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Simpliti is the indispensable part of Rampgreen Solutions and is India's leading SEO company. Backed with years of experience and knowledge, Simpliti is offering a wide array of services to business verticals, varying from real estate, education, travel, financial services to e-commerce.

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Simpliti - India's Leading Digital Marketing Company

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  2. 2. + We Are ….  An end-to-end solution provider for all your digital marketing needs  A leader in contextual marketing with the highest number of Google certified analysts in India  A thought and technology leader in the space, Simpliti constantly strives to create practical solutions to key business problems of its clients
  3. 3. +Our Services Digital Strategy Link Building Social Media Ads SEO Optimization simpliti Mobile Marketing PPC optimization Online Reputation Management
  4. 4. +Our Services - Digital Strategy Consulting Simpliti Technologies strives to know your business, understand your business goals and then devise strategies to bring up your brand and drive a steady ROI. We help businesses in their digital foray for optimum customer acquisition, brand awareness, brand enhancement, e-commerce strategies and more. We help with:  Taking maximum leverage out of digital media (search engine & social media) to gain a competitive edge for marketing their products or services  Exploiting various interactive digital media to achieve business mission objectives in marketing, sales, corporate communication, recruitment, etc.  An aggressive re-marketing strategy to help meet your sales, leading to brand-building
  5. 5. + Our Services – Search Engine Optimization Simpliti's, SEO services are designed to help your website gain the highest level of online exposure by directing targeted visitor traffic to your website, thereby generating business leads and contributing to success of your enterprise. We help your business by:  Effective identification, research and analysis of keywords relevant to your business growth  Prominent listing of your website on leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.  Proactive support about your website with regular feedback and reports tracking your website traffic and its ranking on search engines
  6. 6. + Our Services – Pay per click management A leading provider of professional PPC management campaigns in India, our timetested and dynamic strategies offer best PPC modules helping websites gain high rankings in SERPs for keywords that suit the business in question. We help with:  Precise bids  Engagement/Conversion-oriented pages/Micro sites  Relevant Ad copy landing Simpliti's result-oriented PPC Management is a blend of technology, expertise, experience and analytics on the search engines and content networks; leading to the best utilisation of ad spend.
  7. 7. + Our Services – Online reputation management In the “net age” today, information- good or bad, spreads like wildfire! It is very crucial for companies to keep a track of any comments/ posts on the web about their enterprise, for an effective online reputation management. Simpliti offers dynamic methodologies to maintain a positive online reputation of your brand, so that you can focus on your business vision.
  8. 8. + Our Services – Mobile marketing With advanced wireless platforms, e-commerce and other widespread internet capabilities, Mobile Marketing can redefine your brand, reaching out to a gigantic customer base. Our marketing wizards also offer Mobile Application Marketing, through which we provide quality traffic, social media marketing, internet visibility, branding and analytic services. Simpliti Technologies is a one-stopshop for an array of Mobile Marketing solutions. With Simpliti's cutting edge technology, professional resources and strong monitoring platforms, you can rest peacefully, trusting us to offer the best Mobile Marketing services.
  9. 9. + Our Services – Social media optimization Social Media advertising offers control over frequency, penetration, duration aswell-as the demographic to which the campaign will be visible. Simpliti helps in promoting your website on social media by:  Facilitating active presence of your website on popular and relevant forums like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest etc...  Directing higher traffic to your website through content-sharing modules  Enhanced rankings on search engines/social media  Building a very positive online reputation of your website, optimum PR management for your brand
  10. 10. + Our Services – Link building As a leading digital marketing company of India, offering high-value, thematic link-building services, we build natural links as per the guidelines of major search engines. Simpliti helps by:  We offer best relevant link-Building from high ranking websites similar to your business  No links from link farms/ or spam links, no framed & no JavaScript links  We never build links from sites from websites that contain objectionable content The more quality inbound links a website establishes from other relevant websites, the more will be the traffic to it.
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