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Record Label Research


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This is my research into what record label would support our music video production based on previous acts.

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Record Label Research

  1. 1. Record Label Research What record label would our music video be released under…
  2. 2. 4AD Records • 4AD records is an British independent record label formed by parent company ‘Beggars Group’. • Launched in 1979, it now constitutes a majority of activity to Beggars Group along with ‘Matador Records’ and ‘Rough Trade’.
  3. 3. Why 4AD Records? • 4AD Records would be a suitable record label for our music video to be associated with as this is the genuine label that issued The Pixies’ debut album “Surfa Rosa”, featuring the hit track ‘Where Is My Mind?’. • The label also works with many artists sharing the indie rock genre, with bands such as: - Bon Iver - Beirut - Iron & Wine
  4. 4. Elektra Records • Elektra Records emerged into the world in the 1950’s focusing mainly on folk music. As the 1960’s drew in, they widened their audience by including psychedelic and blues recordings. • Today, the company spans worldwide into nearly all genres in association with Atlantic Distribution and parent company ‘Warner Bros’.
  5. 5. Why Elekra Records? • Although 4AD is an independent label true to its roots, it doesn’t offer the worldwide appeal that some artists desire. Elektra Records would be a suitable company to support our video as not only has it got a history with recording with the Pixies, but it also has a huge variety of acts under its name associated with the Pixies, such as: - The Cure - Television - The Stooges