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Social Media Command Center - Simplify360


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The objective of this deck is ;

1. To showcase the strength of Simplify360 as a Social
Business Intelligence Platform.
2. To illustrate how you can use Simplify360 across
business functions of an organization.
3. To demonstrate how your organization can benefit from
setting up Social Media Command Center

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Social Media Command Center - Simplify360

  1. 1. Introduction Social Media Command Center
  2. 2. Objective of this presentation  To showcase the strength of Simplify360 as a Social Business Intelligence Platform.  To illustrate how you can use Simplify360 across business functions of an organization.  To demonstrate how your organization can benefit from setting up Social Media Command Center. Slide No. 2
  3. 3. Key implementation by large enterprise Customer Contact Center Solution Social Media Monitoring and Workflow to discover and respond every Online complaints. In-premise system set-up and integration with third party enterprise systems. Delivered • Reduced Customer response time and cost by 80%. • Real-time customer support performance measurement. • Increased Customer Satisfaction • Provided secure & complete control over the system/data and opportunity for future customization. Marketing Research/ORM Solution Weekly, Monthly and Event-wise social media report on TV shows and campaigns. Daily, Weekly & Monthly ORM reports on all the complaints related to brands. Monthly social media report on brand’s competitors Delivered • Content Optimization strategies on micro contents and TV contents. • Identifying influencers to convert them into brand advocates. • Identifying emerging consumer trends and interests. • Providing Action-Items on any key issues arising on social media. • Performance measurement on the latest campaigns and Facebook/Twitter Content. • Benchmarking report against competition. 3
  4. 4. Global Success Stories Global clients & partners Global Partners 4
  5. 5. Unique value proposition Mature & Proven Methodologies • Industry standard processes and frameworks • Campaign Templates. • Successful Customer Use-cases. • Optimized Reporting Structure. • Robust Quality Process. Customer Support and Training Sessions • Customer friendly dedicated email support team. • Training sessions from social media experts on best practices. • Strong and reach online knowledge repository for access. Analytics • Advance Social Media Analytics Modules. • Advance Reporting Templates. • Customizable Social Media Metrics and Scores. Valued Partner Network Ecosystem • Beneficial Partner Program open for all customers and third party groups. • Network of thought leaders and industry leading organizations. • Global reach through partners across Korea, Netherlands, Malaysia, Br azil & US etc. Solutions • Listening and trend analysis platform. • Wide range of social media data sources. • Channel analytics framework. • On premise, implementation. 5
  6. 6. Use case of Simplify360 social media Command Center Marketing Customer Service Sales Innovation Social Marketing Insights Manage Online Complaints Social Sales Insights Discovering new trends Social Campaign Tracking Implement Social CRM Proactive Social Lead Generation Gaining Product Feedback Rapid Social Marketing Response
  7. 7. ESTABLISH SOCIAL BUSINESS  Marketing Team Streamlined Communication Chaotic Communication  CRM Team Without Social Media Command Center Digital Intelligence Hub  Core Management Team  Insights Teams With Social Media Command Center 7
  8. 8. 3 components of Social Command Center Social Media Monitoring • You can track keywords across social web. Social CRM • You can manage online complaints across social media. Social Media Analytics • You can view analytics report of your social channels. Slide No. 8
  10. 10. Key Features of social media monitoring  Monitor keywords across social web (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn Groups, Discussion Forums, Review Sites, YouTube, Flickr, Complaint Sites etc) and Custom sites which could be Public or Private (which you own).  Monitor Facebook Pages, Twitter handles, GooglePlus page, LinkedIn Groups and YouTube Exclusively.  Setup advanced query combinations of unlimited keywords and business rules to automate keyword tagging process.
  11. 11. Analytics capability of Simplify360 Social media monitoring  Buzz Trend Graphs on Mentions and Sentiments.  Sentiment pie charts, Source distribution Chart of the buzz.  Demographic charts (Gender, Region & Age) of people  Page Rank and Alexa Rank of the blogs, news sites and discussion forums where there are buzz, along with the list of top referring sites.  Word Cloud of the buzz, along with top trending keywords and Daily and Hourly Trend graphs of the buzz.  Dive deeper into the devices/os usages of people on Twitter.  And many more.
  12. 12. Discovering influencers in Simplify360 Social media monitoring  List out all the people who have mentioned your keywords on Twitter and Facebook.  View details of the profiles.  Order them with respect to their social Klout.  Download the list on Excel sheet.
  13. 13. Reporting capability of Simplify360 Social Media Monitoring  Create personalized dashboards for different usecases with available 27 different metrics.  Control labels and layout of the charts.  Export charts into Excel, Image or PDF.  Create Email Alerts to receive hourly or daily reports on the trends.
  14. 14. Comparing brands on Simplify360 Social Media Monitoring  Monitor your brand keywords and your competitor’s keywords separately.  Compare different brands in a single dashboard.  Export the report in PDF.
  15. 15. Social Media data filters in Simplify360 Social Media monitoring  Use extensive filter parameters to slice and dice social media data (messages, updates, ima ges, videos, blog posts etc)  Change the sentiment of messages.  Download the data in EXCEL format.
  16. 16. Publishing and Engagement in Simplify360 Social Media monitoring  Engage with the messages on Twitter and Facebook, from the monitoring module itself.  Publish and Schedule messages to multiple accounts Twitter/Facebook/Linke dIn/GooglePlus etc.
  18. 18. The most advanced social analytics dashboard Engagement and Influencer Score In-depth content performance analysis. • The score measures the engagement and influencer of your social profile on the network. • You can view details responses received by each of your content and evaluate its impact and reach. Brand Advocacy Lists Smart Timing Visualization & Insights Engagement & Response Report • Map out the complete community activity with respect to day/hour in intuitive visualization and identify the smart time to engage. • Get a full fledge report on your engagement in terms of volume, variety and velocity. Daily Activity Performance Report Competition Benchmark Report Data filter, export and PDF download. • Keep track of all your activities and view trends of your updates, responses and growth of your community. • Get a benchmark report against your competition. • You can filter data with respect to date and download charts/data as image or in excel sheet. 18 • Filter through your fan base and view/download the list of your top fans or followers. Demographic Analysis of your community and people talking about you. • View the complete gender, age and regional details of you community and people talking about you.
  19. 19. There 4 different types of metrics Post Statistics • Analyze individual post made by the page and sort respectively. Fan Statistics • Understand the growth and demographics of your Fans. • Identify the most active fans. Page Statistics • Understand the trend in the activities on the page. • Analyze the impact of the posts. Engagement and Response • View detailed engagement and responses metrics. Slide No. 19
  20. 20. There 3 different types of metrics Account Statistics • You can view the trend in the followers and identify your loyal followers. Tweet Statistics • You can view the trends in the activity on your account. Tweet Analytics • View the details of the individual tweets. Slide No. 20
  21. 21. Linkedin group Analytics 1. Group Member Trend 2. Change in the group member count. 3. Post Trend 4. Comment Trend 5. Total Engagement 6. Gender Distribution 7. Language 8. Sentiment of discussion Slide No. 21
  23. 23. There 5 different types of metrics Buzz Trend •You can find when and how the conversations is trending. Buzz Sentiment •You can find what is the sentiment of the conversations. Demographics •You can find the gender, location and age of people talking. Platforms •You can find where most people are talking and which applications they are using the most. Context •You can find out what are people talking and the trending topics. Slide No. 23
  25. 25. Simplify360 Social Contact center Simplify360 Social Contact Center Customer Analytics Automated Message Grouping Message Queuing and Ticketing Advanced Workflow and Dashboards Third Party System Integration (eg. Salesforce) Customer Support Performance Measurement Metrics/Dashboards 25
  26. 26. Workflow overview Core Customer Support Team Customer Support Response Team Social Web Conversations Simplify360 Buzz Filter Simplify360 Complaints Tagging and Assignment to the Response Team Response Creation and sent for Approval Review and Approval Knowledge Repository /Response Templates. Dashboard Issue Closer and Reporting Response Auditing 26
  27. 27. Ways of implementing social command center Cloud based SAAS model • Takes no time in setting up the system. • All the data will be hosted in Simplify360’s server. • Limited access to the account based on your package. In-Premise model • Takes longer time to implement. (15-20 days) • All the data will be hosted in your server including the application. • Unlimited control on the functionality beside the data volume. Slide No. 27