How Not To Handle Customer Responses via Social Media


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How not to handle customer responses on social media. Do it right and you will be rewarded, do it wrong...and your customers will respond in kind

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How Not To Handle Customer Responses via Social Media

  1. 1. How Not to Handle Customer Responsesvia Social MediaA Study On Social Media & Customer ServiceBy
  2. 2. “A satisfied customer isthe best business strategyof all” Michael LeBoeuf
  3. 3. About Simplify360Simplify360 is a Social Business Intelligence platform. Simplify360 helpsorganizations make the most of social media. It enables businesses to performOnline Reputation Management, Customer Service, Community Management,Social Media Research & Brand Audits; Online Sales Lead Generation, andConsumer Sentiment Analysis.Our Clients Include:
  4. 4. Responding to customer queries is good..But.. what if the query is not at all related to yourproduct ?
  5. 5. Game of Thrones is anAmerican epic fantasy televisionseries.Clearly, the user wanted to know onlyabout the above mentioned TV Seriestelecast and hence, the query is not atall relevant to Tata DoCoMo.Unfortunately, the social media team atTata DoCoMo did not realize this andflooded the post with irrelevantcomments
  6. 6. Ref: it a failure of DoCoMo’s socialmedia management team or asimple technical error, but suchmistakes tend to make users lessserious about the brand.
  7. 7. Case of Axis Bank : Formalizing the informal ?
  8. 8. Social media is used as aninformal feedback channel,But.. should a company decide to stickto formal channels?
  9. 9. Ref- widely use socialmedia for instant feedbackpurposes.In the comment, Axis Banksupport asked the customer to fillthe same feedback in the alreadyexisting system while ignoring theone posted on their Twitterchannel.It is the duty of the firm tounderstand the feedback postedthrough social media andimplement a mechanism toimprove upon their existingservices.
  10. 10. Case of Citibank: Effective CustomerHandling
  11. 11. The key to effectively usingSocial Media lies in efficientlylistening to what customers say,understanding their meaning,and then adding value throughaction.
  12. 12. The customer, in this case,is being sarcastic as thereason for the onlinetransaction failure was notclear to him.Citibank Support posted aremarkable response, byunderstanding theunderlying sarcasm andreassuring the customer ofaction on his feedback.
  13. 13. Learnings Customers judge a company by the way it responds to their queries A growing need to adapt social media as a part of mainstreamorganizational strategy Social media blunders can hamper your brand image by a greater extentthan you think they can Social media management systems are not just another software, butstrategic tools, to achieve differentiation through effective customerhandling
  14. 14. Do you have a Social Media Policyin place ?
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