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Career Management: New Strategies to Get a new Job


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Career strategies - World Trade Institute

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Career Management: New Strategies to Get a new Job

  1. 1. January 26, 2012 Simon Vetter
  2. 2. 1. Purpose2. People4. Persistence
  3. 3.  You Your Future Your Career
  4. 4.  Effectively position and present yourself in the job market Improve your networking skills to uncover the hidden job market Learn five proven job search strategies to stand out in a positive, authentic way
  5. 5. Picture Item Question1st Picture2nd Picture3rd Picture4th Picture5th Picture6th Picture7th Picture
  6. 6. Networking is a process with others to exchange Information, Advice and Contacts. “The name of the game in life and in networking is what you can do for others.” -- Harvey Mackay
  7. 7. 1. Approach others with confidence.2. Be open-minded. Be curious.3. Ask relevant, substantive questions.4. Become genuinely interested in other people; Listen and learn.5. Give without expectations. Show appreciation.6. Practice the skills
  8. 8. 2. What do I want?4. What am I good at?6. How do I present what I am good at?8. How do I connect with decision makers?10. How do I distinguish myself from others?
  9. 9. 2. What do I want?  Gain Career Clarity3. What am I good at?  Clarify Competencies4. How do I present what I am good at?  Package your Personal Brand5. How do I connect with decision makers  Initiate Conversations6. How do I distinguish myself from others?  Be Unique and Interesting
  10. 10.  Articulate “what you want” Identify “what do you really enjoy doing?” & “what is your ideal work environment”  Exercise “High-Point Moment” Identify Key words  Exercise “Green, Red, Yellow” Take behavioral assessment DISC
  11. 11.  Identify your strengths, skills and competencies: What are you really, really good at? List your accomplishments & achievements Ask friends and co-workers for feedback: 1. What do you see are my strengths? 2. What is unique about me?
  12. 12. I think I am… Others see me … driven, determined and  Impatient, stubborn goal-oriented and aggressive Smart, intelligent and  Arrogant, “know-it-all” confident Humorous, fun  Sarcastic, cynical We judge ourselves on our intentions. We judge others on their behaviors.
  13. 13.  Develop a Value Proposition (= reason why a company will hire you) What are you really, really good at? Write a powerful Resume Create a WOW headline (use key words) Voicemail, Email, business card, etc.
  14. 14.  Do your homework and understand: 1. How do companies hire today? 2. How do people find position?
  15. 15. 1. Initial Meeting with Recruiter (Assessment, Referrals, FBI/Credit History Check)2. In-Depth Interview with Manager (True Desire Test, Vision/Mission/Values, etc.)3. Decision Interview with 2 Managers (Compensation, Case Study)4. Final Decision Interview (Review, offer, sign papers)
  16. 16. Networking g Info Mee ngs o s Online Pos ng e g Recruiters sSource: Gardner Group : r p
  17. 17.  Build your network (now) Conduct Informational Meetings Use LinkedIN Attend Networking Events Volunteer
  18. 18.  Use stories and anecdotes: Prepare, deliver, execute Record story on you own voicemail, practice with friends Concept Time, People, Money Join Toastmasters
  19. 19. Example 1: Valet Desk ManagerManaged the valet desk at the Fish Market.Managed an average of 150 cars in a 5 hour shift.Example 2: Shipping ManagerManaged warehouse inventory and ensured shipping process quality.Managed warehouse inventory valued at $80,000 with a turnover of15 time per year.Example 3: Call Center SupervisorSupervised and trained call center teamLead and guided a team of 8 call center operators, answering anaverage of 500 inbound calls
  20. 20. Elements of a Powerful Personal Brand1. Be real, authentic, genuine2. Be relevant (offer value)3. Be memorable & unique (Wow factor)4. Be brief (timely)
  21. 21. Simon Says:You Stand Out!Go and Show the World!
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