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Online Caledonia Scaffolding Induction

  1. 1. Company Induction CALEDONIA © Copyright Caledonia Scaffolding 2014
  2. 2. Housekeeping Welcome to your first day at Caledonia. If you are in one of our offices you would have signed in at reception so we know you are on the premises. STOP In the event of an emergency please remain calm. Please follow instructions carefully and proceed to the designated muster or meeting point. Induction Questionnaire © Copyright Caledonia Scaffolding 2014
  3. 3. Induction Outline • Company Overview • Office Locations • Business Objectives • Organisational Charts • Current and Past Projects • Company Code of Conduct • Values and Behaviours • Company Policies and Procedures • Health and Safety  Work Instructions  Safety Induction Video • Buddy System Program • Important Information • Key Contacts • Welcome to the Caledonia Team © Copyright Caledonia Scaffolding 2014
  4. 4. • Caledonia Scaffolding Services Pty Ltd (CSS) in South Australia founded in 1999 by James (Jim) Cunningham and Rod McQuarrie. Caledonia Scaffolding Australia Pty Ltd (CSA) in Western Australia established in 2010 by business partners David Stephen and Jim Cunningham. • Since its inception in 1999 Caledonia has grown enormously and now employs over 230 highly trained and experienced workers. • Safety is more than a priority at Caledonia. It is the centre point of every facet of the company's operations. Certified best practice is the starting point, advanced level safety and training programs for workers are aimed at continually improving the already very high operating standards. • Caledonia is independently certified to Safety AS/NZS 4801 and Quality ISO 9001 standards. • Directors, managers, superintendents, scaffolders, yard staff, drivers and administrators share a culture of excellence. They are all part of a team - a team of professionals. Company Overview © Copyright Caledonia Scaffolding 2014
  5. 5. Office Locations 44 Aldershot Road, Lonsdale South Australia Distance: 25km from Adelaide Corner King and Sheill Rd, Whyalla South Australia Distance: 382.7km from Adelaide 25 Darlot Road, Landsdale Western Australia Distance: 31.2km from Perth © Copyright Caledonia Scaffolding 2014
  6. 6. Business Objectives • To actively seek improvements in the Health and Safety systems • To actively seek risks and hazards and reduce or eliminate them • To seek continuous improvement in Caledonia’s Quality systems • To have an effective communication and consultative working environment. • To have a higher positive response number verse negative response for customer feedback • To contact every client at the end of projects to ensure expectations were met • Zero lost time incidences (LTI’s) • To develop and train employees © Copyright Caledonia Scaffolding 2014
  7. 7. Managing Director General Manager HR Manager Office Manager Project Secretary Operations Manager Supervisors Leading Hands Scaffolders Labourers Truck Drivers Yard Hand Manager Design and Technical Draughtsperson Superintendent Supervisors Leading Hands Scaffolders Materials Coordinators QA Designated Systems Coordinator Payroll Manager Business Development Manager Accounts Manager IT Manager Accounts Manager Managing Director Organisational Structure Caledonia Scaffolding Australia Pty Ltd Shared Resource © Copyright Caledonia Scaffolding 2014
  8. 8. Managing Director Operations Manager HR Manager HR/Recruitment Advisor Office Administrator Trainee Administrator Supervisors Leading Hands Scaffolders Labourers Trainee Scaffolders Truck Drivers Project Administrator QA Designated Systems Coordinator Manager Design and Technical Draughtsperson Payroll Manager Regional Manager- Whyalla Labourer/Yard Hand Accounts Manager IT Manager Accounts Manager Managing Director Organisational Structure Caledonia Scaffolding Services Pty Ltd Shared Resource © Copyright Caledonia Scaffolding 2014
  9. 9. Current and Past Projects Olympic Dam Mercy Hospital Maritime Construction Barrow Island Urban Super Highway © Copyright Caledonia Scaffolding 2014
  10. 10. Company Code of Conduct • Caledonia requires the highest standards of personal integrity from its employees in the operation of its business affairs. • The information contained within the Company Code of Conduct policy provides the framework for which employees will conduct themselves. • Comply with the law, Company rules, regulations, guidelines, policies and procedures • Zero tolerance to drugs and alcohol in the workplace • Honesty • Adhere to the principles of the privacy act. • Company property, funds, facilities and services must be used only for authorised purposes. • Disciplinary action will be taken and commensurate with any violation of the code of conduct up to an including termination of employment. • Embrace the company values and behaviours © Copyright Caledonia Scaffolding 2014
  11. 11. Values and Behaviours PEOPLE We embrace teamwork, diversity, honesty, trust, fairness and respect QUALITY AND SAFETY We place health and safety first We work to high standards to maintain our ISO 9001 and AS/NZS 4801 Safety Certification ACCOUNTABILITY We deliver on all commitments made and are accountable for our own actions and behaviours PERFORMANCE We measure our performance by our Clients satisfaction with services we deliver OUR VISION © Copyright Caledonia Scaffolding 2014
  12. 12. Policies and Procedures • Health and Safety Policy • Environmental Policy • Equal Employment Opportunity and Harassment Policy • Quality Policy • Drug and Alcohol Policy • Fair Treatment Procedure • Employee Grievance Management Procedure • Employee Performance Counselling Procedure • Employee Disciplinary Procedure • Company Code of Conduct and Values and Behaviours • Privacy Policy • Use of IT Systems Policy • Industrial Relations Policy • Travel and Accommodation Procedure A full set of all Company Polices and Procedures can be found  On the Quality (Q) drive  Located at the reception or foyer of both the Perth and Adelaide offices.  Requested through your Supervisor, Line Manager or the Human Resource Department © Copyright Caledonia Scaffolding 2014
  13. 13. Health and Safety is Everyones Business Safety is more than a priority at Caledonia. It is the centre point of every facet of the company's operations. Employers Must do all that is reasonably practical to ensure that employees are not exposed to hazards at the workplace. They must provide adequate information, instruction, training and supervision to allow employees to work in a safe manner. Employees Must also meet all health and safety standards in their workplace. They must follow all reasonable instructions from their employer in relation to occupational health and safety matters. Safety Representatives The Health and Safety Representative (HSR) is an employee nominated representative that has the function of increasing communication between employees and employer in relation to Health and Safety matters. HSR’s will not be present on all sites, and can be requested by employees. Once elected HSR’s have a 2 year term. © Copyright Caledonia Scaffolding 2014
  14. 14. How Do We Protect Ourselves and Others Fitness for work/pre employment medicals Tickets and licenses are current and appropriate for position and equipment used Observing all site access requirements Attending Inductions both Company and site Wearing personal protective equipment Following emergency and evacuation procedures Work instructions and procedures Attending health and safety training Reporting hazards, incidents and near misses Participating in ongoing Health and Safety meetings and audits Attendance at tool box meetings Pre start Inspections Utilising job safety analysis (JSA) and take 5’s Directives from management and health and safety representatives Observing all health and safety signage Material safety data sheets © Copyright Caledonia Scaffolding 2014
  15. 15. Reporting Accidents, Incidents and Near Misses Reporting of unwanted events or potential unwanted events is a requirement for all Caledonia personnel and contractors. All Caledonia personnel and contractors shall report as soon as practical: • All injuries/ illnesses (events that cause an illness or injury requiring medical attention). • All near-misses (events that do not cause injury but have the potential to do so). • All hazards (anything that has the potential to cause ill health or injury). • All other incidents including environmental, property damage, spills etc Work Instruction WI004 © Copyright Caledonia Scaffolding 2014
  16. 16. Reporting Accidents, Incidents and Near Misses The Employee will: • Alert the supervisor or Safety Advisor to the hazardous situation • Assist with the completion of incident, hazard or near miss report or corrective action request The Supervisor/Manager will: • Stop any dangerous work or situation immediately • Assess the hazards involved and record using the CHIMP reporting system. • Consult with the worker and the Safety Advisor or representative • Recommend actions that will remove any risk of injury and record on the report for investigation • Ensure sufficient controls are in place and that the site has been made safe before work is allowed to continue • Initiate a corrective or preventative action plan It is the responsibility of both the Caledonia Scaffolding Health and Safety and Management Team to ensure all hazards, near misses, accidents and incidents are recorded in the most appropriate means and regularly audited to ensure compliance. Work Instruction WI004 cont © Copyright Caledonia Scaffolding 2014
  17. 17. First Aid Caledonia Scaffolding will provide immediate and effective first aid to workers or others who are injured or become ill from occupational hazards. Successful and prompt first aid at the workplace may reduce the severity of the injury or illness and promote recovery. In some cases it could mean the difference between life and death. It is a Caledonia Scaffolding requirement that all injuries are recorded and reported correctly. Additional and more detailed information can be found in the “First Aid in the Workplace” Australian Codes of Practice. Who can apply First Aid? First aid will where practical will be completed by a competent and authorised First Aider. A Caledonia Scaffolding authorised First Aider has: • Completed and holds a current certificate in “Applied First Aid” obtained at a Registered Training Authority • Been authorised by Caledonia Scaffolding management as a “First Aider” At all times the wellbeing of the injured person shall be taken into account and first aid shall only be applied if it is safe to do so. Work Instruction WI007 First Aiders There are a number of qualified First Aiders available at each work location/site. These names will be displayed on the health and safety notice board. © Copyright Caledonia Scaffolding 2014
  18. 18. First Aid First Aiders There are a number of qualified First Aiders available at each work location/site. These names will be displayed on the health and safety notice board. Work Instruction WI007 continued Regardless of severity, all injuries and occupational illnesses shall be reported to the work group’s immediate supervisor. It is then the responsibility of the supervisor to: • Ensure the event has been recorded and reported correctly Initial treatment will be provided at the worksite and will be done by an authorised first aider Supervisor/manager will accompany the employee to the first aid room for first aid treatment. First aid personnel after assessing the injury will notify the manager for all serious injuries and any injuries requiring further/immediate offsite treatment. If the employee requires off site medical treatment the first aid personnel/manager will: • Ask the employee if they have any preference for medical treatment. All workers must be able to access a first aid kit. First aid kits shall be risk assessed to determine if suitable Regularly have supplies checked and recorded. © Copyright Caledonia Scaffolding 2014
  19. 19. Emergency Evacuation There are a number of different types of emergencies for which evacuation procedures may be required These include: • Fire • Natural gas leaks • Explosions • Spills (hazardous chemicals) • Flooding and major water leaks • Bomb threats • Hold Up / Armed Theft • Natural events (winds, lightning strikes, earthquake, cyclones etc) All emergencies demand a quick and immediate response from well-informed, trained employees. Each Site will have its own individual Evacuation Procedure Work Instruction WI021 Under no circumstances will any person re-enter the building/area until the “all clear” signal is given by either emergency services or the Fire Warden © Copyright Caledonia Scaffolding 2014
  20. 20. Emergency Evacuation Work Instruction WI021 Under no circumstances will any person re-enter the building/area until the “all clear” signal is given by either emergency services or the Fire Warden © Copyright Caledonia Scaffolding 2014 Upon hearing the evacuation order or sound employees should •Cease work immediately •Turn off machinery or computers •Turn off power and gas services if safe to do so •Proceed to nearest safe exit or as directed by Fire Warden •Assist Visitors •Gather at designated muster point or meeting point •Report anyone you think is missing to the Fire Warden
  21. 21. Emergency Evacuation Bomb Threat A bomb threat may be a prank or a warning of an impending bomb attack Bomb threats must be must be taken seriously. Threats may come in one of the following forms. • Written notification • Telephone • Suspect object •Specific Threat •Non-Specific Threat On the evacuation order take all personal belongings with you and, where possible, open all doors and windows. Work Instruction WI021 continued Under no circumstances will any person re-enter the building/area until the “all clear” signal is given by either emergency services or the Fire Warden © Copyright Caledonia Scaffolding 2014
  22. 22. Where Do I Find Further Health and Safety Information • Key personnel on site such as: Health and Safety Advisors Supervisors and Managers • Safety Management Plan • Acts and regulations • Tool Box meetings • Health and safety notice boards • Health and safety literature • Signage When everyone works together, the organisation can be really safe, healthy and successful © Copyright Caledonia Scaffolding 2014
  23. 23. Health and Safety Induction Video © Copyright Caledonia Scaffolding 2014
  24. 24. Buddy System Program-Scaffolders The first day on the job can be daunting, even for the most experienced, skilled and seasoned professional. Every business operates in a different way. Unique set of rules and regulations applicable to individual sites. Caledonia has a Buddy System Program- all new Scaffolders are allocated a Buddy. The Buddy will assist you in familiarising yourself with Caledonia's unique set of rules, regulations and operating procedures Regularly assessed and where required, further assistance and training will be provided Perpetual program © Copyright Caledonia Scaffolding 2014
  25. 25. Important Information Pay Pay day is weekly and normally occurs on a Wednesday. Personal Property Any personal property brought on to the work premises such as mobile phones etc is the responsibility of the employee. Smoking Smoking is not permitted anywhere on sites, in the yards or in company vehicles. Failure to comply will result in appropriate disciplinary action and or possible termination of employment. Mobile Phones The use of personal mobile phones on sites whilst working is not permitted. Failure to comply will result in appropriate disciplinary action and or possible termination of employment. Flights and Accommodation It is the responsibility of the employee should they be working on a fly in fly out (FIFO) basis, to arrive at airports within the required time frames for check in etc. If flights and or accommodation has been booked and due to illness or any unforeseen circumstances you are unable to attend work, these will need to be cancelled and or rescheduled to avoid incurring costs for no shows. Ensure all relevant personnel who book flights are or accommodation are notified in addition and, at the same time as your supervisors. Failure to notify all personnel with at least 24 hours and 48 hours notice for Barrow Island employees that results in missed flights, will result in costs being incurred by employees. Attendance Unable to come to work when you are scheduled to do so?.....make phone contact with your supervisor at least 30 minutes prior to the commencement of your scheduled start time. Text messages and emails will not be accepted . Failure to make phone contact within necessary time frames may result in disciplinary action. Use of Company Motor Vehicles and or Equipment and Communication Devices Drive a company motor vehicle, operate company equipment or are provided with a company mobile? will be required to sign an agreement regarding the use of that equipment and or vehicle. Deliberate and wilful damage and any acts that contribute to loss or theft will result in retrieval of costs from the employee. Drugs and Alcohol Caledonia has a strict NO Drugs and Alcohol Policy. If an employee is found to be under the influence of drugs and or alcohol, disciplinary action will be taken which may result in termination of their employment. Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment (PPE) PPE must be worn at all times on works sites and as required. Failure to comply will result in appropriate disciplinary action and or possible termination of employment. © Copyright Caledonia Scaffolding 2014
  26. 26. Key Contacts Payroll Manager WA/SA: Suzanne Gorvett is the Payroll Manager and is based in South Australia . All payroll queries must go to the Supervisor in the first instance. They will then contact Suzanne to resolve your enquiries. Health and Safety Advisors South Australia: Rohan Mogridge is based in the Londsdale office Western Australian: Gerry Cahill is based in Perth Human Resource Manager WA/SA: Erin Harris is based in the Landsdale office in WA. State Managers Western Australia: Colin Gibson South Australia: Scott Salmon Your Supervisor and or Manager is your first point of contact for all matters and they will refer your enquiry to the appropriate area of the business. © Copyright Caledonia Scaffolding 2014
  27. 27. Welcome to the Caledonia Team The Induction Video has now finished. You will now be required to complete the online Induction Questionnaire. Following that you will prompted to view the Manual Handling video and complete the questionnaire. © Copyright Caledonia Scaffolding 2014