Cam hs @ bch update


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Cam hs @ bch update

  1. 1. CAMHs @ BCH update• Progress in each of the four areas – Greater capacity, streamlining, integration of processes, stakeholder meetings, greater collaboration, accommodation plans• Next steps – more radical approach aiming to: – Reduce inequity – more needs orientated – Prevent duplication, more consistent skill development – More straightforward management of resource, service agreements etc. – Management of emergency referrals – Better use of accommodation and other resources (e.g. admin) – More skill mix, flexible working (hours) etc.
  2. 2. CAMHS@BCH• 2 integrated teams – whole Directorate approach – Based on Directorates (Medical and Surgical / Specialised) – Creating more viable and responsive teams – Consistency regarding access – active planning to support patient pathway (aiming to reduce reactive referrals) – Structured approach to supporting wards – Careful management of cross directorate issues e.g. youth services, neuro–psychology assessment, psychiatric liason – Linking and contributing to normalised play initiatives• Investment and business planning required – To meet specifications & to respond to demand would currently cost (£450,000) in current configuration – Budget management change – moving away from speciality funding