Let A VA Help You Take Your Business To The Next Level


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A list of tasks that you can outsource to your Virtual Assistant

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Let A VA Help You Take Your Business To The Next Level

  1. 1. Let us simplify your workday! Take your business to the next level with the help of a Virtual Assistant By hiring a Virtual Assistant you will free up some time to focus on your core business again. But which tasks can I delegate to my VA?, you ask. The possibilities are endless, below are just a few samples. Not every Virtual Assistant is specialized in every field, so when hiring a new VA, ask her what her specialties are. Social Media - set up and manage all your Social Media accounts - connect the accounts via HootSuite or TweetDeck - update your Facebook/LinkedIn status - research appropriate hashtags for your Tweets - promote your brand on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin - set up local profiles (Google Local, Yelp, etc) - follow new contacts - review mentions and respond to them - analyze tweets - post your company videos on Youtube Blog & Website Management - set up a blog - research relevant topics for blog posts - help you write articles and publish to your website/blog for you - set up Google Alerts with key terms so you can comment on other blogs - add new widgets to your blog - burn an RSS Feed for your blog and promote it - maintain and update your website keeping content fresh and new - add a press page to the company website - make edits to your web pages - submit your website to search engines - test your website to make sure the links and check-out process work - resize, group and upload photos to your website - implement Google Analytics to monitor website traffic - ensure the pages look good in all web browsers Simplicity Admin Solutions, www.simplicityadmins.com
  2. 2. Let us simplify your workday! Office Management - order your office supplies online and have them shipped directly to you - research travel, rental car, hotel and meeting facilities - follow up with your clients to insure client satisfaction - create templates and systems for better time management - setup an online backup system for your computer - access your calendar & confirm/reschedule appointments as necessary - create and send surveys to your list, collect the results, and send them to you in a spreadsheet - manage your calendar, schedule your appointments and screen your emails - prepare Power Point presentations and slideshows - set up a customer/client /contact database - send out Thank You cards to clients/associates/family members - copy edit and proofread your company brochures - acquire information on pricing, publishing dates & deadlines, & payment policies for advertising places - create PDF's for numerous company documents, whitepapers, charts, etc - create and send welcome kits to your new clients - transcribe phone calls, voice mails, dictated letters & memos, and any other recorded materials - remind you via email or telephone when due dates for bills and membership fees arrive - mail/email past due notices or follow up via telephone to collect on past due invoices - set up online accounts for purchasing supplies, office furniture, and equipment - verify past employment and call the references for potential employees - design and print certificates for seminar participants, employee of the month, and award ceremonies - enter the business cards you collect into your contact management software or database - enter new prospect leads into your contact management software for your marketing campaigns - call contractors/suppliers to get quotes for you - type letters, print them on your stationery, and mail them for you - type up minutes from a staff meeting and e-mail them to the appropriate recipients - order flowers - create job postings - post ads on e-bay, Craigslist etc Simplicity Admin Solutions, www.simplicityadmins.com
  3. 3. Let us simplify your workday! Articles, Press Releases and Newsletter - help you write those articles and publish to your website/blog for you - create and send your newsletter on a regular schedule - help you distribute your press release and articles on various directories - research relevant topics for your newsletter, ezine and blog - find and add images to your articles or newsletter - proofread your articles - format your newsletter - track where the press releases are published online trough Google Alerts Translation Services - translate your website - translate company documents - translate customer correspondence Event Management - research venues for your next live event or private retreat - organize travel, accommodation, rental car - organize venue arrangements: seating, meals, beverages, flowers etc - print, collate and deliver the handouts for your presentation - market the event (social media, phone calls, postcards etc) - distribute press releases for the event - follow up with registrants (e-mails, surveys, certificates etc) Simplicity Admin Solutions Let us simplify your work day! www.simplicityadmins.com Simplicity Admin Solutions, www.simplicityadmins.com