Collective.cover: one year later


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Collective.cover @ Plone Conference 2013 - Brasilia | André Nogueira e Hector Velarde

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  • Collective.cover: one year later

    1. 1. collective.cover oneyear later
    2. 2. AndréNogueira @agnogueira Co-founder of Simples Consultoria, a Brazilian consulting company specialized on content and knowledge management, is responsible for the creative work and managing projects. Expert in the use of CMS, design, usability, accessibility and web standards. Organizer and speaker for various events related to the Plone Content Management and Enterprise Portals.
    3. 3. Hector Velarde @hvelarde Héctor is an electronics engineer turned into improvised project manager, quality assurance promoter and community cheerleader. Spent one year in rehab recovering from a frustrating experience with proprietary software growing lettuce and tomatoes in the middle of Mexico City. He currently works as OSS Curator at Simples Consultoria and wastes a lot of time tweeting about things that nobody cares.
    4. 4. Content Management specialists Our main costumers are content centric portals like: media, intranet, government, universities, ONGs
    5. 5. What iscollective.cover?
    6. 6. For those who do not know what collective.cover is: A sane, working, editor-friendly way of creating front pages and other composite pages. Working now, for mere mortals. (Paul Roeland)
    7. 7. Last year we introduced collective.cover to Plone's Comunity in Arnhem...
    8. 8. “collective.cover room was full indeed, I don't think that the organizers thought that so many will come to this talk #ploneconf” ichimdav @pixl_dave 11 Oct
    9. 9. First impressions were very good
    10. 10. collective.cover looks promising. Everyone is watching - the silence in the room kill my ears :-) Andrew Mleczko @amleczko 11 Oct "it is a cool and reliable tool" CodeSyntax
    11. 11. even unexpected...
    12. 12. “collective.cover made a big step forward #plone – cheers” @MacYET
    13. 13. In oneyear...
    14. 14. 1060 Commits Up +645 (155%) from previous 12 months
    15. 15. 26 Contributors Up +9 (52%) from previous 12 months
    16. 16. Translated into 8 languages de, es, fi, fr, it, no, pt_BR, zh_CN
    17. 17. More companies started supporting it: Enfold, TV1, Deserto
    18. 18. People even started discussing if it should be in Plone's core (Please don't do that)
    19. 19. We got a Demo video (Thanks @mizodiel)
    20. 20. A mad man named collective.cover for Plone Awards (Please don't vote on it)
    21. 21. Theresult isthat now wehave:
    22. 22. Better UI Better Code More tests
    23. 23. More sites start using Cover ...
    24. 24. Demo!
    25. 25. Move content among tiles Drag and drop to order fields New grid Plone 5 ready Semantic and HTML5 More contributors and more sites using it Plans for next year
    26. 26. Thanks! Photos: Alfred Eisenstaedt, Robert Doisneau, Willy Ronis, Henri Cartier Bresson André Nogueira @agnogueira Héctor Velarde @hvelarde