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Introduction to TSM Consulting

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  1. 1. LinkedIn Presentation
  2. 2. On demand Copyright 2010 TSM Consulting • Requirements for technical sales and marketing are often cyclical • Permanent headcount budgets can therefore be hard to justify • Other requirements may be continuous, but for less than a full head • On demand technical sales and marketing provides the solution
  3. 3. End-to-end solution • Understand and develop strategic objectives • Analyse and document what steps need to be taken to achieve these • Design and produce the processes, tools and collateral to support Copyright 2010 TSM Consulting
  4. 4. Getting the balance right • Lack of communication between marketing and technical • Sales need better understanding of the product’s value proposition • Technical resources being asked to produce marketing content • Sales overselling or underselling technical capabilities • TSM provides the necessary balance between the two Copyright 2010 TSM Consulting
  5. 5. Getting the balance right Copyright 2010 TSM Consulting
  6. 6. Sales strategy Copyright 2010 TSM Consulting
  7. 7. Product Development Copyright 2010 TSM Consulting
  8. 8. Sales enablement • Provide sales with a single point of contact for internal and external suppliers • End-to-end deal lifecycle support: – Qualification – Sales strategy – Proposal & collateral – Financial modelling – Technical presentation • Allows sales to focus on core skills and activities Copyright 2010 TSM Consulting
  9. 9. Sales enablement Copyright 2010 TSM Consulting
  10. 10. Contact us Copyright 2010 TSM Consulting Get in touch to find out more:  E-mail:  Phone: 01784 258896