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Total Talent 2010 Brochure


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Total Talent 2010 Brochure

  1. 1. Experienced Security Total Talent brings together the experience of We hold all our candidate and client being a recruiter, a hiring manager and solid information securely. business experience. Offering our clients an We operate with the highest degree of exceptional service and appreciation of the integrity and confidentiality at all times. challenges you are facing. Innovative We use the latest technology to manage our candidate database, ensuring only the best candidates are presented to you. We utilise social medias and various online tools to attract the best talent. Partnerships We build lasting relationships to develop your business for the future. Catering for all your recruitment needs through periods of growth Conscientious or challenging times. We work with you We appreciate your time is precious. We through these times to deliver the best talent only send you the best talent who meet to your business. your business requirements.
  2. 2. Sectors Locations We cover various industries, business areas, We operate in all cities within the UK roles and skill sets whether your resourcing making us a perfect business partner for needs are for permanent or fixed term nationwide businesses. contracts, we are able to fulfil them. Our service is based on delivering a total recruitment solution package for both our candidates and clients.
  3. 3. Talent Finder Our Talent Finder product will supply your business with high quality candidates who have the right skill set to meet your selection criteria and who want to work for you. We pride ourselves in being able to identify candidates who are exceptional and introduce them to your business. Talent Finder offers low fixed cost recruitment that links talent retention to our fees ensuring you gain quality employees who stay with your business.
  4. 4. Talent Finder Fees How it works Our fees are competitive and are linked to An initial payment is made when the employee retention. This removes the risk candidate commences employment. of employees leaving after you have paid Further payments are made after 3 and high fees up front. 6 months provided the candidate is still employed by your business. We believe in transparency and this is why our fees are fixed and published up front. If the employee leaves no further payments are due. Role Sign on 3 Months 6 Months Salary Total Fee Fee Fee Banding £10-25k £250 £250 £250 £750 £26-40k £500 £350 £350 £1,200 £41-60k £750 £450 £450 £1,650 £61-£100k £1,000 £750 £750 £2,600
  5. 5. How we can save you thousands? Clients can save thousands of pounds per year through using us instead of typical recruitment companies. Example: Business Comparison for Annual Recruitment Role Typical Number of Average Salary Recruitment Employees Salary Cost Banding Agency Cost £10-25k 100 £12,500 £75,000 £162,500 £26-40k 10 £30,000 £12,000 £39,000 £41-60k 3 £45,000 £4,950 £17,550 £61-£100k 1 £75,000 £2,600 £9,100 TOTAL £94,550 £228,150 Typical agency cost based on 13% of the average salary SAVING TO YOUR BUSINESS = £133,600
  6. 6. How do we compare? We appreciate there are other methods of On face value online job advertising sites gaining quality candidates. appear low cost, but considering the total cost of sourcing quality talent will be much Although simply advertising a role can more. There is also the risk that you pay the appear a low cost solution, you need to fee upfront and don’t gain a suitable consider the cost to your company of CV candidate resulting in a high cost for no sifting, making contact with candidates, and return. the volume of enquiries that are received. Many candidates that apply for positions don’t meet the role requirements. This results in time and effort to filter through the volume of applications received to shortlist suitable quality candidates. Number Monster S1 Jobs Total Jobs Jobsite of Roles Cost Cost Cost Cost 1 £270 + VAT £299 + VAT £99 + VAT £199 + VAT 5 £190 + VAT £270 + VAT £89 + VAT £85 + VAT 10 £160 + VAT £270 + VAT £69 + VAT £85 + VAT 20 £140 + VAT £270 + VAT £69 + VAT £85 + VAT Live for 30 days 14 days 28 days 14 days Accurate as at 16th May 2010
  7. 7. Response Handling If you are happy with your current attraction methods we can help Fee Structure manage your response of candidate applications. Setup Role Salary Cost Per Cost Per We evaluate all your applicants CVs Banding Response Role based on criteria defined by yourselves. We provide a shortlist of £10-25k £5.00 £0.50 candidates to interview that meet your £26-40k £10.00 £0.75 requirements. £41-60k £15.00 £1.00 This frees up your in-house recruiters £61-£100k £20.00 £2.00 to focus on the quality candidates. This service enables a volume or ad-hoc recruitment campaign to be managed at a more cost effective way. Total Response Handling Cost Role 10 20 30 40 50 100 Salary CV’s CV’s CV’s CV’s CV’s CV’s Banding £10-25k £10.00 £15.00 £20.00 £25.00 £30.00 £55.00 £26-40k £17.50 £25.00 £32.50 £40.00 £47.50 £85.00 £41-60k £25.00 £35.00 £45.00 £55.00 £65.00 £115.00 £61-£100k £40.00 £60.00 £80.00 £100.00 £120.00 £220.00
  8. 8. Custom Solution We offer custom designed selection solutions, from one off specialist roles through to group assessment centres for a role that requires volume recruitment. We work closely with you to understand your role requirements, your current recruitment and selection processes and the challenges you currently face. We will design and present you with a recruitment and selection plan covering the different stages and exercises to incorporate into your selection process. In addition, our team has extensive knowledge and experience of assessment centres and offer to either work with you to deliver yours, or deliver it for you depending on your desired approach.
  9. 9. Custom Solution When designing custom solutions we take into account the candidate experience and the business requirements. This ensures candidates have the best impression of your business. Our custom designed solutions provide a deeper understanding of current market trends and the end to end recruitment process within your business. We can incorporate a variety of assessment tools, exercises and stages to create a robust and streamlined approach to your selection process including: Pre-qualifying telephone interviews Role play exercises Technical exercises Competency based interviews Team exercises Online assessments Leadership benchmarking
  10. 10. Assessor Training Having first hand knowledge and experience of training assessors and assessing candidates using competency based frameworks, we can provide assessor training for businesses who are looking to implement best practice recruitment processes. We can provide generic training sessions, or provide customised sessions for your in-house recruiters. We use the latest research to provide up to date sessions that will put your business ahead of your competitors. We offer a wide range of workshops covering; Interviewing tools and techniques Assessment centre tools and exercises End to End recruitment selection process Analysing the role, skill set and criteria Equal opportunities Effective decision making Benchmarking for consistency Locations are available across the UK at various times throughout the year. To find out more details please contact us.
  11. 11. Database Access We offer our database of thousands of candidates to businesses who want instant access to the latest talent on the market. We offer this service on a monthly basis, alternatively clients can take advantage of our generous 25% discount for 12 months access. This service also includes a complementary candidate management system to complement your recruitment process. Number Monthly Annual of Users Cost Cost 1 £120 £1,080 2 £220 £1,980 3 £300 £2,700 4 £360 £3,240 5 £400 £3,600
  12. 12. Candidate Experience We actively gather candidate feedback on their experience of your recruitment and selection process. Capturing this information supports the success and effectiveness of your process highlighting key learning's and presenting suggestions for further improvements. This ensures the process is developed and enhanced from both a candidate and client perspective. We use a variety of methods of capturing candidate experience information ranging from online surveys to telephone interviews. Candidate Charter We created our own candidate charter to set out our values and the service candidates can expect to experience from us.
  13. 13. Make the leap… Thank you for taking the time to read through our brochure. We hope you have found the products and services that are right for you. So why not make the leap to join us today. We look forward to hearing from you and in the meantime if you have any further questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact us on; Free Phone: 0800 0430 558 Email:
  14. 14. Companies we are currently working for Some of our established business partners
  15. 15. is part of SJG Solutions Ltd Registered in England & Wales (Company Number 07099525) Registered Office 3 Heath Gardens, Breaston, Derbyshire, DE72 3UH Free Phone 08000 430 558