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Food Retailing Webinar

  1. 1. Food Retailing
  2. 2. Easily Gather and Store Data • A customer relationship manager will store any information collected from signup forms or other means. • Data collected can be used to personalize future communications.
  3. 3. Automatically Track Information • Optimize your communications by using web tracking software to monitor your success. • Results are provided in easy-to- read reports.
  4. 4. Simplified Social Media • Automate your social media posts to maintain a strong online presence. • Customers feel engaged while also becoming informed about your offerings.
  5. 5. Automate Reminders • Automate messages notifying your customers of your next sale. • Grocery shoppers can receive sale reminders via their preferred method of contact.
  6. 6. Personalized Email Flyers Engage Customers • Automatically tailor your grocery flyers to your customers’ interests. • Customers feel engaged and may more likely choose to shop at your location.
  7. 7. Gain Feedback Through Surveys • Send surveys out automatically to gain feedback from your customers. • Survey data can be used to streamline your processes and better serve your customers.
  8. 8. Food Retailing