The NZ Kakapo By Daniel Winter


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The NZ Kakapo By Daniel Winter

  1. 1. Kakapo ParrotWill they Survive?
  2. 2. Kakapo ParrotsKakapo parrots are:• The heaviest parrots in the world• The only flightless parrot known• Could possibly be the oldest bird – lives to around 60 years old….• The only nocturnal parrot
  3. 3. What Do They Look Like?• Kakapo have finely blotched feathers that are yellow and green.• Short legs with sharp claws and big feet• They have wings however, they don’t use them.• They have a long curled tail similar to a fantail.
  4. 4. Where Do they Live/Where Are They Found?• Kakapo live in New Zealand. They used to live in the North and South Island but now they are protected. They live at the very bottom of New Zealand. West of Stewart Island you will find “Codfish Island” - the breeding ground of the Kakapo. Codfish Island South Island Stewart Island
  5. 5. What Kind Of Habitat Do They Live In?• On Codfish Island Kakapo live near to the sea so there is lots of bush and scrub land.• Codfish Island is perfect for Kakapo because it has no pests to eat them.
  6. 6. What Do They Eat?• The Kakapo is a vegetarian.• They eat a range of things: *Fruit of Rimu, Kahikatea and Mingimingi *Seeds of manuka and leatherwood *In summer they drink rata nectar *In winter they eat sun orchid bulbs
  7. 7. How Many Chicks At Once?• They usually only breed every 2 – 3 years, which gives them time to fatten up as the female has lots of work to do when the chicks come along.• The eggs take about thirty days to hatch. After ten to fifteen weeks the chicks get the confidence to hunt and live on their own.
  8. 8. Who Are Their Predators?• The Kakapo was nearly wiped out because of cats, rats, ferrets and stoats.• Due to the lack of Kakapo, it was decided the existing birds would be moved South to Codfish Island.• They can hide well because of their colouring but they still get hunted because of their strong smell.
  9. 9. How Many Kakapo Are Left?• A few years ago there were approximately 64 Kakapo left.• When Kakapo were moved to Codfish Island their numbers were coming back.• Last year there were 123 left in NZ• Hopefully they can let them back into the wild soon….
  10. 10. Bibliography••••
  11. 11. THE END• Hope you’ve learned a bit more about our cute fat New Zealand bird….By Daniel Winter