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Evaluation q4 ww


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Evaluation q4 ww

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 4 How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? by Simon James
  2. 2. INT. OFFICE - DAY The office is clean and has a crisp feel to it. A large wooden table decorated with allocated glasses of water, pens and paper. DANIEL (26) and MIKE (28) are stood at the front of the room next to a projection board preparing their presentation. Within a moment, the room is filled with various executives and heads of corporations, filing in and taking their place at the table. The two young men feel the glare of authority upon them. DANIEL Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Daniel- MIKE -and I’m Michael- DANIEL -and this is our evaluative presentation! Daniel attempts to inject his charisma with a dose of enthusiasm, which is not well received. MIKE The question in hand is- He press a button on a remote, switching the slide. MIKE (CONT’D) -how did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? DANIEL Beautiful question. MIKE ’Tis indeed, Dan. But we aren’t here to discuss the brilliance of it, we’re here to answer this from our own experience of the music video process.
  3. 3. DANIEL Yes! Now I’m sure you’ve all had time to view our music video and have many thoughts on it, but we’ll save those till later. The executive audience are not amused by their enthusiastic approach, yet they continue in this manner. MIKE But for now- Mike once again changes the slide on the presentation to reveal a slide baring a single word: “RESEARCH”. MIKE (CONT’D) What media technologies did we use in our research of our music video? DANIEL To begin with, we had to research the genre, audience and similar artists before we could begin planning our music video. MIKE That’s right. And with setting out to do this, we began with using various search engines such as Google and Bing to discover more about our chosen genre; Rock. DANIEL Once we had done this, we had a small portfolio of bands and fan bases in which to research further into, such as Nirvana and The Velvet Underground, as well as, of course The Pixies. MIKE We then researched their music videos, using various video streaming websites such as YouTube and Vimeo, and looked for common elements within them, such as how they adhered to Goodwin’s Seven Conventions. The audience mutter quietly to each on some of the decisions they had made in their research so far.
  4. 4. DANIEL Once we had a sufficient amount of information about these bands and their fan bases, we needed to put pen to paper. Or should I say: finger to digital paper. Daniel awaits a laugh from the audience, yet receives nothing except an overreacted response from Mike. DANIEL (CONT’D) We won’t try jokes then. MIKE Anyway, we did this mostly by using the technologies within Microsoft Office, for example, Word and Powerpoint were our most utilised softwares in this area. DANIEL We created many documents displaying the research we had uncovered in our pursuit, as well as creating several music video analysis, as to get a sense of what we would have to produce. MIKE After this, we began the process of getting our research seen. We were instructed to produce a blog to document our journey from beginning to end. DANIEL We would then upload each piece at appropriate times. To do this, we had to go through the process of embedding our work. We did this by uploading it to SlideShare, and then receiving an embed code to place on our blog. MIKE Therefore concluding the research aspect of our presentation. Mike straightens his tie and takes a swig of water before moving onto the next slide: “PLANNING”.
  5. 5. DANIEL Once our research had finished, we needed to begin planning our own music video. We did this mostly once again through using Microsoft Office products, such as Word and Excel. MIKE We used Word in the planning of a storyboard for our video as well as a starting point for brainstorming ideas. DANIEL Once we had these basic brainstorms down, we went away to the drawing board to create our vision. MIKE This leads us onto the pitching of our presentation. We were tasked with selling our music video idea to executives, like yourselves, in an attempt to get it produced. DANIEL For this, we had to create a powerpoint presentation to accompany us in our pitch. We did this using Microsoft PowerPoint. MIKE Once we had completed our pitch, we were instructed to go out and create our music video, leading us to- The powerpoint slide changes to: “CONSTRUCTION” MIKE (CONT’D) Construction. DANIEL With the construction of our music video, the media technologies which we predominantly utilised were that of hardware, such as cameras, lighting and tripods.
  6. 6. MIKE We were assigned to use a Panasonic AG- AC90 to film our music video, along with a suitable tripod and various lighting equipment. DANIEL We were allowed to chose from redhead and liliput lighting, yet generally chose to use the lighting rig available on the set. MIKE Upon finishing the filming of our video, we set out to edit it into our final product. DANIEL We did this by using the Apple software Final Cut Pro 7. Having used it in previous projects, we felt comfortable with the task at hand. MIKE The desire for many effects allowed us to experiment with the different filters and effects that Final Cut Pro had to offer, to which we chose a select few, such as ‘Day for Night’ and ‘Fast Motion’. DANIEL Once our video was created, we had to set about making our digipack, and a poster to advertise this. MIKE We had to research the layout and contents of a traditional digipack before setting put to create it. Once again, we used various search engines to do this, Word to create our findings and SlideShare to distribute them. DANIEL In creating our digipack, we used Adobe Photoshop to get our desired outcome. We also used this software to create our poster. MIKE Now, finally-
  7. 7. The slide changes once more to show: “EVALUATION”. MIKE (CONT’D) What technologies did we use in our evaluation? DANIEL We chose to utilise many of the technologies that we had previously used in all the other stages of our music video. MIKE We used the same Panasonic camera to interview our audience in order to analyse their feedback, as well as producing a questionnaire on Word for them to fill out. DANIEL Concluding this, we created a Prezi presentation to display one of the other evaluation questions. Then going on to create a powerpoint presentation using Apple’s software Keynote. MIKE We even used Apple Pages to create the script that we’re appearing in right now! DANIEL Self-reflexivity! Daniel performs a slight expulsion of display to the executives before returning to his previous state. MIKE Anyway, this concludes our evaluative presentation. DANIEL And we hope we have answered the question of “how did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?” MIKE Thank you once again ladies and gentlemen.
  8. 8. DANIEL We hope you enjoyed our presentation. THE END