1. 1. Museums
  2. 2. Have an enticing website • Help draw visitors in with interactive pages and links to more information. • Signup forms allow visitors to receive updates and information about your museum.
  3. 3. Website information is tracked automatically • Web tracking software monitors link clicks and page visits on your site. • Easy-to-read reports of results can be viewed or downloaded.
  4. 4. Easy Social Media Engagement • Automated posts help boost your online presence. • Followers are intrigued by your content and persuaded to visit your museum.
  5. 5. Fill Your Events • Automated reminders for your next event keep visitors in the loop. • Have reminders sent via visitors’ preferred mode of communication.
  6. 6. Automated SMS Tours • Have shortcodes visitors can text to receive information about the exhibits. • Increase efficiency by writing answers in advance to be sent out automatically whenever someone texts the shortcode.
  7. 7. Personalized Newsletters Optimize Engagement • Visitors are kept up to date on what’s happening at your museum. • Automatically tailor your newsletters to each subscriber’s interests.
  8. 8. Museums