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Art Of Action Short Presentation


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The "Art of Action" shows how leaders close the gaps between Plans, Actions and Results. There are 3 critical gaps you must recognise and handle correctly.

"Hands off" instead of the usual "hands on".

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Art Of Action Short Presentation

  1. 1. The Art ofActionHow you can close the gaps between plans, actions and results© Business to Markets Ltd, 2011
  2. 2. Explaining the Problem Effects Gap: OUTCOMES The differencebetween what we Knowledge Gap:expect our actions The difference between to achieve and what we would like towhat they actually know and what we achieve actually know ACTIONS PLANS Alignment Gap: The difference between what we want people to do and what they actually do
  3. 3. Usual Reaction OUTCOMES Effects Gap: More detailed and Knowledge Gap:often tighter controls More detailed information ACTIONS PLANS Alignment Gap: More detailed instructions
  4. 4. High alignment enables high autonomy INTENT: what and whyAlignment ACTIONS: how Autonomy
  5. 5. Mindshop + Art of Action Intent: What & Why Boundaries: Freedoms & Constraints 1. Where are you NOW? 2. WHERE do you want to be? Your Intent must be clear. 3. HOW will you get there? What are the Boundaries?
  6. 6. Bungay’s Directed Opportunism OUTCOMES Effects Gap: Knowledge Gap: Give individuals Limit direction to the freedom to defining andadjust their actions communicating in line with intent the intent ACTIONS Alignment Gap: PLANS Allow each level to define how they will achieve the intent of the next level up and “back brief”
  7. 7. Cascading Intent Strategic Intent: each level is more specificLevel 1 Intent: Intent: Tasks: (Why) (What ) (How) “Back brief” Intent: Intent: Tasks:Level 2 (Why) (What ) (How) Intent: Intent: Tasks:Level 3 (Why) (What ) (How)
  8. 8. Example of What and WhyLevel Team What? Why? Where? KPI1 CEO Launch new To gain 10% market product foothold in share by 2012 new market segment2 Development Refine product Launch new Product design design product specification3 Software Develop new Refine 3 new S/W S/W modules product modules design
  9. 9. The Art of Action“What cannot be madesimple cannot be made clearand what is not clear will notget done.”Material from “The Art ofAction” is used with kindpermission of StephenBungay.