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Different Media Work Places (DAPS 5)


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Different Media Work Places (DAPS 5)

  1. 1. Advertising. £6.2 Billion a year. 13,000 companies. 250,000 employees. Mainly based in London. Relies on customer service. Communication. Long hours. Creative thinking. Analytical thinking. Extremely competitive. Video
  2. 2. Animation. Over 4000 people in the UK work in animation. Most are freelance. Small sector growing in popularity. Labour intensive and time consuming. Good project management. Good team skills. Need to be highly skilled and specialised
  3. 3. Film. Most people start off as runners. Accounts, Art Department, Camera, Casting, Catering, Construction, Costume, Direction, Distribution,Editing & Post Production, Exhibition ・ Hair and Make-Up, Health and Safety ・ Lighting, Locations, Music, Performing, Post Production Sound, Production Sound, Production Office, Props, Publicity / Stills, Script, Transport. Long hours. Many people are freelance. Creative. Organised. Video
  4. 4. Interactive Media. Includes gaming, social networking, web design etc…. Highly skilled. Design elements. Technical elements. Hybrid skills. Video
  5. 5. Radio. Presenter. Researcher. Producer. Engineer. Marketing / sales. Have to be very organised. Disciplined. Need to deal with new information quickly. Accuracy and punctuality. Video
  6. 6. TV. Most people start off as runners. Make contacts. Long hours. Communication skills. Creative. Organised. Good leadership skills. Management skills. Flexible. Video
  7. 7. Presentation TaskIn pairs, you are going to look at the roles within the television industry, from the list below:-Camera Operator-Runner-Gaffer-Researcher-Boom Operator-Art Director. You must pay particular attention to the culture within that job role. What is it like to work in your chosen role?. You need to consider routes into the industry and also how to progress within the industry. Your presentation should last no longer than 5 minutes. Be prepared to answer any questions on your chosen role. Starting point:
  8. 8. Challenging Behaviours Task. Each of you will be given a sheet of paper documenting 6 scenarios. They all involve some sort of challenging behaviour. Once you have read the scenarios, answer the questions on the ‘ Challenging Behaviours: Answer Sheet’. You will then make up your own scenario in which some challenging behaviour takes place. You will swap your own scenario with someone else in the class and they will fill out the answer sheet for your own personal scenario. You will also receive a scenario - read through this and fill in the answer sheet for it. Helpful link:
  9. 9. Who To Inform. Superiors. Supervisors. Managers. HR. Unions. Charities and activists. Health & Safety Executive (HSE). Police
  10. 10. Who To Inform. Superiors. Supervisors. Managers. HR. Unions. Charities and activists. Health & Safety Executive (HSE). Police