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5 Uses of Social Media Monitoring for Digital Media Agencies


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Knowing what the competitors are doing is one of the most important aspects for Digital Media agencies to serve their clients better. Social Media today is one of the most sorted after media medium to communicate with a larger group of audience.

Therefore, using a social media monitoring tool to make sure all the aspects are taken care of such as listening, research, analysis, content generation and more is a must. Here's a report on how Social Media Monitoring helps Digital Media Agencies to perform better.

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5 Uses of Social Media Monitoring for Digital Media Agencies

  1. 1. Uses Of Social Media Monitoring Tools By Digital Media Agencies
  2. 2. A digital media agency manages the online environment for a brand. But, how can you manage without knowing? Here’s where monitoring comes in.
  3. 3. For SEO & Content
  4. 4. Content is the key to SEO Monitoring the web helps you optimize your content By…
  5. 5. Finding the keywordsthat work
  6. 6. 1.The kind of headlines needed for maximum impact 2. Popular topics and queries related to you business 3.Commonly used keywords and phrases 4.Discovering emerging trends and areas of interest 5.What your competitors are doing? And knowing:
  7. 7. For Digital Marketing and Public Relations
  8. 8. Learn from yourself and learn from others
  9. 9. When people respond to your campaign You Find out….
  10. 10. HOW MANY and WHO Liked Commented Viewed Clicked Shared
  11. 11. And what are they saying?
  12. 12. Conversation Sentiment Bad Experience #Contest Best SME Bank Best Mobile Banking Worst Customer Service Rakbank Receives Award Transaction At ATM
  13. 13. It’s important to listen, measure and analyze these reactions in order to know what works and to design and target future campaigns.
  14. 14. You’ll also be able to optimize your timing by identifying the best time and day to make posts in order to get the maximum reach and impressions.
  15. 15. It allows you to know the actions and performance of your competitors and learn from them. EXAMPLES
  16. 16. You may just discover needs and trends that you never knew existed!
  17. 17. For Customer Service
  18. 18. Customer service is the underdog of branding activities.
  19. 19. A bad review or complaint against your product /service can turn off a hundred other potential customers from you. And you won’t even know it!
  20. 20. Scanning the social media scene will help you keep track of your customer complaints and queries Image Source:
  21. 21. So that you can respond to them, solve their problems and secure your reputation
  22. 22. It also serves as a free space for market research, from where you can gain insights into where your product/service is lacking and what you can do to improve it.
  23. 23. Evolve From Listening To Learning
  24. 24. For Engaging Influencers
  25. 25. Influencers are exactly what their name suggests. They have a lot of people who like, follow and listen to what they write and say.
  26. 26. Image source:,, For example, if a food blogger from New York has 10,000 followers If he/she writes a glowing review of a restaurant, all her followers will know about it. And when any of them visits NY, they’re sure to try it out. And who wins then?
  27. 27. So in a sense, They have the ability to make you or break you
  28. 28. Industry Influencer Influencer Influencer Influencer CUSTOMERS Monitoring tools helps you identify influencers in your industry based on their following and reach So that you can amplify yourreach by targeting them.
  29. 29. How your influencers look
  30. 30. For Knowing your Customers
  31. 31. Your customers are why your business exists. So how can you not know who they are?
  32. 32. Understanding your customers helps you design better services, maintain relationships and get the necessary information and insights to develop future services for your market.
  33. 33. A monitoring tool helps in deciphering your customer base
  34. 34. Through a landscape What is their gender? Where are they from? And.. What social media platform are they using? 56% U.S.A 4% India 12% Australia 8% China 1.4%20%78% .6% Their Age group? 48% 52%
  35. 35. A portrait…
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