SoLoMo Tactics - Tracking and Case Studies


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The SoLoMo Revolution (Social-Local-Mobile) is already here and we are all sup­posed to be com­bin­ing and align­ing social, local and mobile as part of our online strat­egy. But many are miss­ing some of these pieces in their mar­ket­ing mix. This presentation will focus on hard­core SoLoMo tac­tics and pro­vide detailed case stud­ies show­ing how mar­keters are lever­ag­ing the new oppor­tu­ni­ties pre­sented by the SoLoMo Revolution.

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SoLoMo Tactics - Tracking and Case Studies

  1. 1. MIMA Summit 2012SoLoMo Tactics - Tracking & Case StudiesOctober 2012
  2. 2. Search Engine Watch Articles •  Businesses need to maximize Social, Local Search, and Mobile at the location level •  Google+ Best Practices •  Mobile Ad Networks •  How do you plan your digital roadmap?
  3. 3. SoLoMo Perspective – it’s all connected!•  Half of all search queries coming from smartphones have local intent. That translates into many billions of local searches from mobile devices in 2012 (well over 20 billion).•  In addition to browser-based local search there’s a huge volume of local queries coming through apps, where mobile consumers spend roughly 80% of their time (Nielsen). !
  4. 4. SoLoMo – Converged Media
  5. 5. Changing Marketplace 5"
  6. 6. The Apple FactsTotal iPhone Users:•  240 Million sold worldwide through Q2 2012 –  This number does not include other mobile iOS devices such as the iPad or iTouch)•  iPhone 5 launched on Sept. 21st, 2012•  Anticipating 200 million iPhones to sell over the next four quartersiOS 6:•  Launched on Sept 19, 2012•  As with previous operating systems, eventually all users will be required to update in order to use their Apple mobile device.•  Sources: i2Go / Greg Sterling
  7. 7. Apple MapsApple Maps App:•  Launched with iOS 6•  Similar features as Google Maps•  The biggest difference is where location data is pulled. Apple Maps Business Location Data: •  The primary data sources for basic business information are Localeze & Yelp. –  Yelp Enhanced Listing ??? –
  8. 8. Apple’s Search Engine: Siri 8"
  9. 9. Tactics For Siri Search DATA INTEGRITY Include Every detail about KEYWORDS Be SPECIFIC about your business must About Your be consistent Business your products and across directories services This is SEO (this means 101, if you sell shirts, do accurate) you sell t-shirts, blouses and what designers? OPTIMIZE Your Business The higher Siri’s Reviews System: your ranking on the REVIEWS COUNT search engines, the Create a Siri uses a ranking better chances of Siri locating your business MOBILE system based on business OPTIMIZED SITE reviews when deciding during search Siri likes mobile what to give the sites! consumer 9"
  10. 10. Current Brand Pain Points Building and Difficulty of maintaining data managing multiple integrity: accuracy, local store fronts no duplicates, individually creating citations while keeping brand strategy consistent Lack of SEO or Constant change local optimization of local and social efforts for all devices search tactics driven and systems=poor by the Search Engines local rankings and Social Giants (ie: Google, Facebook, etc.)
  11. 11. Examples of Local Websites Local Local Search Mobile Local Websites Review Social Sites Media yp .com Distribution
  12. 12. Technology Solutions: Marketing Automation
  13. 13. G+ LocalSocial Signals and Search @JonSchepke"
  14. 14. Goodbye Google Places Hello Google+ Local 14"
  15. 15. st s rs intere a searche so… nd erstand the web b etter u ion across w ants to informatGoogle we shareand how 15"
  16. 16. ? rmation th is info t hey gatherHow will signals al + an d soci Google Enter 16"
  17. 17. Google+ Your World•  Personalized SERPS (Search Engine Results Page) Search results now display personalized results from those within the searchers Google+ circles! 17"
  18. 18. Google+ Optimization Learnings •  Larger Google+ circles = greater visibility through personalized search results •  When activity from social circles or +1’s are displayed next to an organic listing, click through rates (CTR) have been shown to improve by 10%-20% •  When +1 activity is displayed next to paid search ads CTR have improved by 5%-10% according to Google 18"
  19. 19. Google+ Enhanced Ads Link your Google+ Page to your Google adwords account and Google will show endorsements for your business in the form of +1s" Google+ Enhanced Search Ad! Google+ Enhanced Ads have been shown to boost clickGoogle+ Enhanced Display Ad! through rates by 5% to 10%" Kessler, Sarah. “Google+ Ads Are Up to 10% More Effective, Says Google” 6 March 2012 Mitchel, Jon. “Google+ Ads in Search Might Actually Be A Great Idea” 9 March 2012 19"
  20. 20. Setting Up Google+ Enhanced Ads Setting up Google+ Enhanced Ads is relatively easy. Click “New Extension”" Once you have attached your G+ account you will be able to add the +1 feature to your ads through the Ad Extension tab.! 20"
  21. 21. Google+ & Rankings!!! •  Increasing the number of Google + Business Page followers yielded the biggest change in ranking position according to the “Testing Social Signals” study •  Increasing Google +1 votes observed the 2nd largest ranking position change 21"
  22. 22. The Upcoming Merge Google+ Google+ Business Local 22"
  23. 23. Google+ Local pages will have the same social capabilities as a Google+ business page such as hangouts, sharing to circles, photos, videos, wall posts, and more.Fully Integrated Page 23"
  24. 24. Once MergedYour Google+ Local Page will no longer operate like a static listing…Actively managing and updating your Google+ Local page willbecome increasingly importantfor your Google+ Local page to rank high in organic search results 24"
  25. 25. To Verify Your Business As Part Of The Merge:Check out our blog post:
  26. 26. To Verify Your Business As Part Of The Merge:Check out the Google+Business/Local Merge Verification Process
  27. 27. Why Verify ??? •  Verified pages let users know they have come to the right place. •  Verified pages receive higher rankings in search results than non verified pages. •  Only verified pages can be considered for the “Google+ Box”. •  Verifying your pages allows Google to establish a clear connection between your G+ page and your web site. 27"
  28. 28. Facebook AdvertisingSponsored Stories @JonSchepke"
  29. 29. Facebook Sponsored Stories•  Sponsored Stories are about your Friends’ and Pages’ activities on Facebook•  An organization has paid to show the activity as a Sponsored Story so there’s a better chance someone engages with the content•  A Sponsored Story can be created when someone: –  Likes a Page –  Likes or comments on a Page’s post –  RSVPs to a Page’s event –  Votes on a Page’s question –  Checks in to a place –  Uses an app or plays a game –  Likes or shares a website Handwrite for web search on mobile phones and tabl 29"
  30. 30. Sponsored Stories – Facebook Dashboard
  31. 31. Sponsored Posts Campaign •  3 Week Campaign •  Significant increase in –  3.65% Social CTR people talking about –  4,619 Clicks the SIM Partners page –  9,752 Actions & viral activity –  Small investment
  32. 32. Social is all about engaging content!Facebook will improve the tools… marketers are responsible for thecontent! @JonSchepke"
  33. 33. Tap into the Zeitgeist!
  34. 34. Track what’s trending on Twitter
  36. 36. Facebook Key Takeaways•  Focus on engagement rather than just likes –  CREATE ENGAGING CONTENT!!!•  Social media drives discovery of content that can influence transactions and sharing•  Social media and content are influencers that drive search queries•  KPI’s – hybrid between CPC (Search / “Direct Response”) & CPM (Display / “Branding”)•  Implement tools & technologies that allow you to track “cross channel attribution”, so social gets credit! 36"
  37. 37. Bid Management technologyKenshoo Platform (Local & Social PPC) 37"
  38. 38. What Impact Do Localized Ads Have On Engagement? Paid Search • Ads containing a geo-modifier perform between 5% to 20% better than comparable ads without location. Social (Facebook) • Ads can increase by 2X when a city name is included in the ad. Display • Localized display ads have seen a 70% lift in CTRs. Mobile • Similar to social ads, mobile ads can see a CTR of 2X for localized ads. 38"
  39. 39. Kenshoo Local: Budget Advanced Cross-Profile Campaign Hyper-Local Keyword Bid Management & Custom Bid Traffic/Budget SearchAdvanced Search Templates Keyword Tool Geo Targeting Dimensions Optimization Reallocation Estimator Algorithms Co-Branded Google+ Local/ Reporting Objectives CallPath to Conversion Multi Channel Gateway 3rd Party Locations Support & SMB/Reseller Management Dashboard Optimization Conversion Interface Attribution Integrations Integration Support Training
  40. 40. Session Worksheet
  41. 41. Feel free to download our Google+Local eBook at: @JonSchepke"
  42. 42. Thank You!Jon SchepkePresident & FounderSIM @JonSchepke"