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Learn Inbound 2016 > Content Marketing's Jerry Maguire Moment


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Learn Inbound is Ireland's foremost digital marketing conference. It was also the platform from which Zazzle founder Simon Penson launched a new campaign against the current 'misuse' and 'misunderstanding' of what content marketing is, and how it should be delivered.

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Learn Inbound 2016 > Content Marketing's Jerry Maguire Moment

  1. 1. Name: Simon  Penson Occupation: MD,  Zazzle  Media Career: Print  editor  turned   digital  agency   founder Contact: @simonpenson Not  Tom  Cruise.
  2. 2. Content  Marketers   celebrate  this…
  3. 3. “Look  how  much   coverage  I  got,  nan.” 25 high  metric  PR   placements  including: The image part
  4. 4. To  understand   we  need  to  go  back...
  5. 5. What  we  do. @simonpenson
  6. 6. @simonpenson Look  at  the  evolution   of  mass  media.
  7. 7. 1945 @simonpenson
  8. 8. 15@simonpenson The  same  is  happening   right  now  online.
  9. 9. Initial  obsession   with  technology. Content  Future
  10. 10. Defining  the   approach. “Think  like   a  publisher.   Imagine  your   brand  owns  the   biggest  selling   magazine  in  your   industry.  What   does  your  content   look  like?”
  11. 11. Content  Marketing  to  date. Paid  strategy   is  not   ‘always  on’ Other   content  just   ‘happens’ Distribution   designed  to   attract  shares,   links  and   visits.  Not   long  term. A  series  of   campaigns   are  created  in   no  particular   order Content  Ideas   Produced @simonpenson
  12. 12. Brand  as  Publisher  is  different. Designed   to  build   long  term   audience Everything   from  social  to   email  and  PR   is  integrated Off  page   is  more   than  just   campaign   content Full  mix  of   strategic   content   produced Central   Editorial  Plan @simonpenson
  13. 13. Step  1 Audience The  five  step  plan. Step  2 Editorial  Mission Step  3 Short  Form   Content Step  4 Hero  Content Step  5 Content Flow
  14. 14. Marketing  is  about  people. All  marketing  starts  and  ends  with  an  understanding  of  people.  We  use  our  own  tools   and  combine  with  existing  data  to  paint  a  clear  picture  of  who  it  is  you  are  marketing  to.
  15. 15. Add  insight  from  Facebook. Age  and  gender  split  vs  UK  Facebook  average.   0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 18-­‐24 25-­‐34 35-­‐44 45-­‐54 55-­‐64 65+ age Female  Age  Demographics 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 18-­‐24 25-­‐34 35-­‐44 45-­‐54 55-­‐64 65+ age Male  Age  Demographics­googles-­games-­make-­social-­a-­primary-­traffic-­source
  16. 16. Understand  their  other   interests. 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% Technology Fashion  &   Shopping Food Sports Music Films Travel Property Facebook
  17. 17. Mix  in  more  data. We  can  use  YouGov survey  data  to  help  further  our  understanding  of  your  audience…
  18. 18. Comscore sets  the  agenda.
  19. 19. Global  Web  Index  helps. This  is  a  very  digitally-­active  audience,  especially  when  it  comes  to  gathering   information.  They’re  also  using  digital  extensively  for  entertainment  activities. 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 Monthly  online  activity Audience  %  AvantCreditUK   Audience  %  UK  Average
  20. 20. Tells  us  what  they  want. Your  audience  want  content  that  improves  their  knowledge.   Their  second  preference  is  for  entertaining  content. 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 Be  part  of   routine Connect  you   with  people   Inspire  you Entertain   you Provide   personal   service Help   organise   your  life Improve   your   knowledge   Keep  you   informed   Make  you   influential   Provide   relevant   content Provide  real   life   experiences Talk  to  me   like  a  real   person Provide   tailored   content Audience  %  AvantCreditUK   Audience  %  UK  Average
  21. 21. David  Bernand 34 Works  in  sales Frequent  traveller  to   meetings Married  with  children Amelia  Thomas 43 Part  time  nurse Weekends  away   organiser Married  with  older   children Corinna  Weber 18 Student Uses  trains  to  go  home   and  see  friends Needs  ‘cheapest’ Add  a  human  face  to  the  data.
  22. 22. The  crystallisation   of  your  content  values   and  objectives. The  editorial  mission  statement. What  does  it  do  and  how  does  it  work?
  23. 23. Example  statement Your  audience  want  content  that  improves  their  knowledge.   Their  second  preference  is  for  entertaining  content. vv
  24. 24. Editorial  Pillars
  25. 25. The  Zazzle  Mag! What  our  ‘magazine’  may  look  like…
  26. 26. And  define  the  framework What  content  do  you  need?
  27. 27. Hero Hub Hygiene Large  scale  ‘go  big’  moments  designed   to  generate  mass  awareness. Static  URL  content   designed  to  increase   rankings,  conversion,   usability,  usefulness. So  we  create  the  right  content  mix SEARCH  DATA  LED   ANSWER  CONTENT  +   AUDIENCE  QUESTIONS +   MAGAZINE  CONTENT FUNCTIONAL  CONTENT  +   EVERGREEN  CONTENT BIG  BANG  CAMPAIGNS Regular  engaging  content   demonstrating  brand  benefits   and  to  make  the  consumer   smarter.
  28. 28. Hero Hub Hygiene At  the  right  time… The  importance  of  Hub,  Hero and  Hygiene varies  as  time  goes  on  – as  does  it’s   share  of  resource  allocation.   CONTENT MONTH  1-­3 4-­7 8-­12 13+ HYGIENE 80% 60% 20% 0 HUB 20% 30% 50% 50% HERO 10% 30% 30% INFLUENCER 20%
  29. 29. Regular  content  is   centred  on  the  blog.  It  is   the  ‘hub’  of  the  content   strategy  and  can  include   a  myriad  of  content  types.
  30. 30. Useful  tools  to  define  the  opportunity. Research  will  provide  the  answers  to  the  questions  your  audience  are  asking  and  to   which  you  need  to  provide  an  answer! @simonpenson “keyword”  +   “powered  by   vbulletin” LSIGraph.comSEMRush Keyword   Studio/Moz Keyword   Explorer Answer  the   Public/Google   Suggest
  31. 31. Tap  into  Micro  Moments. I  want  to  know.  I  want  to  do.  I  want  to  buy.  I  want  to  go.  Understand  each  and  brainstorm   based  on  audience  insight.  
  32. 32. Structure  long  tail  planning. By  categorising  what  people  are  searching  for  we  can  determine  what  kind  of  content   should  be  included  on  the  page  – and  beyond.   “Which  type  of  ticket  do  I  need   to  travel  at  any  time?” Technical  information “Which  stations  go  direct  to   Paris  in  Germany.” Situational “Which  train  is  best  to  avoid   overcrowding?” Use “How  do  I  claim  delay   compensation?” Problem  solving “Can  I  use  Apple  Pay  on  Eurostar?” Tech/innovation “Who  invented  the  train?” History/general Source:
  33. 33. And  create  ‘magazine’  content. Examples Interviews  with  key  industry  experts. List  features. Lightweight data  vis  on  key  industry  trends  and  information. News  and  opinion. Features  and  ’how to’  content.
  34. 34. ‘Hero’  or  ‘Big  Bang’   campaign  content  is   designed  to  create   massive  reach  by   leveraging  search,  social   and  influencer  channels.
  35. 35. Campaign  planning  overview. The  creative  comms team  should  work  in  harmony  to  design  integrated   campaign  plans  for  all  off  page  content  to  maximize  reach  and  resonance. Digital  PR  reaches   the  biggest  sites. The  social  team  works  on   paid  and  earned  strategy Blogger  specialists  work   with  niche  influencers The  Creative   Comms Plan Paid  specialists  create   the  biddable  media  plan
  36. 36. Idea  validation. Do  we  have  a  hook? Does  it  provoke  an  emotional  response? Do  we  have  unique  data? Does  it  tell  a  story? Do  we  have  media  buy  in? Why  this  idea  right  now? Is  the  idea  open to  ambiguity? Where,  and  who,  is  the  audience? Is  it  credible? What  supporting  content  can  we  create? Sense  check  your  ideas  to  ensure  sure  they  fly.  Read  the  book  Will  it  Stick   for  more!
  37. 37. Cover  paid,  owned  and  earned. @simonpenson
  38. 38. Create  a  campaign  plan. Our  campaign  planner  captures  every  element  to  ensure  we  leave  no  stone   unturned  and  maximize  reach  and  impact.  Multiple  tabs  capture  every  detail. FREE  DOWNLOAD FREE   DOWNLOAD
  39. 39. Content  flow  is  this. Major  industry  survey. List  feature Short  form  post
  40. 40. Reverse  engineer  magazines. This  is  how  you  plan  ‘flow’  for  a  magazine.  The  process  helps  digital  strategy. FREE   DOWNLOAD
  41. 41. Use  our  matrix  to  help. The  Content  Matrix  helps  you  understand  the   strengths  and  weaknesses  of  content  types.. FREE   DOWNLOAD
  43. 43.­analysis-­google-­analytics/ And  use  data  to  help. Content   Groupings
  44. 44. FREE   DOWNLOAD
  45. 45. Thank  you. Keep  in  touch. @simonpenson