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Genre Research


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This is the research I conducted into the genre of Alternative Rock

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Genre Research

  1. 1. Genre Research Alternative Rock
  2. 2. History • Alternative Rock emerged into the underground world in the 1980’s, stemming from the punk rock scene, before climbing to worldwide recognition in the 1990’s. • The concept behind the alternative rock genre was to break free from the mainstream flow of general rock to create a distinct sound, compiled mostly of distorted electric guitars. • Nowadays, the word is used as an umbrella term, with many various sub-genres stemming from the original.
  3. 3. Breakthrough • Although being a recognised underground scene in the 1980’s, alternative rock was still unheard of to millions across the world. • This changed with the introduction of a band called R.E.M. in the late 1980’s. • With this, the band was introduced to fame along with many other acts of the same genre at this time. However, R.E.M. are credited with the genres breakthrough.
  4. 4. Associated Acts • Although the genre went on to become an umbrella term for rock which attempted to steer clear of the mainstream market, there are a number of acts that can be associated with the original term: - R.E.M. The Pixies Jane’s Addiction Nirvana Dinosaur Jr
  5. 5. 21 st Century Even now in the 21st century, alternative rock is a thriving genre amongst mainstream and underground audiences, stemming off into thousands of sub-genres and being recognised as the father to Indie Rock, associated with acts such as Two Door Cinema Club, Imagine Dragons and The 1975.