Alec Ross On 5 Businesses That Will Change How We Live and Work


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Leading technology expert Alec Ross, author "The Industries of the Future," shares his insights on five businesses who are actively changing how we live and work via technology and innovation, including robotics, genomics, big data, cyber security, and more. More at, @AlecJRoss,

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Alec Ross On 5 Businesses That Will Change How We Live and Work

  1. WHY THE INDUSTRIES OF THE FUTURE MATTER NOW. Alec Ross, leading innovation expert and author of The Industries of the Future, outlines five trends that will change how we live and work.
  2. The robots of the cartoons from the 1970s will be the reality of the 2020s, doing more cognitive and non-programmed tasks. ROBOTICS
  3. Precision medicines tailored to our genetic code will change healthcare and extend life expectancies. GENOMICS
  4. Coding is increasingly weaponized to the point that it is a real, dangerous threat to civilians as much as it is to the military. CYBER SECURITY
  5. Bitcoin has been a punch line, but banks and brokers are rapidly developing virtual currency and contract systems. CURRENCY CODIFICATION
  6. Emerging technology will afford more opportunities to more people—young and old, men and women—to help break the status quo. EMPOWERMENT
  7. These are just some things to monitor. For more, check out The Industries of the Future. AlecJRoss AlecRoss Alec Ross