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Cv 2011

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Cv 2011

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE NAME: Simon J. Ochieng DATE OF BIRTH: 1963 NATIONALITY: Kenyan ADDRESS: P. O. Box 351 – 20100, Nakuru, Kenya TELEPHONE NO: 0721 867484 E-MAIL: CURRENT JOB: Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Programme Management Unit EMPLOYER: Smallholder Horticulture Marketing Programme (IFAD funded) REMUNERATION: Ksh. 177,000 EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUNDNo. Institution Attended Dates: Key Qualification Obtained Year Attended/ Period1. Maseno University, Kenya Master of Arts (Project 2009 2004 – 6 Planning and Management) Thesis title; “PERFORMANCE OF MONITORING AND EVALUATION SYSTEMS USED IN CONSTITUENCY DEVELOPMENT FUND PROJECTS IN KISUMU DISTRICT, KENYA”2. University of Nairobi, 1992/93 Bachelor of Philosophy 1994 Kenya (Economics)3. Pan African Development 1988/89 Post Graduate Diploma in 1989 Institute of Development Planning Management and Eastern and Southern Evaluation of Rural Africa (PAID ESA), Zambia Development Projects4. Panjab University, India 1983-86 Bachelor of Arts (Economics) 1986 PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS o Certificate in Gender Mainstreaming Training of Trainers conducted by FAO and IFAD in Nairobi, Kenya, February 2011. o Certificate in Short Learning Programme in Managing for Impact in Development, conducted by University of the Free State, South Africa, October 2009, under the Regional Programme for Strengthening Impact (SMIP) Eastern and Southern Africa. 1
  2. 2. o Certificate for KIPPRA Training Programme for Policy Analysts, Researchers and Managers in Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) conducted between October – December 2006. o Certificate in Project Management Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects, conducted at Kenya Institute of Administration between 18th October – 5th November 2004. Membership in Professional Bodies: o Associate of Management for Impact, Strengthening Management for Impact (SMIP) in Eastern and Southern Africa. o Member of M&E Thematic Group, IFAD Kenya Country Portfolio EMPLOYMENT RECORDNO. Position Held Organization Period Years1. Monitoring and Evaluation Smallholder Horticulture 2008-10 3 Officer Marketing Programme2. District Development Officer Ministry of Planning and 2004-2007 4 Kisumu District National Development3. District Development Officer Ministry of Planning and 2002-2004 2 West Pokot District National Development4. District Development Officer – Ministry of Planning and 1997-2002 5 Mt. Elgon, National Development5. Deputy District Programme Ministry of Planning and 1994 – 1997 3 Officer – Farmers Group and National Development Community Support Programme – Vihiga District (IFAD/Belgium Survival Fund/GOK funded.6. Assistant District Ministry of Planning and 1993 – 1994 1 Development Officer Kericho National Development District7. Economist (Rural Planning Ministry of Planning and 1987 – 1993 7 Department, Ministry of National Development Planning and National Development)8. First appointment Ministry of Planning and January 1987 National Development ACCOMPLISHMENTS 1994 – 1997: Farmers Group Community Support Project (IFAD/GOK/Belgian Survival Fund funded project) - Vihiga District o Was a Deputy Programme Coordinator and was in charge of monitoring and evaluation. 2
  3. 3. 1997 – 2007 District Development Officer o Served as, the District Development Officer, in Kisumu, Mt. Elgon and West Pokot Districts. Oversaw the following tasks; o Implemented the Western Kenya Agricultural Based Project (WESKAP): This was IFAD/GOK project implemented in Mt. Elgon between 1997-2000. o Facilitated effective decentralization of planning and budgeting process from the departments in the district through the District Focus for Rural Development Strategy. o Coordinated funding and implementation of projects identified by local communities o Developed district database relevant for the district level planning and the development of District Information and Development Centers o Provided economic planning services and advice to the District Commissioner and District Development Committee a member of District Planning Unit and with a back up support from the Rural Planning Department in the Ministry of Planning. o Performed economic analysis, formulation of district development strategies; o Identified, prepared and evaluated development projects and programmes, and monitored their implementation in the district. o Collected and analysed data related to district development planning ,and analysis of the data and preparation of progress reports of development activities in the district. o Was Secretary to the District Development Committee(DDC) District Executive Committee(DEC) and Divisional Development Committees(DVDC). Assists these district development institutions to prioritize projects and programmes that are realistic and are within GOK policy guidelines. o Headed the District planning unit and coordinated its activities. o Assisted sectoral officers to formulate projects and programmes that ensure inter- sectoral co-ordination for the proper use of the scarce resources. o Monitored and assisted in the implementation of Programmes and projects stipulated in the District Development Plans and annual work o Coordinated District Development Plan preparation. o Monitored the implementation of projects and programmes stipulated in the District Development Plans, Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers and Mid Term Expenditure Framework. o Implemented the Economic Recovery Strategy for Wealth Creation and Employment.2001 – 2004: District Poverty Eradication ProgrammeAs a District Development Officer in West Pokot District, I was the Project Coordinator, andoversaw the management of the seed money from the Poverty Eradication Commission.2001 – 2006 Kenya HIV/AIDS Disaster Response Project (KHADREP)As a District Development Officer, I was the District AIDS Control Coordinator in Mt. Elgon,West Pokot and Kisumu districts. Handled over Ksh. 30 Million (US $375,000). 3
  4. 4. 2006-7: TOTAL WAR AGAINST HIV/AIDS (TOWA) Programme, Kisumu West DistrictAs a District Development Officer, I oversaw the coordination of the above program andwas the secretary of Kisumu West District Technical Committee on HIV/AIDS which was thetechnical arm of the District Development Agenda on HIV/AIDS programmes, under theNational AIDS Control Council. I ensured that HIV/AIDS was mainstreamed in the districtdevelopment programmes. .2004 – 2007: Constituency Development Fund (CDF) ProgrammeAs a District Development Officer, I coordinated the CDF programme in Kisumu District.CDF is a fund established under the CDF Act, 2003 as one of the many developmentinitiatives being undertaken by Government to address poverty in the country. Handledover Ksh. 300 Million (US $3,750,000).CURRENT DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES AS AN M&E OFFICER2008-11: The Smallholder Horticulture Marketing Programme (SHoMaP)SHoMaP is a seven (7) year programme aimed at reducing poverty in Kenya, through easingthe input and produce marketing constraints faced by small-scale farm households thatproduce horticultural crops for the domestic market. The Programme is targeted on a pilotbasis in thirty two important horticultural Districts and funded by the International Fundfor Agriculture Development (IFAD).o Responsible for the establishment, and operation of a sound monitoring and evaluation system, in line with the programme objectives and approach.o Preparation of the Programme M&E indicators and matrix.o Preparation of Programme work plans and log frames for the Programme Management Unit (PMU), District and divisions.o Liaising with implementing partners and PMU technical; staff to coordinate the development of the Programme M&E guidelines and indicators.o Conducting an M&E needs assessment in Programme Districts and designing staff training accordingly.o Preparing a manual that describes procedures intervals and responsibilities for collecting M&E information in the programme Districts and Divisions.o In consultation with Programme Manager, compiling and distributing the periodic Programme Progress reports.o Collecting and analyzing information on Programme indicators and using them to assess Programme performance.o Organizing and facilitating the Annual Review Workshops, AWPB Workshops, IFAD supervision missions and other technical backstopping missions. 4
  5. 5. o Providing technical backstopping to executing agencies when preparing, reviewing and revising the Annual Work Plans and Budgets in accordance with the Programme’s M&E requirements.o In collaboration with executing agencies and PMU technical staff, employing the programme’s value chain analyses, mapping, baseline surveys and special marketing studies in the programme’s M&E system,o Representing the Programme in forums and making presentations of key achievements of the programme as well disseminating the achievements through other communicating channelsKEY ACHIEVEMENTS IN M&E o Established a Monitoring and Evaluation System ( through development of database, Community Based M&E format, Monitoring Registers, Physical Output Summaries) o Prepared the Programme M&E indicators and matrix with field Officers. o Prepared Annual Programme Work Plans and Budgets 4 No. and has conducted 4 No. National Annual Work planning and Budget Workshops. o Developed and revised log frames for the Programme Management Unit (PMU) 3 times. o Conducted an M&E needs assessment o Conducted staff training on M&E and PM&E. o Compiled 3 No. Annual and 9 No. Quarter Progress reports. o Organized and facilitated the Annual Review Workshops 3 No., AWPB Workshops 4 No. IFAD supervision missions 3 No. and Programme Steering Committee missions 2 No. o Conducted Baseline Surveys 6 No. districts. o Produced 4 No. case stories for Knowledge Management.KEY SKILLS o Project Planning and Management, and Monitoring and Evaluation o District Development Planning o Team work and Collaboration o Interpersonal skills o Adaptability to changeI have good communication skills, and I can easily work across all departments with theComponent Managers to ensure that issues are identified and practical solutions areprepared. In addition to my project management abilities and my hands on leadershipstyle. I am able to consistently deliver and commission projects on time and achieve theagreed targets. COURSES AND SEMINARS ATTENDED IN 2008 - 10Title of the Workshop Venue DateGender Mainstreaming Training for Trainers Nairobi, Kenya February 2011 5
  6. 6. Workshop by FAO and IFADRegional Implementation Workshop for IFAD- Maputo, Mozambique November 2010financed projects in Eastern and Southern AfricaIFAD/GOK Country Opportunities Strategic Nairobi, Kenya September 2010Opportunities Mid Term Review WorkshopProfessional Meeting for Provincial and Project Machakos, Kenya May 2010M&E Officers, Ministry of AgricultureIFAD AFRICA Regional Knowledge Management Dar es salaam, Tanzania 26th-28th April 2010Planning WorkshopM&E Thematic Group Meeting, for IFAD Kenya Nairobi, Kenya April 2010Country PortfolioIFAD/GOK Country Opportunities Strategic Nairobi, Kenya February 2010Opportunities Report WorkshopM&E Thematic Group Meeting, for IFAD Kenya Nairobi, Kenya October 2009Country PortfolioIFAD AFRICA Regional Knowledge Management Nairobi, Kenya October 2009Planning WorkshopGIS Workshop Nairobi, Kenya September 2009Corruption and HIV/AIDS Workshop Nakuru, Kenya August 2009Performance Management Workshop Nakuru, Kenya June 2009IFAD Kenya Programme Country Office, M&E Nairobi, Kenya May 2009Thematic Group MeetingGender Monitoring Workshop by JICA Nairobi, Kenya May 2009Knowledge Management Workshop Hilton, Nairobi Kenya April 2009Participatory M&E Workshop for Small Holder Kenya Institute of Education, February 2009Horticulture Marketing Programme NairobiIFAD Kenya Country Office, Country Programme Naivasha, Kenya September 2008Management Team(CPMT) Planning MeetingIFAD Kenya Programme Portfolio - M&E Homa Bay, Kenya October 2008Thematic Group MeetingIFAD Kenya Country Office, Country Programme Lenana Mount Hotel, Nairobi, 6th November 2008Management Team(CPMT) Planning Meeting KenyaRegional Implementation Workshop for IFAD- Kampala Uganda 10th -14th November 2008financed projects in Eastern and Southern AfricaValue Chain Design Programming Course, Naivasha, Kenya July 2008conducted by SNV NetherlandsTraining on Agribusiness Development AIRC, Nairobi, Kenya May 2008 2005-11: Member of Board of Management of Ugunja Community Resource Centre (NGO) REFEREES1. Victor Nyagaya Personal Assistant to Minister 2. Walter Onditi 3. Proffessor. George Onyango 6
  7. 7. of Medical Services ICT Manager - SHoMaP Deputy Vice Chancellor Afya House, Cathedral Road. P. O. Box 351 20100 Nakuru Maseno University P. O. Box 30016 – 00100 Tel. 0723462394 P. O. Box 333 Nairobi Tel. 0722610210Tel. 0736392056 Georgemar4konyango@yahoo.com4. Current Supervisor:Peter MbogoProgramme ManagerSmall Holder HorticultureMarketing ProgrammeP.O. Box 351 20100NakuruTel: 7