Converged Media in a Digital World


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While not a new term, converged media is a relatively modern concept for many digital marketers that presents opportunities, challenges and questions. Before brands can begin to capitalize on converged media, they must first understand the different media types that overlap to create “converged media” in a digital marketing environment.

Take advantage of the converged media opportunity for your brand. Learn how to leverage an integrated Paid, Owned and Earned media strategy with this informative ebook.

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Converged Media in a Digital World

  1. 1. Paid Media Owned Media Converged Media Earned Media LOCAL: SIMplified Converged Media in a Digital World
  2. 2. What Is Converged Media?Gone are the days where big brands and local businesses could safely “ egardless of whether Rfocus on just one digital media type to reach their consumers. Brands a brand manages itstoday must integrate and align their media channels in order to be ‘converged media’ successful in their digital marketing strategy. The integration of channels efforts with one tool orresults in “converged media.” several, it’s important to recognize ‘convergedThe term converged media represents the overlap of any combination media’ is here to stayof paid, owned and earned media types. The Altimeter Group publisheda very comprehensive study in July of 2012 that does a great job of and begin addressingexplaining the converged space: the opportunities that come along with it now.” JON SCHEPKE, SEW NOV 2012 Promoted Brand Content Paid Media Owned Media Traditional Ads Corporate Content Converged Media Sponsored Brands that Customer ask for shared Press Coverage Earned Media Organic 2
  3. 3. Brand Converged Opportunity Content ManagementWhile not a new term, converged Systemmedia is a relatively modern concept Paid Media Owned Media Traditional Ads Corporate Contentfor many digital marketers that presentsopportunities, challenges and questions.Before brands can begin to capitalizeon converged media, they must firstunderstand the different media types that Bid Management Socialoverlap to create “converged media” in a Technology CRMdigital marketing environment.Let’s define converged media from aSIM Partners’ perspective: Earned Media Organic Paid media Owned media Earned media This includes pay-per-click This refers to location This includes local SEO, (PPC), mobile PPC, social pages, mobile location mobile SEO, Google+ PPC, mobile search, mobile pages, Facebook pages, Local and Bing listing display, etc. Twitter accounts, Google+ optimization, customer Local pages, YouTube reviews, and more. channels, etc. Paid Media Earned Media • Pay-per-click (PPC) Owned Media • Location SEO • Mobile PPC • Location Pages • Mobile SEO • Social PPC • Mobile Location Pages • Google+ Local and • Mobile Search • Facebook Pages Bing listing optimization • Mobile Display • Twitter Accounts • Review Generation • Google+ Local Pages Platform • YouTube Channels 3
  4. 4. Paid Media Paid media includes any form of advertising where a media buy is involved. In the digital marketing world this includes pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, mobile PPC, social PPC (such as standard marketplace ads on Facebook), mobile search ads, mobile display ads, etc. Paid media has traditionally led marketing initiatives, but advertising alone is no longer as effective as it once was, unless complemented by other media channels. According to the Altimeter Group, it is now more important than ever for brands to coordinate and align their owned and earned media with their paid media campaigns, as consumers today view brand messaging across a myriad of channels and devices.“ anaging the Paid component of M Converged Media can be complicated and time-consuming. One thing that can help is to implement a best-in-class bid management tool. Often times these are complex algorithms that will take into account the thousands of moving parts in a SERP and make optimiza- tions towards your campaign goals.” NEIL MAHONEY DIRECTOR OF ECOMMERCE, SIM PARTNERS 4
  5. 5. Owned MediaOwned media refers to channels owned or fully controlled by “ uccessful management Sthe business or brand. This includes the business’s location page, of ‘converged media’ willmobile location page, blog, Facebook page, Twitter accounts,Google+ Local pages, YouTube channel, etc. take practice, and CMOs and CTOs must work An important aspect to owned media is content development. together and break down A majority of owned media in the digital marketing world is content silos with technology tomarketing, or content a business or brand develops and pushes make it work. Brands out to media channels that does not involve any media buy. must remain flexible to maximize success and minimize potential stumbling blocks. Regardless, companies must act now or risk wasting the opportunity.” JON SCHEPKE, SEW NOV 2012 Location Page Mobile Page powered by Velocity TM 5
  6. 6. Earned MediaOwned and Paid media seem to be fairly wellunderstood by most digital marketers. Earnedmedia, on the other hand, is a more difficult con-cept to grasp and perfect. It is also the most soughtafter, due to the inherent credibility it contains viaconsumer perspectives. Examples of earned mediain digital marketing include customer reviews, socialmedia posts, social sharing of content and more.Earned media is defined as any user generatedcontent regarding the brand or business thatis created and/or shared by users.Earned media cannot be created or controlled bymarketing teams but often results from efforts inthe paid or owned media arenas through theaccumulation of “Likes,” “shares,” “retweets,”customer reviews and other user-generatedcontent that features a company. Word of mouthmeets the web.Many brands struggle to generate earnedmedia, but the following strategies from a recentSIM Partners article in Search Engine Watch:“Converged Media: Maximizing ConsumerEngagement in a Digital World” can help:Make sure owned and paid content is uniqueand valuable as quality content drives earnedmedia.Work to gain the attention of key influencerswho increase value by sharing your contentwith their followers; not all “Likes” are created Reviews Platform example powered by Velocity TMequal. 6
  7. 7. Challenges “ s the Internet of things A becomes a reality, in While “converged media” has existed in various forms for years, 10 years media will be changing consumer media consumption habits prompted by the rise embedded into and aroundof the Internet, social networks, tablets, smartphones, etc. – have sped common objects. Products, up the evolution of paid, owned, and earned digital media. Today, appliances, and tools willthese three categories naturally overlap, and brands should focus on contain data. Initially, thisdeveloping a fourth, opportunity-rich digital media type: “converged.” information will be paid As is often the case, addressing untapped opportunity brings challenges; and owned, but very quickly “converged media” is no different. In order to move toward a converged earned components will media model, companies must overcome a variety of issues. Several top develop and commingle issues facing organizations looking to move into converged media are: with other information.” ALTIMETER STUDY, JULY 2012They are afraid to leave Living within Lack of marketingtheir comfort zone departmental silos automation toolsBrands are slowly but surely It is often hard for companies to and technologybecoming aware of the need to escape the departmental silos, Brands need to access tools likeintegrate paid, owned and earned but it is crucial that each depart- a CMS, marketing automation,media. Often times, however, ment work together and align analytics and social CRM. Withthose that first realize the im- their messaging and strategy. the wide range of digital mar-portance of a converged media The public relations team, social keting channels that need to beapproach are still not willing to media team and advertising managed, brands are in need ofleave their comfort zone and department need to be consistent marketing automation tools andbe an advocate for change. It is with their messaging across all technology that are scalable,important that a company recog- channels as well as implement adaptable and allow for crossnizes a leader to direct the overall the same standards for analytics channel reporting and attribution.integration and convergence of and measurement. Without crossthe media types. channel attribution, this model is a failure before it even begins. 7
  8. 8. Strategy and SuccessBrands can overcome the challenges of moving to a converged media approach by developinga strong strategy and leveraging tools, technologies and an automated approach. Marketersshould consider the following tips for leveraging convergence for their brands:Have a Content Strategy for Your Brand and Work Closely With Partners That Have DeepLocations that Works Across Paid, Owned, Expertise in Tools and Data (proprietary orand Earned strategic partnerships in technology):CMO’s need to lead how content flows between each By leveraging the right tools and data, brands canof the different teams. Consumers now follow a more automate these efforts and achieve a great dealcomplex path across paid, owned and earned media, with their converged media strategy. Brands shouldso it is important that these departments all work carefully choose the right automated technologytogether to create a seamless experience from and partnerships to help them expand their effortschannel to channel. and easily measure the results.Achieve “Earned” With ScaleBrands should utilize tools and technology that allow fora scaled approach to earned media. These tools should “ he ‘Connective Tissue’ for these Ttake a scalable approach to producing user-generated three media types within convergedcontent such as customer reviews and social sharing. media consist of these items: Bid Management Technology, ContentAlignment of TeamsPaid, earned, and owned decision makers must Management System, Social aligned to plan brand strategies through technology solutions and partners or agencies. It is crucial that not The best technology will help largeonly the internal organization be aligned but that they brand advertisers ‘connect the dots’also work closely with outside technology providers, between Paid, Owned Earned partners and agencies to ensure there is a consistentmessage, value, look and feel across all channels. media. This will allow for ‘cross channel attribution’, so large Reporting and KPI’s (Real Time) advertisers can spend their onlinePerformance measurement and reporting are budgets more effectively based especially critical in earned media. Brands musthave a meaningful method of evaluating the on pre-defined KPI’s”.engagement of their customer along each stepof the customer’s journey. JON SCHEPKE CEO, SIM PARTNERS 8
  9. 9. Planning Your Brand’s Digital RoadmapDon’t be overwhelmed by the convergence. To help you as you prepare your digital strategy,we have created a short checklist to guide you. YES NO DON’T KNOWWe have claimed and optimized Google+ Local listings for all locations.Our digital marketing efforts (social, local, mobile) are siloed.Our Brand employs adaptable, scalable technology that allows forcross-channel optimization and reporting.We distribute one clean, unified data set for all locations throughan aggregator (e.g. Localeze, etc.) on a weekly/monthly basis.We can easily and effectively update that data set.We have a Brand strategy for optimizing Google+ Business pagesto improve organic ranking.Our Brand has implemented marketing automation technology.We have a strategy to ensure data integrity within Apple Maps.We utilize a content management system that creates and controlsoptimized location pages/websites for each location (dealer, agent,franchise, store, etc.).Our Brand utilizes the same content on all location pages/websitesconsistently. To Learn More About Converged Solutions: CONTACT US: VISIT US: 9
  10. 10. SIM Partners is dedicated to creatinginnovative digital marketing productsand services that provide ongoingvalue to our customers.Top home services providers, hotels,insurance companies and otherconsumer brands trust SIM Partnersto keep thousands of locations visibleand accessible in top search engineresults, mobile devices, social networksand other sources of local information.A technology company at its core,SIM Partners offers a full suite ofholistic solutions that include datadistribution, their Velocity platform, TMvideo, mobile app developmentand performance reporting.CONVMED120712 1601 Sherman Ave, 3rd Floor 87 Graham St. Suite 250 Evanston, IL 60201 San Francisco, CA 94111 Phone: (800) 260-3380 Phone: (800) 260-3380