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Succeeding in a World Gone Mobile (Part I) - SIP Trunking


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Succeeding in a World Gone Mobile (Part I) - SIP Trunking

  1. 1. “Succeeding as a Partnerin a World Gone Mobile” Presenter: Michael Sterl, Exec Vice President michael@simplesignal 303-242-8614 Voice, Video, SMS
  2. 2. Get Ready for A Paradigm ShiftNew Communications TechnologiesDemand A New Business Model
  3. 3. Our Mission: Enabling the CloudUniquely positioned:•Innovative UC services•Open software platforms•Flexible licensing & packaging
  4. 4. SIP Trunking Background• Standards leadership• Interoperability testing• Service integration• True GTM partner• Single solution for all services
  5. 5. Traditional Service ProviderOpportunities for Business Trunking• Competitive service offer vs. incumbent• Service for enterprise mandating SIP trunking instead of ISDN• Solution to address network equipment obsolescence
  6. 6. Traditional Service ProviderOpportunities for Business Trucking Typical Offer: Bundle of connectivity and lower calling rates IMS core/PSTN SIP SIP SP Enterprise IAD ISDN/T1 CAS IP PBX PBX “SIP Trunk” “TDM Trunk”
  7. 7. Trunking Market Trends Large and Growing Market (52% CAGR) …but the environment is challenging •1000+ VoIP service providers in the US alone •Dramatic and ongoing decline in trunk price points •Surge in Customer Demand for Cloud, Video and Mobile Applications Service Providers need differentiation beyond basic accessSIP Trunking will follow the points same curve as PRI
  8. 8. What if… You had the ability to deliver UC services to your SIP trunking customers? Audio and Video Conferencing Mobility Web Collaboration Full UC Group and IM & Presence User Services Enterprise Trunking/ Bursting Business Continuity (User/Trunk) You own the connection – nowCONNECTIVITY ADD THE VALUE!
  9. 9. New Service Provider Opportunities Connectivity PLUSMobile & UC VAS that customers are looking for Requirement: A software platform that provides best-in-breed connectivity AND advanced services 82% of enterprise already using mobile apps
  10. 10. The Platform – The Apps – The End UserExperience Extend the PBX Business UC for Business Line To Mobiles Mobile Devices Text Messaging PBX Business Interoperability Continuity Multi-side Support Hybrid Hosted Bursting & Redundancy &Trunking
  11. 11. UC Application: Extend PBX to Mobiles OFFER Extend the business number, directory, features to any mobile Separates billing for Service personal and business Provider calls Enables your enterprise to manage employees trend to “BYOD” Suggested pricing: $5 – 7/month/user *iOS, Android, Blackberry SmartphoneClient or SS7 mobile network integration
  12. 12. Mobile Business Case: Meet JoeJoe at Work Joe at Play Joe the Sales Engineer Tech Start Up Company BYOD Environment •Easy to install “app” •Turns personal mobile into a business device •Searchable corporate directory, click to call •“PBX” features on the mobileSeparate Secure Profiles for Work and Personal Life
  13. 13. UC Application: Everywhere Productivity Communicator App OFFER Own the service and the end user experience VOICE CONTACTS Brandable client let’s Service users access enterprise VIDEO Provider PRESENCE voice, video and IM&P from PC, tablets or MESSAGING mobiles PBX down? Business continues Suggested pricing: $10 – 15/month/user *iOS, Android, Blackberry SmartphoneClient or SS7 mobile network integration
  14. 14. Business Communicator Use Case: MeetJennifer Jennifer VP of Sales Mid Sized Company RoadWarrior Voice, Video, Chat/IM, Presence, Conference
  15. 15. UC Application: Text Messaging (Fixed Line SMS) OFFER Give enterprises theability to SMS to/fromtheir business phone numbersQuickly communicatewith co-workers using group messaging Offer appointments,reservations, menus via SMS Suggested pricing:$2 – 3/month/user with unlimited messaging
  16. 16. Business Communicator Use Case: Meet Bob Bob General Contractor Bob’s Remodeling Small Company 222 333 4444 Mobile Field Employees 222 333 4444 Workers Customers Business Line Texting from personal orcorporate-issued mobile phone
  17. 17. Pre-Packaged Market Offers fromSimpleSignal 1 UC Enterprise Trunking “Productivity and Integration” Large • Advanced Routing and Resource Sharing Ent • Bursting 1000+ • Mobile VPN Integration • BYOD 2 UC Business Trunks Midmarket “Upgrade Your Trunks” 100 – 1000 seats • PRI Replacement, single and multi-site • Fixed Mobile Integration • Full UC capabilities over Fixed and Mobile • BYOD Small Business 3 <100 seats Anywhere Business Lines “Low Cost and Simple Bundles” • Single site, key systems, POTS Micro Business • Front Office <10 seats • BYOD • Text messaging
  18. 18. SimpleSignal BYOx - Flexibility and Solution Driven• BYON - Bring Your Own Network• BYOB - Bring Your Own Broadband• BYOD - Bring Your Own Device• BYOA - Bring Your Own App
  19. 19. UC Capabilities Salesforce Sugar Netsuite ACT! Docs & Files Satellite, 4G, Cable, Outlook Calendaring DSL, T-1, MPLS, Ethernet CRM Integration Email Bring Your Own Network Google Apps & Hosted Exchange Call Recording Backup & StorageSMS & Messaging Voicemail to Email Voicemail to Text Fax Texting Simple Meetup Web Conferencing Unity Toolbar Desktop Collaboration & Google Apps Video Conferencing Presence & Status Team Collaboration Instant Messaging HD Audio Video Conferencing Conferencing Mobility Voice & Visual Communication
  20. 20. “Succeeding as a Partner in a World Gone Mobile” Thank You! Any Questions?