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Future of Marketing. Welcome 2014


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40 Expert Predictions on how marketing will be in 2014

Future of Marketing. Welcome 2014

  1. 1. Future of Marketing. Welcome 2014! 40 Expert Predictions
  2. 2. Top 5 Takeaways • Marketing will be more targeted and custom • It will be more human and friendly • Adoption of Digital will increase; Social Media will get more focus • Data and analytics will get more prominence • Technology usage for marketing will increase Based on the views expressed by experts. Experts chosen from Business and Marketing field. It spanned from bloggers, business heads, CMOs, Social Media Celebrities, analysts and more.
  3. 3. 2014 will be the year of awakening where marketers will look back at the chaotic years & cut through the mindless buzzwords and start rethinking. If this doesn’t happen, we are doomed. Deep Sherchan CMO & Co-founder, Simplify360 @bexdeep
  4. 4. Marketing in '14 will be tough, dynamic and value based. Chances are, marketing will not only be competitive but also exploitative. Rajendra Khetan Chairman – Khetan Group
  5. 5. Marketing will be intimate with its customers. Marketers will know more about their habits and needs. Anil Modi Founder and CEO at Ananto
  6. 6. Marketing will be more digital. If you haven't embraced digital in time, you will be obsolete, like Kodak. Tinu Cherian Abraham Wikipedia Admin, Associate Manager @ UST Global, Twitter Celebrity
  7. 7. Innovations will take centre stage in this new hyper-local world. A great deployment of agnostic connectivity over native communication will be the solution. We have many such dreams for the new world order. Computers will not be needed. Touch point management will be a brand manager’s new role. Arnab Mitra CEO & Co-founder, Liqvd Asia Director, DMTI
  8. 8. By the customer, for the customer. Pradeep Chopra CEO & Co-founder, Digital Vidya Influential speaker, Digital Media Visionary
  9. 9. In 2014, Marketing will be focused on building a tribe of faithful rather than finding yet another glossy way to sell. Ujwal Thapa Chairman, Bibeksheel Nepali Politician, Entrepreneur, Blogger
  10. 10. User Generated Content (UGC) will be the buzz word, brands will invest more on high value content as customers will be decision makers and influencers. Sneh Sharma Co-founder & Director, Webenza
  11. 11. Since I am developing a SaaS solution to be used by Academics and students at universities, I will be marketing primarily the "old fashion" way - conference presentations, journal/magazine publications, and in person sales pitch with some social media for broader exposure. But as a startup, I will be marketing to one client at a time. Garfield W. Fisher CEO – Basemetrics
  12. 12. It will all be about partnerships with people of influence, brands will continue to pair with bloggers and their readers. Not just bloggers but people of influence to gain access to their networks and lend the brand a voice it would not otherwise have without the partnership. Everything is short format content and visual as well and will continue to be in 2014 Jess Loren Popov SVP – Legacy Marketing Partners
  13. 13. Content Marketing, the backbone of both Search & Social Marketing will be the mantra for 2014 Rashmi Putcha CEO – DMTI, India
  14. 14. My prediction for 2014 is big data from social starts driving big revenue. From Apples' recent acquisition of Topsy is writing on the wall. This says their is a lot of hidden marketing value behind big social data and turning that marketing sense into dollars will continue to be the key for 2014. Justin R French CEO & Founder, The Social Business Guy Specialist, Social Networking San Diego
  15. 15. Marketing = Participation. It will mean that brands will have to create avenues for involving customers at every step including the innovation process. All efforts will need to be measured and scaled up based on this single metric - Participation! Preetham Venkky Digital Strategist & Business Head, KRDS, Singapore
  16. 16. Marketing in 2014 will primarily bank on personal touch and human values. Every product and service will start promoting on how lives can change; instead of talking about a product/service in detail. Vijay Raj Founder & Photographer @ iClickd Social Media Celebrity, Former Microsoft MVP
  17. 17. Marketing will be built into the product through behavioural engineering. Shira Abel CEO - Hunter & Bard
  18. 18. Multichannel marketing and better attribution will change the media mix and how we plan and measure marketing campaign outcomes. Gautamm Mehra C.O.O. at Ultraviolet Digital
  19. 19. 2014 will continue to shift to mobile and social, brands will start responding to their social mentions and stop ignoring most of the comments and posts they receive. Agmon David Porat Entrepreneur, social Media Innovator Bio medical engineer
  20. 20. FOAMo More FRAGMENTATION of social networks. More ONETO-ONE or personalisation creeping into marketing. More AUTOMATION of marketing with new tool sets. More MOBILITY... 2014 for me is the year of FOAMo Nishad Ramachandran Vice President, Hansa Cequity
  21. 21. Marketing will be more humanized in 2014. Both marketers and Tools will focus on giving value to whom they are marketing to. Suresh Babu Founder & CEO, Web Marketing Academy Bangalore
  22. 22. More and more Marketers will endorse content marketing to reach out to users. Relevant and useful content will be in demand in 2014. Kapil Ohri Planning Director Ogilvy & Mather
  23. 23. Marketers in 2014 will face many more options and channels to build brand awareness. This will create opportunities and challenges. At the same time, there will be a significant focus on how to best measure ROI of marketing spends and how to optimize investments across channels. Anunay Gupta COO & Co-founder, Marketelligent
  24. 24. Content marketing will continue to be king with brands recognising the need for strong storytelling. Which incidentally is good news as I am a content marketer! Sharon Aneja Lead social media strategist, Cedar Communications
  25. 25. Marketing in 2014 will be increasingly data driven. In an increasingly connected and media-flooded world, personalisation and relevance will be essential. Vikas Tandon Founder & Managing Director, Indigo Consulting
  26. 26. Marketing will see two major trends in 2014. 1. Experience creation is the key to marketing and it will dominate the scene. 2. Marketers need to master the application of digital technologies to activate their brands across channels seamlessly. Muki Regunathan Founder & CEO, Pepper Square
  27. 27. Marketing in 2014 will see more efforts towards result driven activities rather than just getting numbers and hashtags out. It will also see many new entrants , yes, still a large number of brands haven't even initiated their digital presence. Content and Media spends will be the two pillars of digital strategies in the coming year. Ankita Gaba CEO & Co-founder, SocialSamosa
  28. 28. Marketing will move beyond social media and on to mobility devices where we shall see more transactions than on other devices. Ashish Adani Director, Havas Media
  29. 29. Content Marketing would be the focus of B2B businesses. Businesses will invest more resources in creating sharable/actionable content. As a platform, Google+ will help businesses in Social & SEO side, and will get more prominence in 2014. Aakar Anil Founder and Blogger, Aakarpost Internet Marketing Specialist @ CloudFactory
  30. 30. As people's attention spans get shorter, marketing content need to be more "crisper". Hence clarity of messaging combined with brevity will win the game in 2014. Rajiv Mathew Head of Marketing, Compassites Software
  31. 31. In spite of being the most cost effective medium, and backed by measurable data, digital medium has been grappling in the dark to make its existence felt. In my belief 2014 will be about focussing on 'Brand' than on the channels and services. 2014 should be the year where Brand can be launched digitally and taken offline. Jaitrali Chatterjee Jhanjharya Chief Marketing Ideator @ Ideatelabs
  32. 32. Digital media is enabling `close encounters' with the consumer at a mass media level. Marketers will increasingly garner first hand and accurate consumer insights and shape communication that works, and the trend has already begun. Chaaya Baradhwaaj CEO & Founder, BCWebwise
  33. 33. Marketing in 2014 would be mean the business of promoting and selling products using methods and channels that human mind cannot think of. With advances in Big Data and Analytics, it is the start of an era where marketing would start where the human mind stops! Krishnadas Nanath Faculty at IMT Dubai and IIM Indore; Doctoral Student IIM K
  34. 34. Marketing will mostly be customized and targeted. Email, mobile, social, and inbound marketing will be the most popular and beneficial marketing channels in 2014. Mohammed Ihsan Co-founder and CTO, EBSM
  35. 35. Marketing will be partnership based in 2014 for reaching same Target Group. Amit Agrawal Co-founder and CEO, SparrowSMS
  36. 36. Better integrated, where your digital experiences move to the real world (probably even real-time) via mobiles, tablets, interactive OOH etc., and where your real word experiences are better customized via data assimilated & analysed via the digital medium. Saurabh Parmar Founder & CEO, Brandlogist
  37. 37. Web marketing is undergoing a transition - we are now living in the PCO era of telecom (where the bandwidth was there but devices & apps were not there, hence the PCO's which are now obsolete) likewise the shift of the web marketing console to a user will happen where smarter tools will enable Mom & Pop shops to drive their own course with complete control of their ROI. Tenzin Thargay Co-founder & CEO, Rocketsandwich
  38. 38. 2014 will be the year of personalized marketing. Marketers will have to create highly targeted and personalized campaigns for their targeted audiences and deliver them at the right time. Nandini Rathi CMO & Co-founder, Betaout CEO & Founder, Born Rich
  39. 39. The last decade and a half saw the birth of two new distinct marketing channels; first Search, then half a decade later Social! 2014 might well indicate the beginning of the Content (marketing) channel - and if that is the case, we are up for an exciting ride the next coming years. Dennis R. Mortensen Entrepreneur, Author CEO of Predictive Analytics company
  40. 40. Over the years, consumers' expectations have changed. Therefore instead of the traditional way of focusing on the who, what, when, where and why, the marketing world may have to focus much more on the "who" aspect, and even more on the message being sent and the medium used to send that message. Ruchi Pandey Corporate Communication Student at New York University
  41. 41. Content will still be the king in marketing, but churning effective mobile friendly content will add more zing. You will also see rise in mobile ads, ad retargeting and utilising analytics to give a personalised one-to-one marketing for every Internet citizen on the planet. Vishwas Mudagal CEO & Co-founder, Goodworklabs Author, Losing My Religion
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