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Seven secret ingredients for preparing the special social media sauce


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Simplify360 brings to you the recipe of the secret sauce essential for a successful social media strategy.Since its inception, the digital ecosystem has evolved in an amazing way. Be it digital analytics, content marketing or digital design.

Here we have disclosed seven really useful social media secrets which if implemented properly will certainly give your brand an upper hand over your competitors. We have covered all popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Quora, Medium, SlideShare, Google Plus and many others.

So, take a look the deck and share your feedback with us!

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Seven secret ingredients for preparing the special social media sauce

  1. S E C R E T I N G R E D I E N T S F O R P R E PA R I N G T H E S P E C I A L S O C I A L M E D I A S A U C E ! # S M S E C R E T S 7
  2. V I D E O M A R K E T E R S L I S T E N U P ! Objective – To make a video for promoting must see tourist places in India • Target Keyword – Places to see in India • When planning a video, you need to be sure what kind of audience is searching for that specific keyword on YouTube, to know that follow the following steps. • Step 1 • Go to your Google Adwords account > Click on Tools > Select Display Planner. • Step 2 • Use the “Filter” option of Ad format and sizes and check only on “Videos”, uncheck all the ad sizes given. This will give you immensely useful information to know who your audience is! 1 # S M S E C R E T S
  3. S T E A L I N G FA N S F R O M Y O U R C O M P E T I T O R ’ S FA C E B O O K PA G E T H R O U G H A D S . T H I S I S V E RY S I M P L E A N D E A S Y ! • Step 1 • Keep a track of the time slots when your competition posts its content on Facebook – Would suggest take a sample of 30 days. • Step 2 • Put the competition Facebook page name in the “Interests” section of Facebook Ads Manager. • Step 3 • Launch your ad campaign on Facebook on exactly those time slots, if the competitor is pushing its content when it has maximum fans online. • Going this way your ads have maximum chances of ending up showing on the competition’s fans’ newsfeed thereby bringing them onto your page. 2 # S M S E C R E T S
  4. G O Q U O R A ! I F Y O U ’ R E A B 2 B M A R K E T E R T H E N S C A N Q U O R A T O M E A S U R E T H E P U L S E O F T H E I N D U S T RY. As per our observation, Quora is the most underrated social media platform for getting information. Quora is a platform where you will find really intelligent discussion threads from established professionals in your work field. Quora provides you three facilities 1. You get to know what is making people curious in your industry, and that’s what will help you to create targeted content. 2. You don’t have to find people in order to get your questions answered, just by posting in relevant category; you can easily get some really genuine and unique answers from the community. 3. You get to know what you don’t get to know from Facebook and Twitter – People actually put up well researched and thought out answers. 3 # S M S E C R E T S
  5. H O W T O I N C R E A S E Y O U R P O T E N T I A L O R G A N I C R E A C H ? Three Golden tips. 1. Know the time slots when maximum of your fans are online. 2. Avoid conflicting the posting time with that of your competitor. 3. Map insights from Google analytics to know the perfect time when maximum visitors come to your website and plan the posting time accordingly. 4 # S M S E C R E T S
  6. M A S T E R I N G S L I D E S H A R E S L I D E S H A R E I S A G R E AT WAY T O I N C L U D E V I S U A L S T O RY T E L L I N G I N T O Y O U R B R A N D C O M M U N I C AT I O N . How to make SlideShare decks to get featured? 1. The file name of the deck should be exactly the same as the keyword you are targeting. At Simplify360, we have seen several of our slides coming up in Google search results based on this reason. 2. Give a unique description to your SlideShare decks while uploading it and make sure it carries all the target keywords. 3. Don’t forget to include long tail keywords in the “Keyword section” while uploading the deck to make it more search engine friendly. 5 # S M S E C R E T S
  7. W H AT I T TA K E S W H E N I T C O M E S T O D E S I G N I N G S T U N N I N G G R A P H I C S ? This is the age of minimum design and maximum emotion – What type of creatives work best on social media irrespective of the brand? 1. Not carrying too much text. 2. Carrying a unique tone – By tone we mean, by just looking at the creative one should be able to tell which brand would have posted it. 3. Having color combinations which are not distracting. First rule of graphics is that it should be easy to understand. 6 # S M S E C R E T S
  8. I N C L U D E S O C I A L P R O O F I N Y O U R C O N T E N T ! Social proof is something which can be a great medium to convince your audience to make a purchase. Especially, in emailers and weekly newsletters the presence of social proof is must. Example of social proof – 53% of Bangaloreans do online shopping from Flipkart. This line would go a long way in establishing a convincing pitch in front of your audience without sounding pushy. 7 # S M S E C R E T S
  9. G O I N G B E Y O N D FA C E B O O K A N D T W I T T E R We have already talked about the importance of SlideShare and Quora. But there are more places to gain audience for your content which are rarely on social media manager’s agenda. • Medium : Its is great place to put valuable content which are helpful. The audience are quite active on the platform and is very much in tune with the pulse of the industry. • Pulse : LinkedIn’s content hub is another great platform to reach out to professional network. It is quite active and engaging. B O N U S # S M S E C R E T S
  10. # S M S E C R E T S Thank You.
  11. S O C I A L B U S I N E S S I N T E L L I G E N C E