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Modi's Make In India


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Narendra Modi's Make In India campaign is his drive to reach India to the top of all nations. He aspires to make India a manufacturing hub and develop the nation immensely.

Here's a look at what the Make in India campaign has in store for Indians and the companies from other nations who wait to invest here.

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Modi's Make In India

  1. Modi’s #MAKEININDIA “I will make such a wonderful India that all Americans will stand in line to get a VISA for India”
  2. OBJECTIVE To Make India a Manufacturing Hub Image Source:
  3. INTERESTING FINDINGS • China launched Made in China campaign to counter India’s Make In India. • UK on Jan 2015 launched its campaign “Great Collaborations” to build connections with Indian industries. • There is a close correlation between Make In India and FDI.
  4. THE LAUNCH • Launched on 25 September 2014,in Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. • Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi launches it in front of top global CEO’s. • Most favored quote, “FDI for me is First Develop India and then Foreign Direct Investment” Image Source:
  6. #MAKEININDIA IS ON AN EVER GROWING SPREE Here’s what happened in the last 30 days on Social Media…
  7. MENTIONS In Last 30 days Image Source:
  9. SHARE OF OPINIONS People are Highly Optimistic About #MakeInIndia Campaign
  10. NEGATIVE OPINION DRIVERS • New bankruptcy code, #ElectronicsIndia, phones, HSBC, Entrepreneur in India POSITIVE OPINION DRIVERS • Students, Budget, Chicago, lion, textile, global manufacturing
  12. MOST DISCUSSED TOPICS 2.2K DEFENCE 914 RAILWAYS • The Government of India clears 19 defence projects to enhance the Make in India campaign. • Make In India also focuses on producing more indigenous defence equipments in the country itself. • High speed train launch projects to be initiated under the Make In India project. • Re-developments of railway platforms. • Electrification, high speed tracks and sub-urban track developments. SOCIAL MENTIONS SOCIAL MENTIONS
  13. MOST DISCUSSED TOPICS 538 THERMAL POWER 535 TEXTILE INDUSTRY SOCIAL MENTIONS SOCIAL MENTIONS • Allocation of 1 billion INR for preparatory work of new schemes to create ultra modern coal powered thermal plants. • Adequate quality of coal to be provided to power plants which are already functioning. • Allocation of over 2500 million INR towards the setting up of facilitation centers, crafts museum, mega clusters in various parts of the country. • Allocation of 300 million INR towards setting up of institutions to preserve the handloom/ handicrafts sector of India.
  16. KEY TAKEAWAYS • Companies from across the globe would be invited to invest in India. • India is going to become a thriving manufacturing hub. • Upliftment of the rural and the poor people • Increase in employment opportunities in sectors such as telecom, power, tourism, automobile and more. • Will result in a calculated growth of India’s GDP, trade and economic sector.
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