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  • Thank you Jane.Sarah Turner. Half of the digital strategy company TH, and Founder of Angel AcademeWelcome to the 3rd AA eventWe’ll be tweeting use the hashtag #AApitch if you want to follow or join inWifi code?
  • We’ve just heard from Jane. Stand-up comedian in her spare time!I’m going to spend a few minutes chatting about Angel Academe before handing over to Jenny Tooth – angel investing market in UK.Then we have Sharon Vosmek from Astia - successfully championing female entrepreneurship for 15 years now.And finally, 3 pitches from very exciting new businesses.There’s time for a couple of quick questions after each presentation but everyone is staying around afterwards, so feel free to grab our speakers then.I have to be very strict on time. Presentations must finish at 10.15, but we can stay and chat.People registered for the Online Briefing will be whisked away a bit later.
  • What is AA? It’s a community for women from all parts of the tech ecosystem: corporates and small companies, professional services, investors and startups. This is the 3rd event and people tell me very useful connections are being made. Talking to sponsors about continuing them. BUT I’m also launching an angel group for women. Investing is where women are most under-represented (5%). Gap in the market for an angel group that caters for women like me. Not exclusively women, but designed around how we like to operate. So I’ve been getting advice from people active in this space and curating a group of angels. Share my findings with you…
  • Why be an angel? First and foremost, angles are motivated by financial returns that can outperform other investments. The generous tax breaks for early stage investors also offset much of the risk. Investing as part of a group is fun and affordable. You benefit from other peoples’ experience and meet interesting new people. We find it challenging and stimulating to work with startups and like to share our experience, skills and contacts.
  • Who are we?Range from more experienced investors with a small portfolio to women just starting out.We have some hard earned capital behind us that we want to put to work. We’ve reached a certain age or stage of career or may be on a career break. We come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some from the City and corporates, others are business owners or exited entrepreneurs.We are all tech savvy with a broad range of business skills and contacts.We see growth coming from new companies developing new technologies and disrupting established businesses. We are learning to trust our own instincts about where to invest, over those of pension fund managers or financial advisors.We like to invest as part of a group, so we can benefit from each others’ experience and share deals and due diligence.Of course it’s important that we like you and your idea and that it will make the world a better place, BUT our primary focus is financial return, so we look for very high quality businesses with great teams behind them.We also want to add value to the businesses we invest in.If you’re not at that stage in your life yet, don’t be put off! You can help in other ways and dip your toe in the water with crowd-funding or crowd-lending.
  • What do we invest in?Great teams, preferably with experience in their sector and definitely with an ability to execute. They are high growth potential businesses solving a defined problem, at scale. We like technology. We like the internet. And B2B tends to be a better fit with our backgrounds.
  • Join us Please get in touch if you’d like to invest with us. We are an interesting and carefully curated group. We each bring something to the table. We like to share and collaborate.
  • Finally, what does that mean for the entrepreneurs here today? Are you investment ready? Angels are looking to make a good financial return on their investment. You need a detailed and convincing plan of how you are going to achieve that. Are you a high growth potential company with a scalable proposition? Not all businesses are and that’s ok, but then angel investment may not be for you. Do you want to sell part of your company and relinquish control? It’s not for everyone. In which case, look at other kinds of funding – ThinCats Who are the angels or groups investing in your sector?  Pick your angels carefully – look for someone who can add value to your business.And on that note, without further ado, let me introduce Jenny Tooth, Chief Exec of the UKBAA
  • It now gives me great pleasure to introduce Sharon Vosmek, CEO of AstiaNageela is the founder of Cerebriam. Our first pitch from a hardware company. This will enable educators to create high quality video content to distribute online quickly and at reasonable cost.Rose is the Founder and CEO of ScreenHits. They are bringing some method to the madness of buying and selling film and TV content internationally.Emma is a co-founder of Innovate Identity and is helping to keep us safe online.
  • Lean in We can’t have a women’s event without referencing the new buzz phrase for women!  Think about what help you can offer these businesses: advice or feedback, an introduction, or become a customer or champion If you’re interested in making an investment, then let me know, I can coordinate a follow-up meeting If you’d like to join my angel group, get in touch. I’m currently speaking to sponsors about the next event, so stay tuned.
  • Some quick thank you’s Firstly, the BBC for hosting us in this fabulous space. In particular, Nick Reynolds (who made it possible) and Laura Harrison, Phoebe Trimingham and Richard Smith who made it happen!!! Helpers today: Simon Hopkins and Simon Stern  Angels and advisors: Sophie, Sally, Jenny, Anindita, Hannah and many others whose brains I’ve been ruthlessly picking Our speakers All of you for coming
  • 1 sarah aa 24 may13

    1. 1. 24 May 2013@angelacademe#AApitchAngel Academe
    2. 2. Angel Academe, March 201301 Welcome: Jane Weedon, BBC, @Captjaneway02 Angel Academe: Sarah Turner, @Turnipshire03 Inspirational Angel: Jenny Tooth, @UKBAngels04 Shout Out: Sharon Vosmek, Astia, @Vosmek05 The Pitches:Nageela Yusuf, Cerebrium, @Neo_GeelaRose Adkins, ScreenHits, @RoseAdkinsEmma Lindley, Innovate Identity, @EmLindley10.15 Networking
    3. 3. Angel Academe March 2013Angel Academe is a community for professional women whowant to support tech entrepreneurs – as mentors, non-execs andangel investors.
    4. 4. Angel Academe March 2013Why be an angel? Angels are attracted by the potential toachieve financial returns that outperform other types ofinvestments. Generous tax breaks offset some of the financial riskand investing as part of a group makes it affordable to smallerinvestors. Angels like the challenge of working with newbusinesses and the chance to share their skills and experience.
    5. 5. Angel Academe March 2013AA Angels are both experienced investors and just starting out.We have financial resources and considerable experience so canadd value as well as cash. We understand business and are tech-savvy. We like to invest as part of a group in very high quality(S)EIS deals. Our primary focus is financial return.
    6. 6. Angel Academe March 2013We invest ingreat teams with high growth potential businessessolving defined problems at scale. They will usually be technologyor internet businesses. We lean towards B2B as this is a fit withour experience.
    7. 7. Angel Academe March 2013Join us if you want to invest in high quality deals in a fun andcollaborative environment. If you have the financial capacity,some relevant business experience and enjoy learning by doing.And if you like to share your experience, deals and due diligence.
    8. 8. Angel Academe March 2013Entrepreneurs: Are you investment-ready? Do you have a highlyscalable proposition? Will you be happy selling part of yourcompany and relinquishing some control? Which angels andgroups are investing in your area? Who will add value as well ascash?
    9. 9. Angel Academe, March 201301 Welcome: Jane Weedon, BBC, @Captjaneway02 Angel Academe: Sarah Turner, @Turnipshire03 Inspirational Angel: Jenny Tooth, @UKBAngels04 Shout Out: Sharon Vosmek, Astia, @Vosmek05 The Pitches:Nageela Yusuf, Cerebriam, @Neo_GeelaRose Adkins, ScreenHits, @RoseAdkinsEmma Lindley, Innovate Identity, @EmLindley10.15 Networking
    10. 10. Angel Academe March 2013Lean In!Help these companiesWant to invest?Want to help?Come to the next eventsarah@turner-hopkins.com@turnipshire@angelacademe
    11. 11. Angel Academe March 2013Thank you to BBC for hosting usThank you to my helpers and advisorsThank you to our speakersThank you for coming