What Facebook acquisition of WhatsApp means for Simplify360


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There are several talks happening in the Media, and several speculations going on about what happens to the World of Social Media Platforms. We, at Simplify360, are excited about this acquisition, and are looking forward to have more open WhatsApp. More on the presentation.

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What Facebook acquisition of WhatsApp means for Simplify360

  1. 1. WhatsApp Acquisition: What it means to Simplify360
  2. 2. Short Answer World do not change overnight. The deal has to pass the regulatory bodies.
  3. 3. In Detail It means a lot !!
  4. 4. For any Social Media Applications and Platforms … This means more power coming to YOU.
  5. 5. Facebook has always been developer friendly and we have just secured our future. Both Instagram and WhatsApp going to Facebook means our application’s future is secured.
  6. 6. Future Secured! Till the time we start hearing about a new challenger in town. … Obviously, Facebook cannot or may not buy all of them. But I want to ignore that for now.
  7. 7. Why I am so convinced? That Mark Zuckerberg will safeguard Social Media Platform’s interest
  8. 8. Here are my 10 Reasons!
  9. 9. API and Developers are in Facebook’s DNA They started it, and they will keep it too.
  10. 10. Facebook is fairly new company in town. They need the ecosystem to fight Google, Apple and Microsoft. They win if we win.
  11. 11. Facebook has not killed Instagram. They have not made it closed too. We can expect the same with WhatsApp.
  12. 12. Facebook depends on Marketing and Media Agencies for the revenue. They will have to keep the ecosystem happy. No choice is our good.
  13. 13. Facebook has mastered the skill of opening up the ecosystem & grow. They will reuse it to grow WhatsApp.
  14. 14. Already WhatsApp and WeChat are used as Marketing Channels for Mobile. The Chinese Competition will keep Facebook on its toes, and Zuck will not want to lose by closing the ecosystem.
  15. 15. Zuck has earned money from being lovable. He wont do anything to invite the public wrath. He will walk an extra mile to please the users and the ecosystem.
  16. 16. Zuck is a guy who is hard on investors from day one. He will open up the ecosystem to amass users, and not bother of quick investor returns.
  17. 17. Zuck knows better than anyone else how a Social Network can be replaced. He has replaced the giants like Orkut and MySpace. He will not do anything that will give a way for SnapChat or WeChat to over-take Facebook and WhatsApp.
  18. 18. Number of users is the only metric Zuck understands and uses. That ensures an open Ecosystem.
  19. 19. So, what do we do now? Don’t know what you are going to do. We, at Simplify360, are preparing for integration of WhatsApp. Stay Tuned. Enjoy.
  20. 20. Leaders use Simplify360 Global Clients Resellers / Partners
  21. 21. Key Implementations – Client Categories Enterprise Agency & Research   Brand, Competition and Intelligence Reporting time decreased from months to real-time  Helped ITC Foods to better the Social Media Marketing efforts   Set-up Social Media Analytics and Research Practices Implemented a Market Intelligence Practice for ITC Foods The company now responds to every customer query happing from anywhere.  The agency cut delivery cost in half  Lowered reporting time from days to hours; increased client conversion rate by over 50% OEM Combination  Using Simplify360 as Social Media Contact Centre  In-premise installation of Social Media Contact Centre for TOP global Telecom company.  Happened first time in the World; platform running in complete security set-up within client’s firewall   Successfully serving global clients through partners. Effectively managed the customer queries; response time lowered by 80%  Highly successful in serving Customer Service via Social Media  Reduced Response time by more than 80%  Reduced the cost per response by more than 80%.
  22. 22. Key Implementations - Use Cases USE CASE - Customer Service Contact Centre SOLUTION PURPOSE BENEFITS Social Media Customer Contact Centre Address Enterprise’s increasing requirement to respond to online complaints and feedback in real-time Reduces •Customer response time to resolve new complaints •Risk of losing brand image due to online complaint escalation Increases •Customer Satisfaction In-premise Social Media Command Center Provide: •Secure response management and tracking •Seamless integration with the existing Enterprise Systems Advantages: •Complete control over the system and opportunity for future customization •Complete ownership to the data and control over conversation flow USE CASE – Marketing Research SOLUTION PURPOSE Social Media Analytical Report on Media Channel Provide: •In-depth analysis on the conversations happening around TV shows Insights delivered •Audience insights on what drive online conversations •Competitive analysis on what TV shows were being talked most •Audience sentiment towards the TV shows and its actors Provide: •Comprehensive study on all the product lines of FMCG brands •Tracks their online presence. along with their respective competition. Insights delivered •Complete landscape of the FMCG’s brand presence v/s it’s competitors •Key insights on most talked campaigns and why •Insights on how consumers respond to FMCG brands and their sentiments Social Media Analytical Report on FMCG Brand BENEFITS