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Simon teasdale and 222


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Simon teasdale and 222

  1. 1. Simon Teasdale and Daniel O'Brien<br />A short action sequence <br />
  2. 2. Audience research <br />The target audience for our chosen brief were, young active males, aged between 14 to 30, who take a high interest in fast paced, high octane action sequences.<br />We felt that by targeting a narrow audience spectrum, this could allow an understanding of how to make a short action sequence more suitable and desirable to suit the particular genre, other media products which are genre related to ours could be the gaming industry, high adrenaline action sequencing games. This can open a new door of marketing, as a huge chunk of the gaming industry today consists of movie tie-ins with the gaming industry, many blockbusters today will feature the new release of game, advertised possibly within the film or vice versa.<br />As demonstrated above, there is huge potential in the gaming industry for tie-ins with the film industry, displayed above is a molecular example of how big the industry really is. If our product were to achieve a video game- movie tie-in, it would create an immense amount of profit.<br />
  3. 3. Audience research continued <br />We concluded from the results that the rugged look of a gangster or bad guy is sufficient enough for the audience to identify with, we can smash the audiences expectations by researching and sampling peoples expectations and stereotypical point of opinion on a ‘bad guy’.<br />The expectations from the audience of the chosen genre, are to entertain and astonish, through specific genre signifiers such as quick edits, steady cams and iconic locations. Obviously the genre signifiers of an action sequence does pan out a lot further than the given examples, but all have been included into our product.<br />We found that a high majority of the audience sampled prefer the main character to be of which, someone they can relate to we feel this is why out of the options given Jason Statham scored highest, being of British origin, the audience feels they can relate to him, here in the UK.<br />Through feedback from the questionnaires we sampled, we can know understand the threshold of the audience expectation of an action genre sequence, including into the product what they want to see and what they can come to expect of an action sequence by correlating the results, to our product.<br />
  4. 4. An Action Sequence<br />
  5. 5. Key Conventions<br />Steady cameras to follow running actors<br />Still cameras to emphasise the proximity of the character<br />Tracking shots/Crab shots to follow a running character<br />Fast takes to denote the characters agile movements<br />Pans and tilts for jumps and sprints<br />Costume designs for heroes and villains<br />Urban setting e.g. Within a city, in a building<br />Upbeat fast paced music<br />
  6. 6. District 13 Chase Scene<br /><br />