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Blackberry not well received by Indians : Social Media Report


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According to the report by Simplify360 that monitors consumer sentiments on Social Media, 65% of the audience has negative sentiment towards the brand.

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Blackberry not well received by Indians : Social Media Report

  2. 2. WHAT BLACKBERRY HAD TO SAY?Blackberry may have boasted 1million sales of Blackberry 10 devicesglobally, the handset makers decliningmarket share in India is expected tocontinue.
  3. 3. WHAT CONSUMERS HAD TO SAY?Though Blackberry received considerableattention of the online social media users,the buzz were predominantly not in favorof the brand.
  4. 4. The staggering price of Rs. 43,490 at thetime of launch was one of the reasonbehind the negative reaction of consumertowards the brand.Only 11% indicated that they are likely tobuy and 7% of them indicated that theyare eager to buy the new BlackberryQ10.
  6. 6. Mobile Industry is very dynamic. The industry has seenmanufacturing companies constantly innovating and releasing newmodels frequently. With plenty of options to choose from at eachprice range, it is becoming extremely difficult for a potential buyerto choose and purchase the best one. So prospects are consideringSocial media platforms as one of the better option to consider therecommendations, reviews and opinions of other users.Z10Q10990093609810Others64.7%7%4.8%3.4%3.1%17%Users queries & comparing Z10 withSamsung Galaxy S3, HTC One andiPhone 5Considered as ExpensiveUsers shared update on BlackBerryQ10 priced higher than the Z10Users were eagerly waiting forlaunch of Q10 in IndiaUser complains the Poor Battery life.Users of BlackBerry bold 9900 feltZ10 and Q10 are not reasonablypriced for buyingUser complaints on Poor battery lifeand bad customer serviceSome users showed interest in buyingBlackBerry Torch 9810.Social media chatter on BlackBerrymodels 9790, 9220 and 9320dominated compared to 8530,9850 etcFig1: Share of Voice of BlackBerry Devices“People are considering Social media asone of the important platform for takingany purchase related decisionspertaining to mobiles/Smart Phones”Ex: “Need a new phone.. Whats the best? iPhone 5, blackberry z10 or galaxy S4?”“@MikaSingh sir which phone is d best Iphone 5 or BLackberry Z10??”“Im stuck dnt knw which 1 do u thnk z the best on these 2 phones. (Apple iPhone 5,16GB) or (BlackBerry Z10, 16GB)”62%13%10%8%7%BlackBerry Z10BlackBerry BoldBlackBerry CurveBlackBerry TorchBlackBerry Q10Note: Social media chatter on all models of BlackBerry were considered for analysis.
  7. 7. 15%Percentage mentions ofSamsung26%Percentage mentions ofApple12%Percentage mentions ofNokiaTop 3 competitors brand mentions in Social media data of BlackBerryPeople were comparing BlackBerry Z10 with iPhone 5, SamsungGalaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One and Nokia Lumia 920Users compared BlackBerry Z10 with the latest models from variouscompetitors. iPhone 5 was seen to be mentioned the most in comparisonwith the BlackBerry Z10.3%3%3%3%5%11%iPhone 4Samsung Galaxy S2HTC OneNokia Lumia 920Samsung GALAXY S3iPhone 5Top mentions of Smartphone’s in Social media data of BlackBerry Z10 Pricing, design, features,Apps and functionality ofSmart phones (includesbattery life and othersoftware bugs) are foundto be the major topics ofdiscussion from consumerson Social Media. Consumers chatter on Appsdominated the discussionfollowed by Functionalityand Design13%23%11%49%4%Pricing Functionality Features Apps Design
  8. 8. ONLY 23% OF THEM RECOMMENDS OTHERS TO BUY BLACKBERRYLikely to switch10%Will notrecommend toothers56%Likely to buy11%Willrecommend toothers23%Consumers intent among those talking about blackberry
  9. 9. 12% ARE LIKELY TO SWITCH AND 63% DISCOURAGES OTHERS FROM BUYING A BLACKBERRYLikely toswitch12%Will notrecommendto others63%Willrecommendto others25%Types of consumers among existing users
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