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Space Script


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The original script for our Space film

Published in: Education
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Space Script

  1. 1. VITA Written by Simon James & Ruta Nejuokink 39a Gladstone Road Watford Herts WD17 2RA 07900 905783
  2. 2. INT. EMPTY ROOM - UNKNOWN A brown CARDBOARD BOX sits in the centre of the empty room. The camera drifts from above into the box, plunging us into darkness. INT. EMPTY ROOM II - UNKNOWN An OLD MAN, a frail man with grey hair, stands in the centre of the room, supported by a walking stick as he scans the room in a daze. He sees a mirror situated in front of him, which he approaches. As he stands in front of the mirror, he admires his reflection. We see the reflection is a YOUNG version of himself, approximately eighteen years old. The Young version plays with a deck of cards. The Old Man retracts a similar deck of cards from his own pocket and rolls it through his hand. He looks up to the mirror once more, but the mirror is gone. He hears a sound and jolts his head in the direction of the sound. He sees another mirror. He repeats the same process as before and finds a MIDDLE-AGED version of himself looking back this time. The Middle-Aged version examines a watch on his wrist. The Old Man pulls back his jacket sleeve to reveal the watch on his wrist. He examines it also. He looks up again and sees the mirror is gone once more. He hears the sound again and turns to see a third mirror. He approaches in the same fashion and looks into the mirror. This time, he sees himself as he is now: old and frail. From this reflection, he spots something behind him, hearing the same sound as before. He turns and sees the cardboard box sat in the centre of the room, then looking back to the mirror but seeing it gone.
  3. 3. The box is still open. The lights go out, then come back on. When the lights come back on, the Old Man is gone, and the box is closed. CUT TO: BLACK 2.