The History of Social Media Marketing Suite


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The Emergence of open and flexible Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter, and their willingness to keep the APIs open gave rise to huge market for Social Media Marketing Platforms. Several companies are in the race for Web Marketing Domination and the angle of Social Marketing Suite is getting huge prominence. In such a case, it is important to understand the history that led to the emergence of Social Media Marketing Suite.

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The History of Social Media Marketing Suite

  1. 1. History The History of Social Media Marketing Suite ---How the industry evolved---
  2. 2. February 2004 Facebook Founded.
  3. 3. March 2006 Twitter Founded.
  4. 4. April 2006
  5. 5. May 2007
  6. 6. September 2007
  7. 7. September 2007
  8. 8. May 2008 Twitter launches Twitter APIs.
  9. 9. October 2008 Social Bakers founded. Emergence of Social Profile Analytics.
  10. 10. November 2008 Hootsuite Founded First major web based Social Engagement Platform.
  11. 11. January 2009 Company started as InRev, later renamed as Simplify360.
  12. 12. September 2009 Adobe acquires Omniture
  13. 13. April 2010
  14. 14. September 2010
  15. 15. February 2011  Simplify360 Platform launched to the market.  World’s First Social Marketing Suite is thus born.
  16. 16. March 2011 Salesforce acquires Radian6. Enters the Social Marketing Platform space.
  17. 17. June 2011 Facebook launches Graph API.
  18. 18. January 2012 Altimeter released use cases of Social Media Management and suggested the need for Marketing Suite in the market. This Analyst paper gave the new shape to the industry.
  19. 19. May 2012 Oracle acquires Vitrue.
  20. 20. June 2012 Salesforce acquires Buddy Media.
  21. 21. June 2012 Oracle acquires collective Intellect
  22. 22. July 2012 Oracle acquires Involver.
  23. 23. September 2012
  24. 24. September 2012 Adobe launches Adobe Social – its version of Social Marketing Suite.
  25. 25. October 2012
  26. 26. February 2013 Simplify360 positions itself as “World’s First Social Marketing Suite” at Ad:Tech Delhi
  27. 27. June 2013 Salesforce acquires ExactTarget
  28. 28. July 2013 Adobe launches New version of Adobe Social, a solution designed to leverage the new Adobe Marketing Cloud interface
  29. 29. September 2013 Salesforce launches ExactTarget Marketing Cloud
  30. 30. September 2013 Facebook launches Keyword Insights and Public Feed API.
  31. 31. December 2013 Oracle acquires Eloqua.
  32. 32. February 2014 There are 4 major Marketing Suites : Simplify360 Social Marketing Suite Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Oracle Social Relationship Management Adobe Marketing Cloud (Adobe Social)
  33. 33. What makes a marketing cloud or social marketing suite? Social Media Listening (A) Social Publishing (B) Social Profile Analytics (C) Social Engagement (D) Social Ad Management (E) CRM Integration (F) Currently these are the major components of Social Marketing Suite. Integration of complete Digital Marketing facilities from Sales lead management to Digital CRM is happening next.
  34. 34. Complete Disclosure  All brands, logos and other Intellectual Property belongs to their respective owners.  The presentation is built taking major players in mind. We understand fully that there are several other players in the industry. The presentation is made to show the industry trend and it is not a complete industry report of all industry players.  Some players in the industry may be missed. Please comment about it in Slideshare [Slideshare provides a great commenting system]  If anyone finds any error in the facts presented, please write to us. We will be happy to process and give you the required credit.
  35. 35. Statement from CEO We compete with some of the most amazing companies of our generation, and we respect them. I am a big admirer of Salesforce, Oracle, Adobe, Hootsuite and other companies mentioned in this presentation. This presentation is the show case of industry trend. It is the history that all players mentioned here (or missed) should cherish for what we have achieved together in less than a decade. The industry has fought several issues of privacy, challenges of big data analytics and compliance with third party APIs. We have together come victorious. Bhupendra Khanal, CEO – Simplify360