Facebook Advertising: Don't Get Lost, Get Empowered (ClickZ Live)


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Facebook Advertising: Don't Get Lost, Get Empowered (ClickZ Live)

  1. 1. Your logo here. Facebook Advertising Don’t Get Lost Get Empowered Source: flickr vonSchnauzer Presented by Jay Hawkinson, @sleestakk SVP, Social and Emerging Products @SIMpartners
  2. 2. #CZNLY @sleestakk Brand Reach Declining Source: Social@Ogilivy http://social.ogilvy.com/
  3. 3. #CZNLY @sleestakk 16% Source: Social@Ogilivy http://social.ogilvy.com/
  4. 4. #CZNLY @sleestakk But Ad Spend increasing… Source: Socialbakers http://statista.com/
  5. 5. #CZNLY @sleestakk News Feed Ads NewsFeedAds generate 14–28% HigherCTR Source: Adobe Majorityof Fan Engagement TakesPlacein theNews Feed. Source: Facebook
  6. 6. #CZNLY @sleestakk Don’t Get Lost in the News Feed
  7. 7. #CZNLY @sleestakk Facebook making it better… Source: kissmetrics.com / facebook.com/business BIGGER. Facebook recommends using images that are 1200 x 627 px as a general rule for ads; News Feed ads should be a minimum 600px. Facebook will auto- resize them for the ad type. and Images:120% Increased Engagement 53%Increased Likes.
  8. 8. #CZNLY @sleestakk Facebook making it better… Story Bumping Stories that are still getting lots of engagement get bumped up to the top regardless of time posted Facebook making it better… Source: Facebook
  9. 9. #CZNLY @sleestakk Algorithm Updates Does the fan base for the Page overlap with other known high quality pages? Is the Page’s profiles complete? How frequently is content from this Page reported as low quality? How timely and relevant is the content? Is the content genuinely interesting? (no more begging for likes and shares!) Is it quality content (receiving lots of likes and shares) particularly by the user’s friends? Has the user engaged recently with this Page or with similar content? Facebook Introduced Over1000 Factorstotheir Newsfeed Algorithm Facebook making it better…
  10. 10. #CZNLY @sleestakk Facebook making it better… Emphasizing Quality Content (sorry, Doge) Source: Facebook
  11. 11. #CZNLY @sleestakk Ads Manager Updates Multiple Photo Uploading Takes copy and creates separate ads for each image Makes it easy to create and test ad variations
  12. 12. #CZNLY @sleestakk Ads Manager Updates Objective Based Ad Buys What do you want to accomplish with your ad ? Source: Facebook
  13. 13. #CZNLY @sleestakk Ad Targeting Custom Audiences Source: Facebook "Website custom audiences allow you to match the right message to the right person(s) at the right time."
  14. 14. #CZNLY @sleestakk Facebook Video Ads Autoplay, 15 seconds, muted, 3x/day, “won’t suck” ONE MILLION DOLLAR$
  15. 15. #CZNLY @sleestakk Improved Page Insights Monitor Page Activity Source: Facebook
  16. 16. #CZNLY @sleestakk Facebook Ads: Dive In Source: flicker marek~niewiadomsk
  17. 17. #CZNLY @sleestakk Beyond the Boost
  18. 18. #CZNLY @sleestakk Sponsored Stories: Goodbye Improve: Brand Recall, Message Awareness, and Purchase Intent
  19. 19. #CZNLY @sleestakk Sponsored Page Like Ads So long! Was nice knowing you.
  20. 20. #CZNLY @sleestakk “Power is Power” Power Editor
  21. 21. #CZNLY @sleestakk Power Editor Where is it?
  22. 22. #CZNLY @sleestakk Power Editor Campaigns
  23. 23. #CZNLY @sleestakk Power Editor Ad Sets
  24. 24. #CZNLY @sleestakk Power Editor Edit Multiple Ads
  25. 25. #CZNLY @sleestakk Power Editor Target users via Partner Categories in Power Editor Categories Include: • Demographics • Purchase Behavior • Lifestyle • Interests and More Partner Categories
  26. 26. #CZNLY @sleestakk Power Editor Lookalike Audiences
  27. 27. #CZNLY @sleestakk Power Editor Desktop NewsFeedAds 14%greaterCTR thanRightRail Ads Source: Adobe Mobile NewsFeedAds generate 28%higherCTRs with42%lower cost-per-clicks Source: Adobe Specify Placement for Ads
  28. 28. #CZNLY @sleestakk Custom Audiences Create Custom Audiences & Saved Target Groups Excellent for customer re-engagement and remarketing.
  29. 29. #CZNLY @sleestakk Custom Audiences in Practice Prompt users to login with Facebook Save user IDs and track what the user purchases, looks at etc. Segment users accordingly and upload to Facebook as Custom Audiences Target ads to users who haven’t purchased in a while, or on their birthday, etc. ① ② ③ ④
  30. 30. #CZNLY @sleestakk Everytime someonevisitstheir Newsfeedthereare onaverage1,500 potentialstories With all of that noise, how can you make sure your ad is noticed and engaged with? Source: Facebook.com
  31. 31. #CZNLY @sleestakk Best Practices
  32. 32. #CZNLY @sleestakk
  33. 33. #CZNLY @sleestakk
  34. 34. #CZNLY @sleestakk
  35. 35. #CZNLY @sleestakk
  36. 36. #CZNLY @sleestakk
  37. 37. #CZNLY @sleestakk Studies show that local pages receive 5x greater reach and 8x more engagement! More engagement = more frequent placement in users’ news feeds Source: http://www.mainstaypartners.net/ Be creative! Local doesn’t always mean a city. Could be a region, neighborhood, area etc.
  38. 38. #CZNLY @sleestakk
  39. 39. #CZNLY @sleestakk
  40. 40. #CZNLY @sleestakk Best Practices in Practice Incentive Call to Action Engaging Image Social Local Content
  41. 41. #CZNLY @sleestakk Takeaways Roll with the changes Facebook will continue to change and evolve for both users and advertisers Invest Time in Ads Manager / Power Editor Power Editor will provide greater ability to fine tune and tweak your campaigns Deploy multiple campaigns with Custom Audiences & Partner Categories Use Best Practices like a checklist & listen Not every ad needs every item but experiment to find the combo that works Listen to your audience and the conversations they are having.
  42. 42. #CZNLY @sleestakk Thank You! Jay Hawkinson @SIMpartners @sleestakk