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Hotels Webinar

  1. 1. Hotels
  2. 2. Optimize your Website • Engaging websites entice visitors to choose your hotel for their vacation. • Web tracking software gathers and stores information on guests before they book their stay.
  3. 3. Have Organized Contact Information • With signup forms, guests can opt in to receive communications from your hotel. • All information collected is automatically stored in a contact relationship manager for further use.
  4. 4. Social Media Engages Travelers • Increase your engagement with guests by sharing photos and fun updates about events happening at your hotel. • Automate your posts and schedule them in advance to create a stable and consistent social media presence.
  5. 5. Automate Checkout Reminders • Have checkout reminders scheduled to be sent automatically to guests the morning they check out. • Easily send reminders via each guest’s preferred contact method.
  6. 6. Email Newsletters Help Inform Visitors • Automate the sending of newsletters to inform clients of new promotions your hotel is offering. • Have newsletters tailored automatically to each guest’s personal interests.
  7. 7. SMS Offers Sent Automatically • Easily promote hotel offers through text message updates. • Have guests text a shortcode to automatically receive a discount on their next stay.
  8. 8. Gain Feedback from Surveys • Surveys allow you to remain in touch with your guests after their stay. • Data received from the survey will be presented in easy-to-read reports.
  9. 9. Hotels