5 reasons why use social media


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5 reasons why use social media

  1. 1. Simon Maselli.com Mobile: 043 144 0412 Web: www.SimonMaselli.com Email: me@simonmaselli.com Personal Branding & Social Media Specialists 26 Palm Drive, Mooloolaba, Qld, 4557 5 Reasons to Choose Social Media 1. Exposure/Brand Awareness Social Media is the most effective tool for generating awareness for your brand. Use Social Media to market your expertise. 2. Customer Service Social media makes the task of connecting with your customers infinitely easier and faster. Plus, it can save you some serious cash.   3. Networking/Sales Opportunities With social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, networking is transformed from a tedious task performed at physical events, to a joyous interaction that can be initiated online.   4. Backlinks/Traffic Social media use can drive large amounts of traffic and backlinks for your company website. Use Social Media as a promotion channel for your knowledge,   5. Market Intelligence If you spend enough time on the Internet, you soon realize that every website that is worth it's weight has a golden core of social media. Published at: SimonMaselli.com 30/June/2010