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American Fashion Retail Brands Make it Big on Social Media


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Nowadays the business war is not simply limited to battling it out in the market. The market actually has shifted base to Social Media. Even fashion and cosmetics brands today make interesting posts on social media to popularize their brands.

What is interesting, is the fact that the number of fans, in this case, is not the factor determining the engagement on the page. Here's a look at what is happening on Social Media when it comes to American cosmetics brands.

Published in: Retail, Social Media
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American Fashion Retail Brands Make it Big on Social Media

  1. 1. Social Media Analysisof Top 20 FashionRetailers in US March-April 2015 Source:
  2. 2. One of the highest percentage of Customer engagement is maintained by Lululemon Athletica on Facebook Highlights of the top fashion retailers in US Victoria’s Secret, one of the most socially active fashion retail brand in US has a very wide fan base on YouTube Highest percentage of followers for Victoria’s Secret is on Twitter 15% of the Facebook users are Walmart fans and make it the highest share holders of Facebook fans among top 20 fashion retailers in US Walmart has the highest number of videos added in the last month which shows that Walmart is really serious about maintaining communications through their YouTube channel Shoptiques a new online retailer has a considerably high customer engagement on social media in spite of having very few followers of Facebook and Twitter
  3. 3. -10000 0 10000 20000 30000 40000 50000 -5 0 5 10 15 20 25 NumberofengagementsbyCustomeronFacebook Number of Fans in million on Facebook Engagement by each Fashion Retailer on Facebook Series1 Michael Kors JC Penney Sephora Hollister Co Macy's Nordstrom Urban outfitters GUESS Lululemon Athletica Victoria's Secret Kohl's H&M Shoptiques TargetZara J Crew Forever 21Bloomingdale's Bubble size indicates the % of engagement in Facebook Nordstrom has the highest percentage of engagement on Facebook among top 20 Fashion Retailers in US Michael Kors ranks highest in the number of customer talking about it Shoptiques a start- up, online Fashion retailer has higher percentage of customer engagement compared to bigger retailers such as Zara, Guess and Forever 21
  4. 4. Share of fans on Facebook lululemon athletica 1% Sephora 3% JCPenney 2% NET-A- PORTER.COM 1% Walmart 15% Michael Kors 8% GUESS 3% Bloomingdale's 0% Hollister Co. 5% Shoptiques 0% ZARA 10%Target 10% H&M 10% Kohl's 5% Victoria's Secret 12% Forever 21 5% J.Crew 1% Nordstrom 1% Urban Outfitters 1% Macy's 6% • Nordstrom being one of the biggest Fashion retailer in terms of revenue has only 1% engagement on Facebook • Shoptiques has a good percentage of customer engagement , but has a long way to go in terms of total fan following Rank Fashion Retailers Number of fans on Facebook 1 Walmart 32815947 2 Victoria's Secret 25556925 3 Target 22549831 4 ZARA 22532874 5 H&M 21711467 6 Michael Kors 16220859 7 Macy's 13955977 8 Hollister Co. 11751472 9 Forever 21 10836410 10 Kohl's 10798283 11 GUESS 6185480 12 Sephora 6004239 13 JCPenney 4755285 14 Nordstrom 3030472 15 Urban Outfitters 2016651 16 J.Crew 1356411 17 NET-A- PORTER.COM 1277691 18 lululemon athletica 1123022 19 Bloomingdale's 367962 20 Shoptiques 32055 Percentage of Facebook fans *The list contains the facebook fans count for both fashion centric brands and retailer brands selling fashion products
  5. 5. Nordstrom has high customer support and number of customer likes on every post they make High number of people like Nordstrom because of continuous engagement of Nordstrom with customer Nordstrom immediately replies to customer requests and queries thus ensuring that customer is never left in any doubt – main reasons for Nordstrom’s popularity
  6. 6. Michael Kors has high customer engagement ,though not so many likes High number of customer engagement as the customers engage in conversations over the new collections by Michael Kors
  7. 7. Sephora has very low customer engagement and likes on their Facebook Page Very few number of people actually participate in the conversations and there is almost negligible response form Sephora to the Customer queries
  8. 8. -40,000 -20,000 0 20,000 40,000 60,000 80,000 100,000 120,000 140,000 160,000 180,000 -2000000 -1000000 0 1000000 2000000 3000000 4000000 5000000 6000000 7000000 8000000 Mentions Followers Engagement by Fashion Retailers on Twitter Macy’s Victoria’s Secret H&M Walmart Target Michael Kors Forever 21 Sephora GUESS Urban Outfitters Shoptiques Kohl’s Nordstrom Zara Lululemon Athletica Hollister Co J. Crew Bloomingdale’s GUESS has the highest percentage of customer engagement on Twitter • Zara being one of the well known fashion brands, does not have a good number of followers on twitter • Although Macy’s has very few followers on Twitter, people talk about it a lot. Bubble size indicates the % of engagement on Facebook
  9. 9. 6030 6899 25,732 52,091 67,941 48,575 17,015 1667 16,305 8604 15,306 10,478 108,538 16,759 28,171 6,866 14,400 3,798 0 20000 40000 60000 80000 100000 120000 Kohl's Nordstorm Urban Outfitters Target Walmart Victoris's secret Sephora Michael Kors Net-A-Porter Forever 21 Lululemon Macy's H&M Guess J. Crew Hollister Co JC Penny Buzz Score(tweets/day) Buzz Score(tweets/day)* Total Tweets/day in last one month(2 Mar 15 to 1 April 15)
  10. 10. What are people saying on Twitter – about Macy’s Customer Engagement – going out of Scope Macy’s engages customers by not only providing good quality products but also by sponsoring different causes dear to customers Such as Macy’s Rising iHeart Star campaign to promote the new music enthusiasts
  11. 11. Building Conversations over Twitter Victoria’s Secret increases customer engagement through discussions on Victoria’s Angels which receives lots of retweets and people tagging the posts as favourite What are people saying on Twitter – about Victoria’s Secret
  12. 12. Big Brand but Low Twitter Presence It has very low customer engagement and very few retweets. They are not consistent in replying to the customers; this shows very less presence of Guess on Twitter What are people saying on Twitter – about Guess
  13. 13. • Victoria’s Secrets engages customers by specially promoting their lingerie. It has created the concept of Victoria’s angels which includes few of the top super models from US. • It beautifully showcases each and every collection as a piece of art which attracts huge traffic on YouTube. • Net-a-porter also engages customers on YouTube by uploading videos about the latest trends and what the top models/actors in US think about latest fashion. 0 200000 400000 600000 800000 1000000 1200000 1400000 Comparison of YouTube likes and Subscription of Retail Channels Likes Subscribers • Victoria’s Secrets is highly appreciated on YouTube with the maximum likes and subscription • Bloomingdale’s has almost no presence on YouTube in-spite of being one of the sought after merchandise brand from New York YouTube presence of top 20 Fashion Retailers in US
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