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Top 10 Mantra for Professional Success


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Growing is career is a science as much it is art. The presentation talks about major things to do in life to have a steep growth in career. This applies for both corporate ladder as well as in Entrepreneurship.

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Top 10 Mantra for Professional Success

  1. 1. TOP10 MANTRAS FOR PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS Bhupendra Khanal CEO, Simplify360 @leplan
  2. 2. Necessity Perfection Courage Planning Execution Motivation Hard work Knowledge Intelligence Sufficient Attitude
  3. 3. #1. Decide to Succeed Success will only come to people who truly want to succeed, the ones who dare to think big. Don’t wait for the success to come his way. The wait will go infinite if it is calling no actions. Image credits:
  4. 4. #2. Be Bold People who want success have to fight with many challenges. Some challenges may be a hard obstacle and some may be a soft way to failure. It is important to resist both affecting the ambition. Image credits:
  5. 5. #3. Plan and execute your promotion The best career map can be made by self. No one else can make your career. Manager can at best facilitate the people under him to attain his goals, but it is highly dependent on the individual to make good career plan and execute it. Image credits:
  6. 6. #4. The Push-Pull Theory The best way to grow in any organization is to force manager to grow upwards. Once he is grown, there is a vacancy created and it is in your manager's interest to pull you up rather than filling it from outside as you are the person whom he understands best. Restricting any body's success in your group will make it difficult to grow as any friction created to anyone's success is always reciprocated. So, if someone has to grow it has to be you, your lead or your manager. Image credits:
  7. 7. #5. Complain up and motivate down People at the management are responsible for change. They are better be criticized for betterment. Positive criticism brings good energy to the organization. Any complain downwards could look like frustration to juniors which increases negative energy in a company. Image credits:
  8. 8. #6. Growth is always organizational People grow when company grow. It is very hard for people to grow in a loss making organization. So everybody should work for the best interest of the company and avoid any actions that affects company's growth. Image credits:
  9. 9. #7. Hard work and hardcore fun Everyone knows that it is very important to work hard to grow. But it is also essential to keep own body ready for the challenge to avoid any health hazards and frustrations/work stress. So, enjoy up to your limits in the weekends and work hard in the weekdays. This may include regular outings, parties, long drives, adventure sports etc. Choose something that gives you maximum fun. Image credits:
  10. 10. #8. Work you portion but know the big picture Company pays us to do the work assigned, so it has to be done in time at all cost. But you should be aware of why the work is done, the motive or the purpose of doing it in the first place, you should be have the understanding of the goal of the project. Image credits:
  11. 11. #9. Know your company Knowing your company is important to your project. Knowledge about the project will be given to you but for other information you need to take initiative yourself and learn. Try to get as much information as possible regarding your company's management, organizational structure, offerings (products and services) etc. This will help you work better and be an brand ambassador of your company, thus adding fuel to your company's growth. Knowledge about the company also gives good impression to the seniors helping you grow faster within the organization. Image credits:
  12. 12. #10. Competitor Analysis Well, this is quite a tricky step to grow faster in the industry. Knowing your company accelerate growth within a company but knowing its competitors guarantees your success in the industry. There are two advantages competitor analysis brings. One you can help your company counter the competitors move thus affecting your company's revenue positively. This is in most cases rewarded with promotion and bonus. Secondly, if you are not given fair compensation from your company, you know where to move next. Thus you give tough time to the Management and the HR not to let you grow. Image credits:
  13. 13. Winning is about attitude and nothing else.
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