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Shaun Kilkenny's presentation from WSCP/CIBSE event. A brief history of BSS and BOSS products.

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Customer boss brand presentation.pptx

  1. 1. Brilliant since 1907.
  2. 2. BOSS™ is synonymous with a wide range of quality heating & plumbing products and can trace its history back to 1907.
  3. 3. BOSS™ offers a product that competes comfortably against market-leading brands. A product which is respected for its heritage, renowned for its quality and recognised for its integrity.
  4. 4. There are BOSS™ products for commercial heating engineers, industrial and domestic contractors alike and we believe in offering products our customers can trust and would recommend to others.
  5. 5. VALVES BOSS™ valves are highly respected in today’s market and the range continues to deliver a high quality and reliable solution as it has for almost a century. The range includes: Gate valves Commissioning valves Strainers Globe valves Thermal Balancing valves Drain Cocks Check valves Safety Relief valves Test Plugs Ball valves Pressure Reducing valves Drain Taps Butterfly valves solenoid valves Flow Regulator valves MIniball valves Differential Pressure Control valves
  6. 6. Boss Valves For Heating Applications
  7. 7. PUMPS & PRESSURISATION : BOSS™ has a long history of offering a comprehensive range of pressurisation equipment manufactured to industry-leading standards as well as a range of submersible, water booster sets, condensate & shower pumps for both commercial and domestic applications: The range includes: Pressurisation Units Water Booster Sets Pressfill Packs Sump Pumps Air & Dirt Separation Condensate Pumps Expansion Vessels
  8. 8. HEATING The BOSS™ range of technical heating products show a quality and reputation for delivering, backed by technical experts offering advice on product size & selection. The range includes: Water Heaters Fan Convectors Dosing Pots Unvented Cylinders Unit Heaters Radiators Infrared Heaters Plate heater exchangers Tap water heaters
  9. 9. CONTROLS The BOSS™ range of controls offers efficient performance combined with easy installation and maintenance. The range includes: BOSSTHERM™ Room Controls BOSSMIX™ Thermostatic Mixing Valves Motorised Valves Gauges Metering Thermostatic Radiator Valves
  10. 10. FIXINGS & SUPPORTS Our BOSS™ range of fixings and associated BOSSFIX™ supports epitomise the quality and reliability of the brand, but also offer outstanding value for money. The range includes: Mechanical Supports Channel, Strut & Components Pipe Support Accessories Fixtures & Fasteners
  11. 11. CONSUMABLES BOSS™ offers a comprehensive range of heating & plumbing consumables led by the iconic BOSS White™ Pipe Jointing Compound, first manufactured almost a century ago. The range includes: Jointing Compounds Tapes Paint Abrasives Aerosols Soldering & Welding Sealants Tools Solvents & Cements
  12. 12. Brilliant since 1907.